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President Obama kicked the ObamaCare can down the road for two years with decree last week wherein those who had plans they liked before ObamaCare could keep them for two more years. As I understand the situation, insurance companies were not happy about the decision because they want some degree of predictability and the Obama ‘rule by decree’ doctrine doesn’t take any but political concerns into consideration – and ignores Congress. So long as the Democratic Party controls the US Senate, Congress is a puppet of the Executive Branch of government.

The problems with ObamaCare are much deeper than just that, though. The  uninsured are not signing up and based on a McKinsey & Co. survey, those who did sign up are not paying their premiums for their “free” healthcare. (Source IBD)

A McKinsey & Co. survey finds just one in 10 previously uninsured people have signed up for ObamaCare. 

Amazingly, the administration can’t even determine how many ObamaCare enrollees were previously uninsured because they forgot to include this question in the online sign-up form (it’s in the paper version). 

The McKinsey survey found nearly a quarter of those enrolled haven’t paid for their coverage. Among those who were uninsured, the number climbs to 47%. 

This fits with data from the seven states that are reporting nonpayment rates. Overall, 24% of those enrolled haven’t paid their ObamaCare premiums. In some states, such as Maryland and Washington, the nonpayment rate tops 40%.

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  1. obama's rule by fiat is "unprecedented" and his presidency is an "historic" failure.

  2. And a 'lot' of the signees have been for Medicare… No $$ there, and not nearly enough kids to actually 'offset' the costs for Medicare! Can we say 10-20% bump in rates in 15-16 timeframes???

  3. I'm sure that Obama will try to scrap the US Navy in order to give them free stuff and no rate increases…

  4. My mother-in-law was notified by her supplemental plan that it is no longer valid. It is likely that she can not afford a legal plan, and they will just put her on medicaid. Her income is only Social Security – so it is a ridiculous game, and they just cut out the private company…

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