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Pat and Mike were walking down a street in Dublin. As they passed by a pub, Mike opened the door and shouted, “Paddy Murphy’s a baby raper!” 
Then they continued walking. Pat turned to Mike and said, “You know, Paddy Murphy isn’t a baby raper.” 
Mike replied, “Sure you and I both know it but that lot at the pub doesn’t. It only took me a second to say it and Paddy will spend the rest of his life trying to deny it.”

So it is with the news media and Donald Trump.

Expect a new story of sexual depravity every couple of days. When it’s proven false or the public doesn’t care, another one will be blasted over the air waves. That’s how it’s done, and that’s what the mainstream media will stoop to on order to keep Trump from being elected. Nothing else worked, but the Hillary Clintons and John Podestas of this world feel that the pervert story will gain traction.
Hillary Clinton can win by doing nothing because the game is rigged in enough states to virtually guarantee her a victory. There will be no Clinton interviews or press conferences. No more seizures in public – just deafening silence – as the corrupt media does her work for her.
The mainstream republicans like McCain and Ryan will snicker over drinks because they benefit from Democrats being in charge in just the same way as they benefit from Republicans being in charge. Trump is neither, he never payed his dues and he refuses to play the Capitol game, which is completely corrupt.
Trust me when I tell you that perilous times are coming. Take precautions, be aware, and prepare now that you may be prepared then. 

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  1. I am not convinced that the end of days will be ushered in with a Clinton win. Things will continue to be shitty, yes. But a collapse will bring about torches and pitch forks, which is something Hillary wants to avoid.

  2. Sadly,LL, I think you have nailed the evil agenda. I stole it for use on my blog ( liberalphobic.com/). I pray you are wrong about the final outcome. Thanks for your insight. I enjoy your blog regularly. Welcome to Arizona!

  3. I'm not speaking of the "end of days", but an expansion of national debt combined with the agenda that she brings, which is an extension of the Obama years, will create great unease and may push the nation beyond its capacity to recover financially. It's true that Hillary wants to avoid a civil war, but this election (to date) has started a movement in the country that most of the mainstreamers (both Dem and Rep) find uncomfortable.

    Podesta (quoting Wikileaks) said that the only institution in the nation that still has any respect at all is the US Military, and that is the situation in most third world countries. He is correct in that.

  4. I am not a gloom and doom sort of guy. I can only suggest that it's best to be prepared for trouble. When you see it coming, you take whatever steps you find necessary to avoid it. It doesn't mean that there won't be trouble. It only means that you may have the capacity to ease your way through it rather than hitting it head-on.

  5. The military has one thing going for it, should it ascend politically: it is still a relatively conservative institution, with merit based promotions, accountability of actions, etc. True, some rot within certain higher echelons is of concern, but the rank and file troops are solidly conservative. At least we got that going for us.

  6. So far, I don't see the smears working too well. I think the constant barrage will have the opposite effect.

  7. It's difficult to say at this point, Adrienne. There is so much noise out there that I don't know how this is going to turn out.

  8. I trust the military.

    As you get higher, there have a been a lot of people who didn't advance under Barack's regime because of personal opposition to trannies in the service (the rainbow approach) and a push back to the war on the weather. But as you say, the service is still solid with good people who love their country and honor their oath.

  9. While never a Trump fan, I've consistently been an anybody but Shillary fan. That said, the uproar against Trump by the media and "establishment" has convinced me that Trump is what we need.

  10. We need somebody to focus on the economy and trade, on rebuilding infrastructure. Trump will do that. I suspect that Pence will focus more on dealings with Congress, pushing legislation through and will work with the new Secretary of State (Gingrich?) on handling our foreign affairs.

  11. I trust the military as well.

    When and if the time comes that a battalion commander directs his guns on civilians, the company commanders are likely to 'accidentally' direct fire on the Lt. Colonel's tent before they follow the immoral orders from HQ to mow down the innocent.

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