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From a friend in Canada: CORONAVIRUS is a Patented Virus: paid for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization – who are the primary owners of the virus. They filled for a patent for the virus in 2015, which was approved on Nov 20, 2018. US Patent 10130701 (Look it up for yourself).

The timing of the release coincides with Chinese New Year, one of the largest human annual migrations in the world. 
And if they have a patent on the virus, they have a vaccine to sell to the world, or so goes the story. 
The difficulty is finding out the absolute truth on such things and I’m not equipped to do that even if I demanded answers. And I’m not demanding anything, just sharing a brief sermonette for those of you who breeze past this blog on a Sunday.
Based on best guesses from the stats coming out of China, the disease is lethal in about 10% of the cases, but those numbers are preliminary.
It could also have been an accidental release from the Chinese germ warfare laboratory in Wuhan. But the patent is interesting, isn’t it?
I have no faith in the “approved” fact checkers on the Internet, because they tend to approach such things with a hard bias. CDC said (on Fox News) that the gene for the Coronavirus had not been sequenced. That is apparently a lie. Lots of lies going around where this virus is concerned.
The word leaking out of China is that there are over 100,000 cases documented, yesterday. Today, who knows?

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  1. A patented virus brought to you by Gates and the WHO? Sounds like something from the tin hat brigade. I find the germ lab theory to be more likely, but then, what do I know?

  2. Just because the Gates Foundation holds the patent doesn't mean a Chinese germ warfare lab in Wuhan doesn't also have it. When has a little thing like patents and intellectual property rights stop the Chicoms from doing what they want.

  3. And weren't a couple of Chinese bioweapon spies kicked out of Canada? They were stealing pathogens and sending them to… Wuhan.

  4. wusa9.com/article/news/verify/verify-coronavirus-patents-are-from-older-viruses-not-the-current-strain/65-afb0c90d-0d83-41dc-ba88-aaba1b6b9a5d

    Best explanation I've heard about the patent issue.

  5. bill and Melinda are on record saying the world was over-populated and needed to be culled down.

  6. Apparently it has been patented and a vaccine exists. I'm not saying that it wasn't an accidental release from the Chinese germ lab. I'm also not suggesting that you believe what I posted. I through this spaghetti against the wall for you all to consider.

  7. Indeed it does not. There have been stories of recent thefts (last week) from Canadian germ labs.

  8. Yes, (see above). I don't think that they stole the Coronavirus pathogens in this particular instance. However it doesn't rule out a previous theft.

  9. Yes indeed.

    There will never be transparency with the communist Chinese, so unanswered questions will remain as the virus sweeps through the population. Hopefully an ocean buffer and diligent screening at the US, Canadian and Mexican ports of entry will be able to keep it out.

  10. The coronovirus is not number one on my "worried about" list. I did purchase some really nice masks, but mainly for working outside this summer. I'm allergic to soil mold and didn't use a mask since it steamed up my glasses. Post cataract surgery = no glasses = now I can wear a mask. Thank goodness no one will be able to see me.

  11. According to my veterinarian bride the so-called patented virus would have been DNA sequenced. ("so-called" because which virus version is "owned"? And if actually owned, that version is usually for research purposes by government agencies like the CDC.)

    IF the current virus is sequenced they can determine how far off it has evolved from the baseline…this is common in virology. Assuming they do the work, and assuming they release the data, this is a no-brainer to create an effective care protocol and/or vaccine.

    Incidentally, this is how canine flu came to the US, do-gooder Hollywood types who went to the Olympics decided to "rescue" stray dogs over there, brought them back in large quantities, did not follow quarantine protocols, adopted them out everywhere, and bam! canine flu outbreaks all over America. Idiots.

  12. They'd wipe out the population of Northern Mexico along the way here. If it's as bad as we're hearing, the Mexicans might start shooting the caravans out of hand.

  13. Yes, provided that the patented virus is not a hoax, it would have been sequenced and even if it's mutated, they should be able to come up with something. But all that takes time and the first case in Arizona popped up.

  14. And there will be more cases emerging ("Oh, I just went to Wuyan for vacation.")

    Not to broad brush too much (because circumstances beyond our control do occur), but the more I observe the GP – as products of our dumbed-down education system – far too many people are not very smart.

  15. There are a lot of mixed signals coming out of China. The safe assumption is that this particular virus is singularly dangerous.

  16. The current "coronavirus" is A corona virus….not THE corona virus. It's a TYPE of virus having the shape of a crown….a corona. Thus it's designation. There are MANY types of corona viruses out there…the vast majority of them harmless to humans. The fact that someone owns a patent on one specific DNA sequenced virus is not particularly newsworthy…even if it is Bill Gates. Whether or not the current pathogen is a pathogen engineered by the Chinese and currently being tested OR accidentally released is a valid question. It is JUST as possible that said virus is natural in origin and mutated into a form that is now infectious to humans. It's just not possible to say at this point and we may never know with 100% certainty where this virus originated. Viruses mutate very rapidly. It's quite possible that over the next couple of months this one will mutate to become something no longer infectious or transmissible to/by humans. Remember….it's germ warfare out there and the germs are winning.

  17. Thanks for the heads-up. The uncharacteristically close attention that China is paying to this SARS-related virus is what has a lot of people's attention. Usually they just work to cover it up until it's a real problem. Shutting down the country during the New Year is unprecedented. It suggests that they're worried.

  18. Exactly. And why would they ramp up the worry factor so quickly, unless they had prior knowledge of what they were dealing with? That is what seems odd- the actions and photos are do not jive with the reported numbers and severity.

  19. Interesting points and interesting comments, but being China, we'll never know for sure… They will not tell us or anybody else the absolute truth.

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