Views through night vision gear have changed dramatically in my lifetime – from illuminated IR to active (easily detectible) night vision – where the enemy round is going right to the source, to passive night vision and then to broad view passive night vision where you’re seeing a panorama.

Helmets are beginning to accumulate a lot of gear. One day, I’m sure that they will all be implanted inside the soldier/sailor/marine. Cyborgs are the way of the future. Or maybe they’ll be combined with eugenics? That should work until Skynet goes active.


“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rule exclusively by force.” – Orwell


Donkey Wins

Comparison between the last time a Democrat was elected to a Senate seat in Georgia (2000) and the most recent Democrat victory. You need to explain the lack of conspiracy to me one more time, ok?


I love an English breakfast.

Full Engllish Breakfast – Bacon, Sausage, Hash Browns, Baked Beans, Fried Egg, Fried Bread, Tomatoes, Black Pudding and Mushrooms

The only thing missing from the photo is screaming hot yellow mustard, a must to dip the bangers into.  The last time I had a proper English breakfast was in Carlisle England. A friend of mine from the SAS passed away and I went to pay respects to his wife, also a dear friend, who insisted that I have a decent meal before I left. She was in the kitchen for an hour while I watched the tele.  And came out with that.

I’m not a huge fan of black pudding, and you can’t get it in the US in most places, neither are the beans for beans-on-toast sold in the US unless you go to a store that sells British food. I like beans on toast, but they have to be the right beans from the blue Heinz can or it doesn’t taste right.

The proper sauces and mustard can be purchased on-line and you can buy beer or porter that goes with the meal in most places.


Identify the Aircraft (also captioned)

I doubt that any of you will be able to answer correctly. So the answer is at the bottom of this page.




Cuba – Beloved of the Obamanation, Jo and Ho


Meanwhile, in Florida

Florida has done away with mandatory mask wearing and lockdowns, a circumstance that has attracted a flood of outsiders including some of my family members, coming for vacations and business conferences.

If you were to believe the premise that letting up on mask wearing and lockdowns would cause hospitalizations to skyrocket in the wake of this, you would be wrong. The truth is, despite the lack of mask mandates and lockdowns, hospitalization rates in Florida are on par with what they were during the flu season of 2018.

Looking at just the statistics alone, The Blaze found that in 2018 there were 1,972 hospitalizations per 1 million people. Today there are 1,998.

The bottom line, according to The Blaze, is “In other states, lockdown proponents can theoretically suggest that the reason the hospital numbers aren’t worse is because of the measures they are taking. However, Florida serves as the perfect control group, given that there is no lockdown and there have been no statewide restrictions in place for several months.”


Time for Punishment?


Answer to: Identify the Aircraft

USSR – Sukhoi T4, in flight, above.

Here’s another photo. It flew only as a prototype recon aircraft.


  1. It had me baffled. I had to cheat to find out it was a T-4. The English do seem to understand what goes into a proper breakfast. I do like a large American style breakfast. Eggs, fried potatoes, and some kind of meat all belong. I rather like chicken fried steak with mine. An gravy on everything. Plus a biscuit to mop up the gravy.

  2. Think I’ll skip the black pudding and the beans. I’m curious to find out how the whole bean thing got started for an English breakfast though. If I have time later I try and find out.

    • You can’t have it without the beans. Sorry. It’s just not done.

      And beans-on-toast remains one of the go-to specialties of British cuisine. Along with the chip. And HP Sauce.

      • I could see where beans and toast could be quite tasty.

        But good Lord, all those carbs!

        I’ve never had real English food like that, but geez…what a plateful for breakfast….

        • Baked beans for breakfast is also a thing here in New England, so it probably goes back a good ways in it’s homeland.


          P.S. – also, one of the best remaining (barely) local N.E. traditions is pie for breakfast. Hard to beat.

          • Pie for breakfast isn’t something that you New Englanders can claim exclusively. When I go to a place that serves pie, I often have them warm it and call it breakfast – along with a tall glass of ice cold milk.

            But then again, I don’t reject beans for breakfast so maybe I’m an honorary New Englander…

  3. Someone else is welcome to my share of the black pudding. Around the early 2000’s we splurged on the tasting course (and wines) at Lumière in Vancouver, BC. All was excellent, but for one course — I couldn’t even put the blood pudding into my mouth.

    People who like that sort of thing should stop reading now….

    The smell and texture of the congealed blood put me in mind of melena. I had just come off the GI service (gastrointestinal, not grunts), and had a month of patients passing old blood from an internal bleed that had coagulated in their guts. No poop, just blackened blood stools, which the texture and smell of the pudding put me in mind of. Horrible. Anyhoo, good as the haut(ish) cuisine meal was, we both enjoyed the casual bistro (Feenie’s) next door more. (Both were chef Rob Feenie enterprises.) Guess I’m just a hick midwestern boy.

    • I used to think that about black pudding, but you just need to put a little more salt and a lot of black pepper on it! I thought it was gross looking until I tried it. Like fried peppery grease! Yum 🙂 (for reals, not being sarcastic)

    • I am with you Mike_C, I worked GI for about a week and you could not get me up there ever again I would rather work ED and ICU before that department, even psych and I was a psych nurse for my first seven years…

        • Scrapple (also called “Crapple”) isn’t spam, though, and if served with over-ezy eggs can be a life changer on a cold winter morning.

          • Absolutely! Dietz & Watson scrapple sliced to 1/2″ thickness, fried each side (leave it alone on the skillet!), then drizzled with a good maple syrup…yum. Hmm, thinking of ordering a couple of blocks.

  4. XB-70 was my first thought as well. Then I noticed the single tail, and the “neck” isn’t long enough. Then I noticed the stars on the wings. Ah. Russian copy of something.

    There is a breakfast joint down the road from us named “Our Place”. My favorite is eggs over easy, hash browns (to mush the eggs into) bacon and sausage, and a waffle in the shape of Texas. Our daughter and her husband (both LEO’s) ate there (again) recently. The owner recognized them and picked up their check from the table. Husband said no need to do that. Owner chided back, “I won’t tell you how to be a cop, and you don’t tell me how to run my restaurant”.

  5. That breakfast looks like a good start. Add a bowl of grits and now you’re talking. Hmm…

    The Russians managed to finally get supersonic down okay in their small planes, but anything more than a 2 man job and their ability went sideways quickly. Even their version of the B-1 doesn’t do supersonic unless it has to, and then goes into a total rebuild.

    Georgia elections, or any elections these days? Unless you’re doing it slowly, on the tv, for the people at home to watch, everything from now on is suspicious. Oh, I’ll continue to show up, but my vote didn’t count in 2008, 2012, 2018, 2020. Why should it count now? (At my polling place, there were 4 poll-workers that had Biden stickers on them. Subtle, huh?)

    As to helmet gear, until microcomputers are better able to withstand the field environment, more and more crap will be hung onto our soldiers. Only with a stable ultra-microcomp and stable micro-components will the weight go down. There’s a reason I laugh out loud when I hear that some female has passed a more-than-advanced-infantry course. They can’t physically handle the weight of gear. Considering that most more-than-advanced-infantry all have blown knees, hips and backs by 35yoa and are positively stove-up by 50, on a guy who’s built better than pro-football players, and the laughable concept of GIJane-Seallette is… laughable. I laugh, scoff.


    Dark times ahead.

    And Mozilla Firefox? Was talked into using that POS couple years ago because it’s not Microsoft. Last night, FFx locked my system up to the point of needing to be depowered and repowered. 5 times. Today, 4 times. Whereas Microserf products, both IE and Bing, work a-okay. Leads me to believe someone doesn’t want me on the web, at least on their browser. Anyone else have issues lately?

    • When I was in harness, the standard Team load out was 105 lbs. Team One boasted a 115 lbs load out. And you’re right. It breaks you down quickly. You hump that amount. You drop it when you fight.

      The problem with small units is that their ammo load out can be expended quickly and there is no hope of resupply.

      • broke knees, broke back, stove up by 50? yep, that was me. but i was just a grunt for ten years, then had to go ordnance. weighed my gear when i was a wee grunt of 18. it weighed 140, same as me. i learned real quick how to bulk me up and thin down the load, lol.

      • We used to carry thirty, if we had enough available, thirty round mags (only put in 28 rounds so as to not stuff up the springs) for our CAR-15s. For the bean counters that’s 840 rounds. Believe me, that is not many when you have a major problem. Only fired on semiauto – definitely no full auto no matter how big the problem. Well aimed shots were the way to go. If there were not enough thirty round mags available, we substituted the twenty round ones, meaning we had less than the desired 840 rounds.

    • I am using the latest version of Firefox on Win 7 to post to this thread. I have had no substantial problems with it. However, if I leave a bunch of tabs or windows open in Firefox for quite a while, my computer gets slowed down considerably and the hard disk is working continuously. With this I often get script errors.

      On my Linux system, Firefox gives me no issues to speak of at all.

  6. Left Michigan Dec 22 and drove to Florida, stopping at numerous restaurants with never a mask worn.
    3 days of family large gatherings in apartments and homes and restaurants.
    Then back
    No illness.
    How did we survive?
    Had breakfast at my friend’s speakeasy diner this morning. Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, American fries, and corn bread with coffee. An American breakfast in a marxist state.

    • You should have a ordered a bowl of borscht to show solidarity with your Governor, who is crazy as a shit house rat.

  7. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and that looks like a great start to a Saturday version, keep you until dinner after chores and a hike. Dinner should be roast beef with yorkshire pudding.

    AOC and her pals either haven’t a clue as to the result of what they espouse, but a threat given means a response is necessary…and they won’t like the outcome. Can’t fix stupid.

    Cuba (or as Limbaugh – prayers offered – says: koobah)- goes to what Jim astutely stated in the Sermonette: “amazing how politicians can turn something into nothing.” Dictators are no different .

    • Oh, and Florida will be denigrated for stepping out of line. Doubtful Desantis cares what they think, facts matter. His state (along with a few other’s, like South Dakota) will be doing just fine health and budget wise, the Lefty run ones will be whining for bailouts.

      • Florida has caused great embarrassment in plague circles. They should all commit suicide for surviving. It’s the progressive thing to do. I’m sure that Barack will show up with Kool Aid to speed them on their way.

        • Got passed by a Subaru, mid-located on the hatch lid was this sticker:

          “Trump Hates Me”

          Short-haired youngish gal driving. I yelled back to her from my diesel pickup with 5″ exhaust, “Eat a steak, you’ll feel a lot better!”

          Can’t fix idiotic minds.

          • Narcissism. Idiot narcissism. Trump doesn’t know she exists, and wouldn’t care if he did. I remember seeing a video of some woman who had nearly been hit by a runaway truck. She was hysterical, yelling, “He tried to kill me! He done tried to kill me! I’da been kilt!” All I could think of was, no one was TRYING to kill you, you moron.

            I bought a new-to-me Subaru Outback over the weekend. Time to get some more reliable transportation than the beater I’ve been driving. Also, that money sitting in the bank is going to get much less valuable soon, might as well use it on some durable goods.

          • Maybe we need to set up some sort of colony in Mexico for outcasts from America? Sort of like Colonia Juarez (Mormon settlement) except that we’ll get along with the cartels.

          • With your contacts could be seamless in getting set up. These types are all talk yet cowards inside so likely won’t volunteer for the program unless you include monthly Rec-Med deliveries.

  8. Did NOT get the airplane right, Wonder what some of the specs for that were.

    Definitely a fan of the full English breakfast, the picture brings back fond memories of the pub down the street when I was stationed at Lakenheath.

    Beans, I am currently experimenting with Brave and it seems to be behaving so far.

  9. Ah yes, ‘English’ breakfast… And sound asleep by noon… Re the T-4, one of the ‘oddities’ with it was that it when the nose came up for supersonic, the pilot was blind except for two little side windows. You can kind of make out where they are in the picture (the little rectangles).

    • His information seems a little garbled. Yes there was a blackout in Pakistan on 10 January. However, General Electric sold its home appliance division to a Chinese company nearly 5 years ago $5.4B. The F-16, while originally built by General Dynamics has had the Lockheed/Lockheed Martin name attached to it for nearly 30 years. From what I know the GE engines were not introduced into the F-16 until the Block 30 aircraft.

  10. Interesting. Im seeing the same things being said at several different sites. Guess we will know if, and when it happens.

  11. I loves me a good English or Irish Breakfast. My late ex-wife (late 13 years, ex 29 years) was from Northern Ireland. I have not had that full plate but have had all of the components at one time or another.

    One thing not there that is sometimes served is kippered herring, the split, salted, dried and smoked variety and not that in a can. Over 30 years ago we could get them at a local Kroger’s Supermarket in Arlington, TX. I loved the taste of them but the smell of them cooking almost put me off. The first time I had fish like that for breakfast was in a hotel we were lodged in near Mildenhall AB and a couple of years before I met the ex. I liked it then and had it when I could.

    • Yes, it is a decent breakfast, Jules.

      Though I was present when Jules had her first chicken fried steak and she didn’t turn it away. I think that I was also present when she had her first rootbeer float.

      • Can’t see anybody turning down a root beer float, especially on a hot day.

        We called them “Black Cows” when I was growing up….

  12. One reflection about the breakfast filled with calories and taste. The average person in the UK have less volume compared to americans.
    What makes the UK citizens fat is the US fast food being available everywhere according to a BBC program ‘Trust me I am doctor’.

    The breakfast as you write takes time to make.

    I rather have a solid english brekfast now and then than US fast food all the time.

    • Fast food doesn’t have the depth of flavor. All it has to recommend is that it’s ‘fast’. I avoid it, John, but sometimes you’re on the run and all you have time for is fast.

      A traditional British breakfast takes time to eat and digest. And now that I’m older, it could be followed by a nap…don’t hate me because I’m honest.

      • +1 on the nap. Although if I am engaged in something that holds my interest like a gun show or range day, I’m good to go. Following day, definitely a nap day. Need to get off my rear and start walking more.

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