Addressing Illegal Immigration

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There are a lot of misunderstandings about the problem of illegal immigration and the solution is a lot more simple than the Obama Administration (or previous administrations) have made it. Here are a few basic points to consider.


There are roughly eleven million illegal aliens/undocumented workers/prospective Democratic Party voters living in America now. This situation needs to be addressed. Amnesty, or anything like it, is not a solution, it is a blessing of illegal conduct that will simply encourage more illegal conduct.
Mass roundups and deportations are not the solution.
Enforcement through attrition will work. Creating a system of laws that will make it inconvenient for illegal aliens to remain in the US will discourage further illegal immigration and will solve the problem. Not today, but sooner than later without the social disruption that comes with a heavy hand.

Don’t reward illegal immigrants.

The things that attract illegal immigrants need to be removed from those people. The US Government tends to reward illegal immigrants at every turn from recognizing anchor babies to providing financial relief to those who are here illegally. That must stop. The border needs to offer a significant deterrence to those who would cross illegally. 
  • Stop rewarding illegal immigrants.
  • Harden the border and deter crossing.
A (Temporary) Guest Worker Program

A guest worker program addresses the needs of both workers and employers needs to offer the unemployed in America with the same benefits that are accorded to guest workers. That means that unemployed Americans would have the first shot at jobs with the same conditions offered to guest workers. This would include recruitment, transportation to where the worker is needed, housing, decent wages, and transportation home when the job is over. 
  • Allow employers to craft a plan that will work for them. The legislature needs to allow employers to take the lead on crafting a workable solution.
None of these suggestions taken individually or collectively is either harsh or cruel. There is a pathway to legal immigration that is already in place and for the greater part, it works. Dealing with the problem is not difficult nor is it particularly complex. The Obama Administration has shown a continuing reluctance to do anything to strictly resist illegal immigration due to their political agenda. Nobody in Washington DC or within the US Border Patrol believes that the measures that the current immigration bills under consideration by Congress will do anything to address the problems. The Border is only as secure as the President wants it to be. 

8 thoughts on “Addressing Illegal Immigration

  1. This sounds reasonable. Especially giving American unemployed first shot at the jobs.

  2. It's reasonable, balanced, socially responsible and thus it will never be taken seriously.

  3. But if we don't kowtow to the Hispanics, they won't vote en masse for Repubicans. Remember? Like they did back when we knuckled under to pressure and granted everyone immunity the last time?…


  4. That's the Hispanic activists. Most Americans of Mexican heritage that I know vote Republican. Of course the activists will stir things up, but they do that irrespective of immigration policy as you pointed out.

  5. The President was a rabble rouser before he became president. He understands how these things work.

  6. Due to illegal immigrants most of the legally settled immigrants too face problems!!! Government should think a permanent measure to avoid illegal immigrations… Thanks for sharing such an useful post!!!

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