Democratic Party Line-Up

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Whoever gets the nod will be shackled to Barack Obama’s political corpse, and his failed policies and  scandals.

A smart political contender would:

  • Push to Repeal Obamacare. It’s one of those things where Jonathan Gruber quotes will keep popping up on Republican hit pieces, and it never had over 50% popularity.
  • Repudiate Barack Obama’s foreign policy — all of it.
  • Promise to cut the capital gains tax in half as a measure to restore jobs and boost the economy.
The Bitch of Benghazi and the Fake Indian are too liberal to consider those measures. But what about Webb?
Democratic Party Line-Up
Hillary Clinton has few genuine career credentials that are meaningful. Her four years serving as Obama’s understudy as SECSTATE do qualify, but they were failed years that culminated in the Benghazi Massacre and subsequent cover-up.
She can point to her years hosting tea parties in the White House Rose Garden as signs that she’s tough enough to take on the new Cold War that sprang up as Obama retreated, but I don’t think that it will play in the long run.
It’s true that Hillary was a Senator from New York for one term before failing to garner the Democratic Party’s nomination – and then she became Barack Obama’s lickspittle at the State Department.

It’s true that the Clintons did not invite the Obamas to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, but that made perfect sense because we all know that the Obamas always steal the silver place settings. 

She can’t sell a book. She can’t sell out a stadium. Is the old crone ready for prime time? She thinks so.
Elizabeth Warren served in the House of Representatives and was recently elected to the US Senate from Massachusetts. She is politically left of Hillary Clinton. She may also be politically more liberal than Barack Obama. I don’t know if the fake Indian thing will plague her in an election. Obama was a fake American and it worked out for him.
This group of 300 former Obama staffers have organized a group called “Ready for Warren” with an open letter to Elizabeth Warren. The only reason that Warren has any traction at all is because the Democrats are beginning to panic. Yes, they could call Barney Frank out of retirement and see if he’d be willing to run for President, or queen. He’s from Massachusetts, just like the fake indian. Personally, I think that Barney makes a dandy queen.

I’m not sure why the black delegation is pushing for the fake Indian’s nomination for President at the 2016 Democratic Convention.  They may feel that Hillary Clinton is vulnerable – – which she is. But Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren? Really? Is that their best shot? Apparently it is.

Who will Obama and his black voters back? Apparently anyone but Hillary. Would they back Elizabeth Warren if she was a fake negro? Difficult to say.

UPDATE – The News tonight (most outlets) are running pieces about Elizabeth Warren. You know that’s coming from the DNC/White House coalition. They’re calling the fake indian a “principled crusader”. Ok. So was Bin Laden.


Jim Webb represents the more conservative wing of the Democratic Party and as such, he won’t get any play from Obama or Clinton besides their scorn. He’s a decorated Vietnam War veteran and served as Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan. I dealt with him twice when he was SECNAV and I frankly liked him. 
Obama won’t throw any support to Webb because he’s a heterosexual white male.
I have to say that it’s highly unlikely that I’d vote for Jim Webb as president unless the Republicans run Jeb Bush or Chris Christie…then it would be a matter of which Democrat I hate worse.

10 thoughts on “Democratic Party Line-Up

  1. Aren't we forgetting someone with the chops to be president on the Dem ticket (well, maybe not chops, but certainly 'plugs')? Someone who hasn't make a public gaffe on the nationwide political stage in at least 10 days, maybe more? (perhaps a record for this Dem candidate).

    Hmmmm. The name is on the tip of my tongue….DON'T TELL ME, I'll come up with it here in a minute.

  2. Fake Indian Warren (a 'woman of color'): I swear that the Pillsbury Dough Boy has a better tan than this 'woman of color.' (a little twist on my mayonaise line, there, LL)

  3. I think that his ambition exceeds all else.

    He'll run, and waste Democratic Party currency, so he should be encouraged.

  4. Elizabeth (Feathered Dough Woman) Warren. She needs a proper Indian name if she is to be an Indian. Or maybe Elizabeth (Poppin Fresh) Warren?

  5. For the Dems, it's Hillary or nothing. Just like 2008, though, they could pull another "articulate black man" out of thin air and run him as an empty suit.

  6. They fear a replay of 2008 where Hillary is cut off at the knees. That's why I think they're pushing the Fake Indian all all of the Sunday morning TV shows. We've had a mixed blood negro and it didn't work out for them. I don't think that they're ready to make that play again.

  7. They clearly had that with Obama, bolstered by the whole racial thing. Webb is no conservative, but he's a lot more conservative than the Fake Indian or the Bitch of Benghazi.

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