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 Steve Couldn’t Decide 

A Non-Sequential Fictional Short

On the one hand, he wanted to be a hoplite warrior fighting the Persian hoard as they landed at Marathon in Greece on Earth at 490BC, and on the other, he wanted to ride a Crabclaw to glory against the evil Phage, 57 light years distant on Gracar 5 in the present. Ok, not quite the present because 57 light-years away is sort of the same as 57 years ago. It’s a matter of perspective. Both adventures were for sale and were within his means to purchase, but he could only afford one vacation this year. Let’s interview him and get his personal take on it.


Steve: “Time and space travel vacations allow me to be all that I can be, wherever that happens to take place on the timeline. Hanging out at Time Tourism, Ltd. in my spare time when I’m not trading in human misery for a living affords me the opportunity to meet people coming and going. Before and after. Cause and effect. Take Tina for instance. She decided to go to Earth, Rhode Island, between the nuclear war of 2029 and the rise of the flesh-eating zombies. Her exposure to residual Wuhan Covid 28 means that she’ll be undergoing gene therapy for quite some time. She’s an ultra-tripper I spoke to after she emerged from the Time Tunnel.”

That’s a ringing endorsement of time-based entertainment if ever there was one.

This is your chance to stand out in a crowd. Why wait around to be turned into Soylent Green? Leap into the past today and meet Cleopatra, Hitler, Nero, or the infamous sci-fi writer Old NFO!

**Note – I write these little shorts for YOUR entertainment.


Bullet Points:

** (h/t Claudio) A recent effort to calculate how many nuclear warheads China has concluded that they have not been producing enough plutonium for an expansion of their nuclear warhead inventory and apparently configure their more extended range (ICBM and IRBM) missiles with several types of conventional warheads and keep a small number of nuclear warheads in a separate location. This means that even ICBMs are seen as primarily non-nuclear missiles, which is surprising as the cost of ICBMs far exceeds all other ballistic missiles while the damage done by conventional warheads is only the same at best.

** Life in the Camp – you’ll recognize WSF (far left dressed as a general). He talks a lot about how he hopes to get the cot near the stove, but we all know he will call the shots.

** Don’t bother running. You’ll only die tired.

** According to a DC appellate court, Barack Obama, George Bush, Pedo Joe, and Bill Clinton don’t have presidential immunity. Good to know. Of course, Pedo Joe is so far gone that he has the mental capacity of a house plant and, for that reason, can not be imprisoned. Veep Camela can go in his place. Corruption has become the foundation of our government.

** The Lagrangian standard density model without considering neutrinos.

Numbers Tell the Story – Concealed carry crime stats from Cassandra at She summarizes below – but you should read the entire piece. Thank you to for doing this work.

There are 26 states with permitless concealed carry freedoms

Washington, D.C., has the highest rate of firearm-related homicides even though it has strict carry laws

83% of states with permitless concealed carry have a homicide rate at or below the national average

45% of states with no permitless concealed carry laws have homicide rates above the national average

3 out of 5 of the safest five states in the U.S. have permitless concealed carry

2 out of 5 of the top five most dangerous states in the U.S. have permitless concealed carry, and 3 out of 5 require permits for concealed carry

84% of states have a lower violent crime rate in 2022 than they did before permitless concealed carry


Meme of the Day

One of the most exciting aspects of President Trump’s term in office was the absence of new wars as he drew down the seemingly endless war in Afghanistan. Contrast that with the new wars that broke out under Pedo Joe’s watch — it felt like Barack’s third term in office.

As an official US taxpayer, I feel humbled to be selected to feed the American military-industrial complex. Of the 1,000 private jets that flew to Vegas for the Superbowl, how many were carrying execs who are funded all or in part through taxpayer dollars?


Identify the Stuff





Parting Shot

47 thoughts on “Decisions-Decisions

        1. #2- First thought…seriously…Ditch Witch with an artillery attachment. Who knew they made that as an accessory. Cool.

          1. Food for thought. If artillery can be attached to a Ditch Witch it can certainly be attached to a tractor Paul.

  1. The article by is excellent nfo. The Carolinas and Louisiana are all forwarding bills in their respective state governments to get Constitutional Carry enacted. That would put the number of states with C.C. at 30!
    Meanwhile in Nuevo Mejico….

    I’m very surprised there is an exception for individuals who have a
    concealed carry license.

    Then there is this one:

  2. That’s a lot of mathematics, which I enjoyed in school, especially when I got my TI calculator. Then later an HP 11C…that’s sitting right here. Danged thing still works, assuming I plug in the numbers correctly.

    Side-Barr (pun intended)- Chris Stigall (The Answer, Philly) had a guest on who confirmed the following:

    “The PA USPS mail trailer (remember that?) that got delivered to Lancaster (PA) with 625,000 curated, sorted ballots, then delivered to Philadelphia for injection into the election count that night. (Why do thieves always operate at night? Yeah, we know.) Turns out Bill Barr called Stigall’s guest to tell him to stop investigating the case.”

    The corruption coup rot runs deeper than my water well but smells as nasty as my septic tank when I remove the lid.

    1. HP calculators, arrrgh. I’m sure they’re fine, but not for me. I never got used to reverse Polish notation. Two stupid anecdotes about that, both of which were additional nails in the coffin of “You don’t belong at MIT.” (To torture a metaphor exceeding international conventions.)

      1. Minor idiot story. Some guy got angry with me for saying “reverse Polish notation” as in “It’s POLAR notation, you idiot!” Still don’t know where that came from. This was Usenet days, so we couldn’t just find the (highly propagandized) “answer” on Wikipedia. I remember this like 30y later because of HOW incredibly angry that dude was.
      2. There was some place that would overclock your HP calculator. You had to mail it in, and a few weeks later your souped-up RPN thingie would come back running at 115% of rated speed. (This was in the 1980’s.) A bunch of guys were making excited plans to get this done. I had questions. A) is your calculator programmable? (ie can it run a bunch of operations with a single “go” — turned out they did not have programmables.) B) can you type faster than the HP returns answers? In other words, are there any situations where the clock speed of the damn thing is the limiting factor? Nope. Boy! Those were not good questions to ask.

      I wasn’t even ornery then. I was a blue-pilled nice guy just trying to get along. But it sounded silly to me, and it kinda got my goat that they were all saying how much they “needed” this dubious upgrade. I think I’d have been content if just one had said “I don’t care if it makes sense. I think it’s cool and I want it. Period fricking dot.” In that vein, I bought a Moots (brand) titanium bike with 12-speed Campy Record last year. Do I need it? Hells no! Do I have the legs or lungs that could use it to even 50% of its potential. No! (Certainly not any more, alas). I bought it because I’d always wanted a good Ti bike, I could finally afford one without taking beans off of the table, risking the roof over my head, or having to hurt anyone else to get it. (I got mine secondhand when one exactly my size popped up on Craigslist under 90 miles from my house. I’m still cheap.)

      1. First off, I’m Polish…so there’s that. My brain must be wired differently (engineer…duh).

        1) You were correct, Reverse Polish Notation was devised in 1954, ancient tech.
        2) Seriously good questions, obviously you understood enough circuitry design (and this from a Mechanical Design Engineer type who wanted to do PCB layout…when we did it by hand- red and green lines.)

        Moots Titanium- Pricey, but seriously exceptional for the money, why buy a Prius when you could mucho bettero enjoy an Aston Martin Vanquish. Oh…and never pay full price, nice find.

        1. Oh, boy…I used Red and Blue tape at a 4:1 scale for the artwork on a whole big buncha Double-sided, plated-through vias PC boards that need a redesign. Also did the artwork to get the component designations screened on the board.
          For stripline/microstrip we used

          1. Geez, now that unearthed some memories…but as circuits got more complex the PCB designer would get tested, then multilayer boards came along. ASIC’s are a whole other level microscopic circuitry…and now look, incredible what we mortals can do when we put pur minds t9 it.

            Great docu-film, BlackBerry. That’ll really tweak the memories (always thought their product was exceptionally conceived and executed, now I have a touch keyboard made for midgets (yes, know how to enlarge it but then it becomes un-ergonomic) and continually autocorrects with some other word.

  3. I’ll take a SWAG that the equations for the Lagrangian standard density model without neutrinos become a lot more meaningful when we know what the variables are.

    An observation from years ago sticks with me. Someone once asked J.B.S. Haldane, the famous British geneticist/biologist, what a lifetime of studying biology had taught him about the preferences of God, should there be one. He answered, “He has an inordinate fondness for beetles.” I would have said, “an inordinate fondness for partial differential equations”

    1. That’ll be day one when The Swamp Coup Criminals oust Joe and install her as next in line (and don’t forget, she’s Black! so like Arrogant Fah-Nee, gets a free pass on anything and everything).

      Thing is, Not-A-Doctor Jill doesn’t want her husband freed from his Oval Office servitude just yet, one, she likes being Grand Poohbah-ette, and, the free top shelf care goes away and she’ll have to deal with him all by her lonesome in Delaware (maybe Robert can wash the garage secured Vette for Joe). My ProTip for The Mrs: “Better stock up on vanilla ice cream and sugar cones Toots.”

      1. She’d probably order and extra large ice cream freezer, tell Joe all the ice cream he wants is in it, then blame Trump for Joe freezing to death?

        1. Might take over “He was Epsteined”…”Joe Didn’t Freeze Himself” (well, considering his current state of being galactically brain addled, maybe he did…certainly Columbo could find out).

  4. I’m sorry, I struggled to get a “C” in the required algebra courses(2) that was required for my ASN degree for nursing and that was with tutoring(My only C grade). That equation looks amazingly like a post modern crappy art piece. How any body could understand that gibberish is beyond my understanding. Thankfully my advanced degrees did not require more math courses. Calculus, geometry I can hold my own. Algebra just looks like Greek to me.

        1. Neutrinos have almost no mass and though there have been experiments that project the number of neutrinos that are passing through the Earth, most don’t hit anything because they’re so small.

  5. I’m always confused when Joe threatens us with F-16s. When we have people like Paul M and others and most of the farm implements and creative know how on our side. The logistics of food and energy all seem in good hands. They couldn’t even defeat the Taliban for gods sake.

    1. There is always a concern when you’re considering turning the military (made up of family members of the people they’re supposed to be exterminating) against the domestic population. There are the soulless people in the FBI who (mostly) don’t seem to mind doing those deeds, but the average soldier or marine?

    2. Exactly….”Hope for the best but always plan for the worst” is in full swing, albeit not a prepper type, just prepared (Scout Motto).

      The overarching problem is We The People are under siege by those required to represent us. Trump – by way of an unlawful/illegal predetermined guilty verdict – gets handed a $350M “penalty” and “disallowed for 3 years” to do business in NYC. Short-sighted just a smidge? How the hell will thousands of NYC employees of Trump International get a paycheck? This was always designed to bankrupt him by a political hack judge. On top of that; who exactly gets the court ordered payout? There are no victims!

      It’s tyranny.

      Carlson goes to Russia and shops at a supermarket – assume for sake of argument all things are generally equal. Fills the cart — $400 for a week here, $104 there. We are being intentionally squeezed in every manner by people who have gotten to big for their britches, forgot they work for us (my siren cry), and believe they are untouchable. East Palestine is suffering and what, Stupid goes there a year later to pander, then leaves without doing a damn thing? Special place in Hell for that man and anyone associated with him.

      They are not…eventually…because we are tolerant and patient and decent. They are not.

      Time to move Trump International to Florida (likely already in the works), then bring out “The Folder”…drop these people into the pit they’ve dug (eg. setting precedent that a civil suit can be brought to a President after leaving office). Thereafter, anyone harmed by Squinty-Eyed Joe’s policies (open border) should sue the pants off him for deaths, damages, false imprisonment, etc., directly after he leaves/gets tossed from office…bury this bum in Civil lawsuits.

      I am not typically an angry or a violent person (despite rants here showing otherwise…but these people are destroying the greatest country ever made, and I grew up steeped in Colonial history, 10 minutes from Washington’s Crossing). My mindset would change if need be, and God is on our side — which is why I pray God-speed that He protects PDJT and the good people of America against this Democrat/Uniparty juggernaut, and that they see a massive injurious comeuppance. They deserve it.

      [Spleen sufficiently vented. Truly wish I could effect some real change instead of spewing about it, but hell, can’t even get an inquiry reply from my District Rep, another arrogant POS.]

      1. Ps. That sh–tshow trial in Georgia…I was waiting for Fah-Nee to jump up and scream:


        At least the movie was entertaining…this…this is despicable.

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