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Marco Polo


It’s said that having a dwarf along in your explorations has value. I’ve not traveled with dwarves, but art speaks to the issue.


Marco: You can do much with an AI/digital image that you can’t do with oil, canvas, or watercolor. It looks like magic. Move it around, play with it, and put Old NFO’s face on it (that would be an invasion of Old NFO’s privacy, though). “Seeing is believing” is no longer trustworthy. And we’ve just scratched the surface


Bullet Points:

** Never eat Mexican food east of the Mississippi or north of Dallas. (This is only a guideline and didn’t originate with me.) El Salvadorians run all Mexican food places in Northern Virginia and DC, and you can tell. If you have a craving, it’s more satisfying to drive through Taco Bell and eat out of paper while you’re driving. Of course, that may also lead to a ‘run for the border.’

** (right) “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. The process continues day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.” – Orwell, 1984

** If Vice President Kamala were to become President.

** I took this to heart before the president suggested it. It’s too expensive to do, but maybe there is a payoff.

** A shout out to LSP, who used to serve with HM forces. They carried muskets then, but all the same – a shout and a toast!

** A fragmentary scrap suggests that Jesus was a precocious child. (Mail) Yes, the Daily Mail ran with it, but just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s accurate. I have no idea whether the translated fragment is a reliable account, but I doubt it because it doesn’t pass my BS filter. Still, it’s interesting….young Jesus making doves.

** Housekeeping: I use Facebook clips in bullet points and other reference points. I’m also using YouTube (owned by Google) for those who don’t like Facebook. Some of you won’t buy my books because they’re on Amazon.com, and you don’t like Amazon. The original content on the blog is created by one of a couple of Apple computers I own. I use Chat GPT and Grammarly, which are artificial intelligence software applications. Graphics are generated through a combination of other Artificial Intelligence programs. We all pick and choose our prejudices (me included). My go-to word processor is Microsoft Office; yes, they’re evil (too). I avoid Tick Tock just because of the Chinese connection, but Yellow Hoard also owns Zoom, and I am forced to use it at work for conferencing because other people use it. I also use the Microsoft and Google versions, but it’s all evil empire stuff. I just bought a book that discusses academic research into aspects of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Babylonian Talmud, and the author may be an old Jewish homosexual. I’m not sure – but I suspect it, even though his research doesn’t touch the subject. The commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces is a demented pedophile who raped his biological daughter, and the vice president’s only claim to fame was being a whore who serviced black actors and politicians. I pay a lot of taxes to the US Treasury that is run by these curs, and they, in turn, redistribute the product of my labor to promote illegal immigration on a massive scale, etc. The world around you is a reflection of your reaction to the world around you. I accept the criticism that I pay my money to do evil, use tools created for AI and other applications by people I don’t like, and access information and post it here from places like Google and Facebook. Content creation doesn’t happen in a digital vacuum. Forty years ago, we had Pong – two rectangles and a dot. Now we have AI (note Marco Polo). You receive this through your computer without charge.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and the progress in artificial intelligence mean that soon (and I mean not decades), digital reality will become indistinguishable from reality. It’s the world your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will inherit.


This Just In!


Socialism and Central Planning

(link) The Biden administration put central planning at the heart of its economic agenda.

The resulting economic calamity was the predictable result.

President Reagan had a unique political talent for explaining complex policy and strategy matters in simple terms. In 1986, he summed up the state of the U.S. economy under the Carter administration:

“Back then, the government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: if it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Over eight years, the Reagan administration successfully rolled back excessive government interventions of the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Carter administrations, unleashing the productive capacity of the U.S. economy.

This consensus was mostly held through the George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush administrations.

However, the Obama administration featured a return to heavy government intervention in the private sector, particularly through its turbocharged expansion of the regulatory state, delivering economic constipation similar to that which plagued the U.S. before the Reagan Revolution.

The Trump administration’s pursuit of tax reform, deregulation, and fair trade produced noninflationary growth that generated the fastest increases in real wages in a generation.

Yet the Biden administration actively chose to disregard the roadmap for economic dynamism that Presidents Reagan and Trump left behind. Instead, the Biden administration reached back for the Carter model.

“Bidenomics,” or under Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s more nomenclature framing of “modern supply-side economics,” is neither modern nor supply-side nor economical.

At its core, Bidenomics represents a return to the discredited economic philosophy of central planning. President Biden’s economic team hoped, in the words of former National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, that the Bidenomics experiment would result in a “new equilibrium of higher productivity, higher wage growth, [and] higher GDP growth as a result of this set of policy interventions.”

But, like all prior attempts at central planning, it failed to deliver prosperity. Instead, it generated a substantial upward price-level shock, accompanied by an insidiously persistent inflationary environment that has eroded living standards in the United States.

Continual economic anxiety has replaced abundance and prosperity.” (right – read between the liars)


10% for the BIG GUY




Chinese Naval Basing Developments 



A Note on Police Informants and Agent Handling

In the collection of short stories titled “The Shorts,” I discuss how to make money as a government informant. Though the book somewhat clarifies this, some criteria went into picking stories. One was that the subject of the story died. Another was that they were police informants – in these cases, developed while I worked as a District Attorney Investigator in Orange County, CA (and cross-designated as a Special Deputy United States Marshal). I tried to leave the FBI alone. Let them wash their laundry as they will. Federal law enforcement handles informer documentation and management far differently than we did. The intelligence agencies (they are legion) are another different breed of cat.

I handled them all during my careers, finding, recruiting, vetting, developing, tasking, and discharging. In the case of intelligence agencies, there are published requirements that information should meet. Those are classified as is everything associated with agent management. So I can’t discuss those cases.

All major criminal cases (including murders for hire) that I investigated were solved using informers. Some were used in a single case, and others were part of my career for decades. I still get calls from them many years later. They know I’m out of the game. Some have significant access to information today, but I pass on sharing that information with the government in all cases today. There were situations where I shared it, and by sharing, averted a major loss of life – but things have changed in the government.

As I hear of their passing (and confirm it), I’ll share more anecdotes in the form of short stories.





Identify the Aircraft


They only built one of these ‘multi-role combat’ aircraft


It’s distinctive enough for an ID attempt. It was entered late in the war due to a lack of Castor oil for rotary engines!


There’s something fishy about this aircraft.



Identify the Armor




Parting Shot


You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.


56 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. LACAB GR.8 Doryphore
    2. Siemens-Schuckert D.IV
    3. MiG Ye-2, early prototype of what became the MiG-21 Fishbed
    4. Nanchang Q-5
    Identify the Tank
    5. Semovente M40 da 75/18
    6. Italian L6/40

  2. I will adapt to your new even day postings somehow. If nothing else I’m flexible and will accept whatever morsels you throw our way. However your articulate and prolific comment section posters, which is where the real rubber meets the road, may possibly implode with the amount of information they need to articulate has to build up an extra day. Sarc. This is my first stop early and my last stop late.

    1. If there is a hue and cry for daily blogging, I might try to do that because I love you all. But it’s becoming a distractingly large amount of work to do it with an eye toward quality. It replaces other projects (like writing) that I still want to undertake.

  3. >El Salvadorians run all Mexican food places in Northern Virginia and DC, and you can tell.

    And it’s vanishingly rare to find a Japanese restaurant run by actual Japanese. Most are run by Chinese, or Koreans.

    I found out the Pretty Korean Girl uses Grammarly. I don’t know what it’s like for regular documents, but for academic papers, I was annoyed by its persistent and intrusive use of active voice. “We did this” and “we did that” instead of the classic passive of “patients were scanned using a 3.0-MHz phased array probe”. All the “we scanned patients” stuff reminds me of a child’s breathless account of his afternoon. “And then we went to the creek. And I caught a crawdad! And I tried to put him in the bag, but he pinched me. And then I …” I’m sure one can tune or adjust preferences in Grammarly though. Well, actually I’m assuming that. To be honest, I’m opposed to the specific product not because it’s an aid (I mean, I use spelchuk), but because the YouTube ads for the dang thing always feature some diverse young female who acts like a giddy, unserious person, grinning like an idiot as she prepares some document.

    I want dour, cantankerous old men in my ads. How can I know a product is for me if “I can’t see myself” in it? Less sarcastically, for all the talk about inclusion, and universality, the inability to empathize with people who look different from you, or with animals for that matter, is to me at least, a sign of lack of emotional maturity, intelligence, and general humanity. The Left’s insistence on “representation” actually creates siloed bigotry, the exact opposite of what they claim they want. (Though maybe that’s EXACTLY what they want. If you’re of a paranoid minority, then hundreds of groups mutually loathing each other seems “safer” than a people united by a common ethos and culture. Hmmmm. Double-parenthetically, I think I’d rather be a minority in a largely homogeneous but open culture rather than an ex-Yugoslavia of groups all hating each other, but I’m not the product of a paranoid culture.)

    1. You can adapt Grammerly to passive voice. It’s programmable. The newer versions are better. The same is true of all AI. It’s evolving, new tools coming on line, etc. I don’t think that I’ve seen an ad for it. My daughter, a school teacher, recommended it, and I use it. That’s about it. We clearly view in different circles. To be fair, if a woke ad shows up, I click and move on.

      1. You can argue that the Benihana Chain is not authentically Japanese – however when they first opened, they imported chefs from Japan who did a very good job. Today most of the cooks are from the inner city and it’s not worth going there IMHO.

  4. AI et al…these are tools to be used as such. I’m the last generation to grow up on the drafting board…think in 3D, draw in 2D to convey the concept. In a former life, CAD programs, such as ACAD through Solidworks, were tools…only went to a solid modeling design program once they started thinking like me. Picked it up fairly quickly but still used (and use) a yellow pad for sketching.
    Dad…old school of course…says to me, “I’m at the architect’s trying to explain what I want the atrium (on his new building) to look like, pretty soon we have three principles at $150/hr standing around this kid on a computer telling him what to draw.” Then he said this: “They aren’t teaching these kids how to visualize anymore.” More true now with the “tools” available to us. When does the brain atrophy with too much tech tool help?
    PDJT proved how resilient America and Americans are when government gets the hell out of the way…which conversely proves that most of America’s largest employer is useless to the Middle Class, harmful to the lower segment, and only beneficial to some in the upper tier. They can’t help themselves. It’s like this Ford v. Ferrari diner clip… only worse because government has gotten so big for its britches they have given themselves incremental permission to operate with further impunity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84Lqe1wsRsg

    1. Autocad ain’t got no soul. It’s marvelous for lots of things but as Paul’s Father said, kids are not taught to visualize things anymore. If the compooter can’t give it to them, that is to say, if the farking compooter WON’T LET THEM DO SOMETHING, they’re lost. I wonder if they’ll even notice when Skynet becomes self-aware.
      I wandered into our so-called “engineering department” a while back looking for an architect’s scale. Mine was out in the car and I was too lazy to walk a hundred yards to get it. There wasn’t a single one in the place. Half of them had no idea what I was talking about, and the other half made derisive comments about old people technology. I rolled out a drawing on velum retrieved from the archives and said OK, wise guys, gimme this measurement right here if all of y’all are so smart. Crickets.
      Now ask me about my road atlas……..

      1. When I designed the White Wolf Mine hovel where I live, I did so on a drawing board with t-square, angles, a scale, and French curves. Once I finished, I handed it off to a genuine architect who finished the plans. The point is well taken, and you can’t visualize it on an AutoCAD the way that you can with pencils and paper. Because I did that, I could spot when the builder did something wrong. The movie was in my head, so to speak. It’s like laying out art now. In many cases, it begins with an engineering sketch. Those of us who started with slide rules have an advantage. MRSLL looked through my high school yearbook many years ago and started laughing at a photo of me in the Physics lab. She said, “You had a pocket protector!!” I said, “No, that’s a circular slide rule.” She asked, “What’s a slide rule?” She wasn’t a STEM type, but the few intervening years between our ages ushered in the pocket calculator. We went to the Moon on slide rule computations and analog systems.

        1. @WWW & LL- The mind is a terrible thing to waste…(When was that…the 80’s?). Most electronic tools are now viewed through the same lens and treated accordingly, which creates a dullness in people. It’s a cancer if not treated properly. CAD is a tool (I still use Acad for small layouts and material take-offs), but just like the sliderule only more visual. Re: LL’s NASA reference – We enjoyed the movie “Hidden Figures”, showed what those gals were able to accomplish using their very focused brains while navigating biases of that era, or learning the new behemoth IBM that wouldn’t fit through the door, etc…all to put a man in space. Armstrong’s attitude towards them (as shown) proves the mentality: It doesn’t matter what sex or skin color you are…CAN YOU DO THE JOB? That is all that matters, the rest is distractive noise from weak whiny people who can’t do the job but feel entitled.

          Anecdote- MrsPaulM flew from Denver to Cody for her ContEd…flight was delayed an hour but she got there Sunday. Yesterday her flight from Cody to Denver went fine, got in around 2pm. Steps into Gate 96 (one of those below ground ones) only to find out her flight to Omaha is delayed 2.5 hours. Waits. 3 hours later gets another message the flight is delayed another hour. Waits…no food down there. Hour goes by, another message: Flight is delayed another 2 hours. Finally boards at 7:55pm…(h, and they checked her little wheelie at the gate – for $40 – so she had to wait for baggage on the other end. Gets to Omaha local time 12:45am, not the scheduled 4:40pm. A/h United airline decided to save money – not tell anyone mind you – they had cancelled the earlier scheduled flight, or had no crew because they fired half those who wouldn’t take The Jab, or [pick something even more stupid].

          This nightmare episode (why I won’t fly unless I have to) is a red flag of more bad yet to come at the hands of The Idiots in Charge who take a working system then toss in a wrench under the arrogance “we know better”…like toilets and showers, washing machines, or fuel cans. MrsPaulM could have driven from Cody to Omaha and gotten there before then. I almost drove the 2 hours to DIA and picked her up. (Yup, ranting…but I see the handwriting on the wall things will intentionally go off the cliff before November 5th in order to hamstring us free-thinkers…this is a symptom of a larger ugly at play.)

          1. There used to be food on the below-deck gates (but I don’t recall the concourse) at DIA. I ate there a few times. Burgers and fries as I recall. That was before Covid and maybe they pulled them.

          2. Why I always carry snacks in my carry pack. MrsPaulM is not shy when requiring coffee (anytime of the day…because…Scandinavian’s), or food…all I got was a text message, “I’m really hungry”. The airlines under Petey ButtaBoy suck wind (so to speak…had another less family friendly term in mind). It’s on purpose. Case in point:

            Colorado Fish & Game (nka Parks and Wildlife – Why? Guessing it’s warm and fuzzy with a much bigger budget)…held a wolf intro meeting down the road last night You know…local “outreach”. As I was last minute ‘at the ready’ to head to DIA I bailed on attending. Neighbor ranchers went. Waste of time. A dozen fully armed (inside the Hall) suited up agents (really?, what were they expecting to happen?) giving the whiny story of “the pass the buck gov’t cul-de-sac” — “we got stuck with this after the law was passed by [Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins] voters” bravo sierra, then proceeded to tell the ranchers everything they already knew. Then the “warnings” came; They plan a total of 220 wolves (the first year mebee, how about the next year you idiots?) but said if you find one going after your cattle don’t intervene ($100K fine apparently)…followed with…I kid you not…”you have to call us”. Effer’s. All these gov’t “programs” are designed to destroy cattle ranching by the backdoor.

            Rep. Hageman (WY) was on Beck…it’s a clip worth listening to as she knows what they are doing to ranching and air travel reduction (15% in two years minimum). She’s unafraid. We’d better get Trump in or we’re [more] doomed as a Nation.

      2. So. Tell me about the road atlas. I still keep a few in the car (the big old Rand-McNally National thing everyone has (had) and detailed street maps of local cities), but TBH I haven’t consulted them in years. I would like to get a nice set of the DeLorme atlases with elevation contours and the like, but clearly it’s low priority because I could just order the dang things online. And I haven’t.

        In my experience people (kids today) expect their tech to not fail. Ever. Even 10y ago, for example, Swedish Girl had a trip to San Francisco, after which she was going to rent a car and drive around Monterrey and around Marin. I dug into my AAA map stash. She countered with “I have my GPS.” “What if you lose it or drop and break it?” “Then I have my phone for backup!” [waves phone at me] “There’s places in the hills where you have no reception.” She reluctantly took the maps, but made a point of leaving them out where I could see them when she was gone. 🙄 (I also seem to recall the phrase “this is like talking to my father” being dropped. “Then your dad is a smart man,” might also have been uttered. But I’ve pretty much repressed those memories, so who knows? 😛)

        I also notice (those dang) kids rarely if ever do rough (or even order-of-magnitude) calculations in their heads. I’ve had people look at me as if I had two heads when I’ve said “that doesn’t sound right” because some number was tenfold or a hundredfold bigger or smaller than I expected. Sometimes I just screwed up, but more often someone entered a wrong number in their spreadsheet. Fewer people do (or can do) “sanity checks” in their heads these days, or so it seems to me. (This is probably what the crusty old guys who trained me said about me back then, if I’m being honest 😀. But still.)

        1. Exactly Mike…a few moons back we were building our place (okay, a lot of moons back, we were younger then), went into Home Disappointment for a pile of materials and parts and pieces, including the (back 21 years) $92 Outdoor Main SE Breaker Enclosure ($186 now) . Cashier tallies my cart, brain says, “Hmm, doesn’t seem right”, so I ask. She confirms she was correct. Okay. Head the hour home. Still bugged the math in head didn’t jive with the receipt…look at it…yup, she forgot the $92 enclosure. (not sure how…because…”the thingy beeped” right?) Had to go back later that week, step up to the Customer Service counter, show them the box and the receipt and tell them to charge my card. The “older” gal looks at me perplexed, then smiles and says, “Wow, an actual honest person.” Told her “if it was a little bracket or a big item, doesn’t matter, couldn’t live with myself.”

          Math in the head at checkout was taught by my father…funny how those things stick with you. Nowadays, not so much…there’s an App for that.

          1. Recently I asked our so-called “engineering department” for a list of weights per linear foot for various sizes of conveyors we allegedly manufacture so as to answer a customer’s query for data with which to design a support structure. I took one look at their answers and “just knew” it was bull-sheet. Believe it or not, I was actually polite about it, but apparently, that was still offensive to the resident geniuses, so I whupped out a sketch pad (more old people technology) and a 40-year-old copy of the AISC Steel Construction Manual, ran the numbers and proved them wrong. Apparently, that was REALLY offensive.
            Now ask me if I give an eeffoc (coffee spelled backwards) about their tender feelz-ings. My problem is that many years ago, I graduated from a so-called “engineering department” into the real world where things actually have to work, but that ain’t necessarily the “real world” anymore so IATA.
            Now as to road atlas. Up in Nebraska a couple years ago, that insufferable bitch who lives in my GPS was not helpful, so I used my road atlas to successfully navigate around a large storm that was producing large hail, high-velocity straight line winds and tornadic activity. I don’t think she’s ever quite forgiven me for not being allowed to kill me.

    2. Interesting how the advent of comic books limited the growth of young minds: instead of being able to visualize a story from the written word… the illustrated/comic book severely denied growth to that part of the human brain. Took place from ~the late ’40s throughout the ’50s.

      1. Same with the original Hardy Boys books (1-19), the language was more precise and eloquent, but then the modern publisher got involved with ghost writers, dumbing down the language in the ensuing series (still fun reads as a boy tho). Applewood Books acquired the rights to reprint the first 16 books in the original text…something about reading those, even as an adult, expands the minds-eye, plus the feel of the book with a proper binding.

    3. The only CAD programs I use are for wiring diagrams, printed circuit board layout, and other such. The PCB programs are nice as they do “Schematic Capture” to generate the foil pattern, hole sizes, solder mask, BOM, and other things that take lots of time to do by hand. As Paul says, “They’re tools”, and I use them as such.
      Drafting was a favorite of mine, and I had a year of it in high-school. Doing the 3-View and Isometric drawings taught how to get the “3D View” in your mind. It helped you visualize an “Exploded View”, too, so you could figure out how it all went together. We REALLY need to bring back Shop Class and Vocational Training in high-school.

  5. Housekeeping: I’m using an electronic abacus. aka a decade old MS pos which I need to replace. (any suggestions) Need to replace my Mac too, just don’t like the new Bidenomics prices.

    Pick-a-part: Any chance there are still some dilithium crystals and a flux capacitor available?

    Grammerly: Can it do Southern Negro dialect from the ’50s? Need to work on my own book where that will trigger the Ivy League Karens.

    1. I use an electronic ebonics translator: https://ebonics-speak.netlify.app/, but if you throw enough “mothafocker, nigga, bitch, cunt, etc.” into any sentence, it becomes ebonics. Other colloquial words may be regional. Can a Central Avenue nigga understand a Detroit nigga? They can, but they must brush up on some local jive to be native speakers. I had a guy who once worked at the Compton Police Department who I used as a translator when I was dealing with an inner-city person. He had the lingo down hard even though he was white, and it was amusing to watch. They communicated effectively. He’d often encourage nervous inner-city males to hold their packages when they needed to calm down. Amazingly, it worked like a charm. Funny guy. His wife was a dental hygienist. She put on gloves to clean his teeth, and he asked why. He didn’t put on a condom when they were being orally intimate – or so he explained to her. Life — anyway, I used him as a court translator to the amusement of judges. They allowed it in. Maybe they wouldn’t today? How else do you communicate but through a translator? They don’t teach English or math in inner city schools anymore. They just pass them out into the jungle and then lament when the girls become whores and the guys sell drugs because those are the only skills they have.

      1. Replacement: I just pay the going rate. I don’t like it, but tools are necessary. It’s like ammo component prices. Nobody likes the increases but I won’t go without ammo.

        1. You aren’t black/Black enough (unless self-identifying as one when needed) to use the “N-word”….only REAL blacks/Blacks are given that privilege without retribution. Sorry, I didn’t make the rules.

          1. I self-identify as a 25-year-old inner-city black female (lesbian), so I can use “nigga” – just don’t ask me to “twerk” for you. I have limits. You (along with the black female Supreme Court Justice) may be asking yourself, “What is a woman?” and, “What is a negro?” They are something that gets me jobs when minority female-owned businesses are the only thing that will be considered for the contract.

          2. “out into the jungle”…that’s rassisst ya know.

            Took me a while to understand what the hay “BabyMamma/Daddy” meant, me being from the unwashed flyover country and all. (I didn’t shave this morning…yeah, I’m a rebel.) Over time managed to figure it out, sort of a tortured Scandinavian extract from the elegant MorFar or FarMor, except inner city/jungle speak. Yet they say it so easily like it’s normal…well…it is actually, and perfectly descriptive since there’s at least half a dozen of each permutation (I swear no self-control is built into the ancestral DNA). Want to ask them “How have those Dem Programs worked out for your ilk?” Can’t fix the indoctrinated.

          3. As I explained, “out into the jungle”…that’s rassisst ya know It’s racist for you, but because of my choice of self-identification, not for me. Where’s my reparations check?

          4. You have to move back to Cali to receive such dunnage. (word selected on purpose…all definitions implied)

      2. >hold their packages when they needed to calm down. Amazingly, it worked like a charm.
        Huh. There’s a lot to process there, I’m thinking. I don’t even know where to start, but I’m pretty sure that if I tried it for myself, I’d get in trouble. 😳

        >Can a Central Avenue nigga understand a Detroit nigga?
        I dunno about inner city persons, but it certainly applies to some animals. I was in Manhattan the other week and somehow got into a conversation about rats with a local. She informed me that there are several groups (clans? tribes? gangs?) of rats on Manhattan alone, (leaving aside Brooklyn, Staten Island, etc where there are actual physical barriers involved) and that the groups generally do not interbreed. To the point where there are apparently some genetic markers that can mostly ID a particular rat’s origin. “I am Ravenous Sweeker, The Lord Ravenous, of the Great Northern Clan. Hear me and tremble!”

        1. If you’re not an inner-city person, holding your package in public is considered bad taste. You may need to explain to people that you are self-identifying as black. They’ll nod their heads with profound insight and understanding.

        1. I should be so lucky to go to a place like that [1]. Swedish Girl (who was from Copenhagen, functionally) really liked going to McDonald’s, which is where we usually went to lunch. She’d shake her Diet Coke at me and gleefully chortle, “In Copenhagen this would be five bucks. Here, a dollar! Ahahaha!” (And now we’re headed for the $5 Coke. ☹️)

          [1] Not really. Not my style. But that egg-writing girl was playing the thirsty customer rilly gud with the heart and all that. As SG would say, ahahaha! That, I’d be amused to see.

      1. “jumping”? hehehe…more like falling into the abyss.
        (Really does take cajones to trust that rubberband, hopefully it wasn’t designed by the same civil/structural engineers who come up with our roads.)

        1. Ps. Does the country of origin [colorful] language come out when pushed over like that? Inquiring minds need to know such details.

          1. FWIW, I cuss in English by default.
            But if it’s not a genuine fear or stress (involuntary) reaction, I’ve been known to toss out the odd “Bozhemoi!” or “Aiya, ta ma de!” just to mess with people.
            Though come to think of it, a Chinese guy saying (essentially) “oh no; mothafucker!” in Mandarin is not exactly unexpected. Must start up with the “Saatana! Perkele!” again. Not to mention the “Voi, vittu!”

          2. Tusand Tak! Now I have better words to yell when something falls on my head, the neighbors off a ways will think I’m singing with my ear buds and not really cursing. (Yup, even ordained ministers let loose a colorful verb once in a while, usually when mashing some body part.)

  6. one minor quibble:
    “…more nomenclature framing of…”
    nomenclature-framing or nomenclatural framing; the latter is too unwieldly – IDK
    Marco — Polo
    agreed the hands
    in the frontal version, the eyes remind me of Margaret Keane – sorta, not as much, not as rounded.
    When I was at the Uffizi 35 years ago, I saw (wish I could remember his name) the artist from whom she stole the idea
    the lateral view – the mandible is very heavy, even accounting for the beard, much heavier/simian than the frontal view would suggest

    1. Important to say the obvious out loud once in a while, re-calibrates the perception, dragging one out of the propaganda weeds.

  7. If you use ‘my’ picture, it’ll crash the AI because it will be crying in the corner about ugly…LOL Re the pic a part, I ‘only’ needed ‘one’ landing gear strut…one!

    The ability to actually draw out a set of plans is truly a lost art today. And yes, being able to ‘see’ what you’re doing was more important to us back in the day, because that was our only option.

  8. I have to say im really enjoying your AI enhanced artwork lately and like to study paintings and photos for details or maybe lack of and was curious to what is in your Marco Polo daydreamer’s(3rd pic) lap behind the book he’s reading? A bottle of some sort maybe?

  9. Housekeeping

    The business and legal environment is reality, yes, but we really should be improving it to be less centrally-controlled.

    Mike_C: If you’re of a paranoid minority, then hundreds of groups mutually loathing each other seems “safer” than a people united by a common ethos and culture.

    The political point of a parade is, the next time this disciplined group of marchers could be carrying rifles instead of flags. It’s a demonstration of power, not a beg.

    Over eight years, the Reagan administration successfully rolled back excessive government interventions of the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Carter administrations, unleashing the productive capacity of the U.S. economy.

    On net, how many government workers did the Reagan administration lay off after permanently ending their jobs? Show me on the chart of increasing government spending where the Reagan administration was. I think what Reagan did was make popular speeches; like Trump, and Nixon, and JFK, and all of them, really.

    How could a circular slide rule print as a pocket protector? I like them, you never run off the end.

    They plan a total of 220 wolves

    Apparently, all the people involved are on team wolf, including the ranchers. Government employees should hand out wolf introduction brochures with a dime taped to them to snitch on their neighbors. Which phone would the Representative from WY pick up if she found out the local enforcers of UN Agenda 21 had been eaten by wolves?

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