Twofer Tuesday

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It’s the Weather

It was 58 degrees (F) at the White Wolf Mine on Sunday. There is was trace snow Sunday night that dusted the place on Monday, but all in all, it’s been a mild winter at 7,500 ft. on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim. The automatic gate that lets you into the compound froze shut because the snow melted and was promptly turned to ice, the set the gears that turn to open the steel gate. And I had to chip a little ice and use some harsh language to get it open.

Normally I wouldn’t dwell on the weather here on the blog, but there are some of you who e-mailed me and asked me why I live in the Arizona highlands.

At least some of it has to do with the weather. I thought about locations in Wyoming or Idaho but it’s a challenge to drive to warm from there in the winter. 
During the summer here, it stays in the 80’s (F). So far, it’s never dropped below zero (F), but it’s still cold at night during the winter.  
Right now, it feels a lot like spring at the end of January. I realize that might not remain and we could get feet of snow in February, but that hasn’t been forecast.
But it’s an hour’s drive to the nearest store/fast food, etc. and if that’s a problem for you, this location is not for you.
Living remotely requires that you think out of the box, unlike Schrodinger’s cat (left).

Various Political Thoughts

I’m on the road, working to enrich myself today. And in the process, I am missing out on the made-for-TV impeachment drama, scripted to increase viewing market share by the media, without much effort at retaining honor. I know, what honor?
Naturally, the anti-Trump, Republican hand full are sitting back and trying to leverage their personal political futures because they do hold the swing to see whether witnesses are called and this charade goes on through summer or not.

John Bolton, a craven cur under the best of circumstances, is dancing in the sidelines of the American kabuki theater, reminding everyone that HE should have been elected president because he is wiser than everyone else in the room – and in the nation. 
And… I’m missing the agonizing minute-by-minute coverage in the war of tv market share. The US Senate would need a 2/3 vote to remove the president from office and that is very unlikely to happen. But grandstanding senators could prolong the drama long enough that somebody like Bernie, the Butt Guy or Bloomie – all B’s like a B movie, would march in triumph to the presidency. The ratings gods would like this to endure like a social disease because let’s face it, CNN’s ratings can’t eclipse the Sponge Bob cartoon in raw numbers of viewers. And if you turned off the tv’s at airports, it would be even worse.
The Democrat promises to raise taxes and crash the stock market all while ushering in the Green New Deal, which will save the planet because otherwise we’ll all be dead in 11 years don’t have much appeal unless you have a grievance or you think that you can squeeze a few zlotys out of somebody else’s pocket. But they do have the media, and that’s no small thing.

21 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday

  1. The Dem's house of cards just caught a whiff of a Trump/Republican breeze…quickly crumbling as it was built on a sketchy foundation. Just wait until the wind picks up. (Matt 7:24-27)

  2. "But they do have the media, and that's no small thing."

    There is a use for " the media ", but I prefer toilet paper.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  3. I would bet that witnesses are not called. If they are, then the can of worms that is the Bidens gets put under the microscope, and then Katy bar the door…the GOP DREAM TEAM of lawyers will chew those crooked scumbags up and spit them out, the whole scummy family.

  4. The weather's been mostly up and down this year temperature wise. The one constant has been moisture, continuing last year's pattern. The most aggravating result is the mud that never seems to dry out. I also have a brush pile I need to burn, but every time it starts to dry out, along comes more precipitation, like the snow being forecast for tonight.
    As Paul said, there is a use for media. Once the wife's done with the local rag, I use it in the charcoal chimney. Works great.

  5. Note on the weather: on Monday, the temperatures around Chicago will approach 50 degrees, approximate 81 degrees warmer than exactly one year ago. (Jan 30, 2019 – minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit on our back deck).

    Beat that.

  6. I think there will be some snow in your future… LOL And I'm ignoring the crap on TV and writing.

  7. There is a wonderful product called lithium grease. I get it in the tube for things like garage door rollers. The stuff doesn't freeze.

    I would urge everyone to do with John Bolton what I do with Hollywood. I don't by their products.

  8. Distance wouldn't be a problem. Hunting and fishing, with the occasional supply trip– if I was more mobile.
    I think your spot is perfect.

    Haha. I love Schrodinger's Cat. 🙂

    Romney and that I'll are really pissing me off. Moreso because I can't do anything or (legally) vote them out.

    Why would the demonrat witnesses, if called, tell the truth? Just because they swore to? Bolton already said no. A yes now is too late. Tough luck and all that.
    They'd lie and we all know it. NO WITNESSES! The demonrats had their turn.

    Safe trip to you, LL. God bless.

  9. Woodsterman beat me to it. The grease won't freeze but accumulated water will. Perhaps some small "roof" to divert the snow from the gears?

  10. I've thought that the whole Democrat vision of what is best for America has been flawed for quite some time. JFK would be a roaring conservative if his politics were being debated today. Harry Truman in the White House today? Neither of them were communists, and neither is Bill Clinton. You may not like the Clintons and I don't for a wide number of reasons, but they're capitalists. None of them fit with the squad and the New Donkeys.

  11. I've always thought the same way. I want Tre Gowdy to cross-examine Shifty there on the floor of the US Senate while the cameras roll. In fact, I'd pay good money to see him do that.

  12. I'm in Southern California at the moment and it's mid-70's. Sometimes I forget that's why people move here. You can wear shorts and a t-shirt on NY Day when people watch the Rose Parade.

  13. I can't beat it with a stick. Fredd, all cudos to you and those who live in -31 F. At least at this advanced age (I'm the same age as you), I have NO interest living anywhere, where I need to plug in my car's radiator so the antifreeze doesn't freeze solid and blow out the freeze plug. I have no interest in visiting places like that during the winter.

  14. I'm more or less doing the same. I think we'll have more snow before summer but in AZ we typically get most of our moisture during July and August when the monsoon comes. Warm summer rain.

  15. John Bolton is true to what I expect from him. And no, I'd never buy anything from Bolton, Jane Fonda, or any other traitor. If Benedict Arnold was alive today, he's be a hero of the left.

  16. Thanks for your comments, LindaG. Romney (Pierre Delicto) is an interesting scumbag. And (may God forgive me), I think that I prefer Obama over him. At least Obama didn't wrap himself in the flag. You knew that Barack hated Jesus, white people, gun owners, the police, mistrusted the military and was an overt socialist. Romney (Pierre) holds himself out to be one thing, when he is a small, venal, kind of nasty man.

  17. Ed, I need to melt the gate to slag.

    WSF, yes, the accumulated water freeze will and that seems to be the heart of the matter.

  18. However, Chicago in Spring and mid to late Fall is a great place to visit. The Science and Industry Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute, and all of the places to eat ( I am a fan of Chicago style pizza ) make it a place to return to periodically.

    But, agreed, not in the winter. Summer is also to be avoided.


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