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  1. Heard something about former military losing pensions recently. I doubt that went over well….

  2. They retained some of the progressive vote buying at the expense of cost of living raises to wounded vets, many of whom rely on that pension as their sole source of income since they're too screwed up to do much else.

    My son-in-law is adjudged 50% disabled from the US Navy (War in Afghanistan) and receives the princely sum of $1,000 per month (2nd Class Petty Officer). The Navy's wounded warrior project did give him a job as a civilian Navy employee, however that's a new program and was a stroke of good luck — or he'd have been supporting himself and a young family on that.

    Putting that in perspective of asking those people to give up even part of their COLA so that illegal aliens can have healthcare is an — ObamaNation.

  3. It's an odd scene when normally right-of-center government employees (military and other sworn) look to the left for their pay raises…3 years with no COLA. In the argument you will usually hear, "you can't balance the budget out of our paychecks." That is absolutely true. However, millions of employees X 2.5% of their pay X 3 years is ALOT of money.

    …but we still didn't balance the budget, or slow down the welfare state, or stir the economy…so I'd rather have my money please.

  4. You all need to embrace the suck and promise to vote for the advancement of the socialist state before you'll have a vote worth buying…

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