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This particular article was brought to my attention by Claudio B., a friend from Italy who reads this blog. I think that it’s worth your time.

As a prisoner, Clark knew that a successful sabotage attack on the shipyard—an “inside job,” as it were—would help the Allied war effort immensely. But he also knew that the consequences for anyone caught committing even the smallest hostile act against Nippon Kokan would be severe. The need for secrecy was therefore paramount. But as he began to plot his sabotage, Clark realized he’d need at least one trusted accomplice. After careful consideration, he approached Private Stanley Cameron of the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, which proved to be a prudent choice. Indeed, none of the rest of us knew about their partnership until well after the deed had been carried out. …more here.

There was an old book that I recall reading a long time ago, The Monkey Wrench Gang. It’s clearly not about the heroic efforts of Canadian POW’s to take down a Japanese shipyard. But the point is the same.

German efforts to use slave labor in their war effort during the Second World War often led to sabotage that slowed assembly lines and created problems with artillery shells or other key components when they were needed most.


I’ve heard that Baby Yoda is back.

You have to admit that the whole thing is an act of marketing genius. How many Baby Yoda dolls will be sold at Christmas?




…Offering a ‘return to normalcy,’ Biden pledges troop surges in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an invasion of Syria.
“We’re not doing any of this troop withdrawal malarkey.”






  1. For what it’s worth, Baby Yoda has run afoul of the cancel culture zealots. There was an episode with a frog creature lady who was carrying the last of her eggs so they can be fertilized before her line dies out. Guess who was eating her eggs when no one was looking? Yep the genocidal maniac Baby Yoda!

    • They’re also going after the show because female bounty hunters have form fitting armor.

      Because in this unisex world having ‘boobs’ on your armor is a bad thing.

      • Or perhaps an absence of boobs on the Mandalorian’s armor is bothering them? Or an absence of breasts on Baby Yoda? Tough to say what would offend them more – when they earn a decent living by being offended. And why is Yoda green instead of Black?

    • The cruel behavior of the Japanese toward prisoners led the allied high command to authorize the incendiary bombs that were used to burn the wooden cities. Huge fire storms. And the response was “they had it coming”. So you can slice that in different directions, but there was some pay back.

    • Not just POWs. Have a look at the activities of Unit 731. Seriously, go read it.

      Even though Wikipedia is a thoroughly compromised source, the entry is informative. Why is this not well known in the West? Well, as was repeated in Highlander: There can only be one (narrative).

    • It’s easy to move through life without thinking of what people went through or what they accomplished and laid on the altar of freedom.

  2. “German efforts to use slave labor in their war effort during the Second World War often led to sabotage that slowed assembly lines and created problems with artillery shells or other key components when they were needed most.”

    So true. I’m plowed under just now, but do wait until I can breathe long enough to recount my Grandfather’s tale in that period, and my best friend’s father’s WWII exploits.


  3. Heh. Love the Biden “d**khead face mask.

    Hand salute to the intrepid Canadians.

    Here’s another story from one of my books (in a box somewhere)–

    An 8th Air Force bomb group (IIRC, B-17’s) is returning from a mission over Europe when they see fighters flying parallel off to their right. The crews are wary as the Germans sometimes imitate the movements of allied escort fighters. Plus the Me-109 and P-51 silhouettes are hard to tell apart at distance. Sure enough the fighters drop their external fuel tanks, then break hard left into the formation, firing as they pass. They are Me-109’s.

    The author’s ship takes several hits, but is still flying, and returns to base. The group has flown several tough missions in as many days, so the group medical officer grounds them for a few days. During down time with not much for the air crews to do, it was not uncommon for some of them to wander over to the maintenance shops and hard stands to see what was up and maybe lend a hand.

    The author wandered over to his ship and watched as the ground crew chief dug a dud 20mm round out of the main wing spar. Had it exploded, the ship likely would have gone down. The crew chief remarked the dud seemed awfully light, and then disassembled it. It was empty. Then they found another dud. The same, empty. And then a third. It was empty as well, except for a folded scrap of paper with something written in pencil, writing that seemed like it was all consonants. No one could read it, so they showed it to the Intel folks, where someone recognized it as (IIRC) Czechoslovakian. It said read “This is our way of helping you”.

    • A great story, and a great tribute to the men of the 8th Air Force – and the nameless slaves who saved their lives.

  4. Good on Ms. Oversteegen. That would make an awesome movie.

    So would the Canucks sabotaging the Japs.

    And, seriously, copulate face masks! Tired of this carp. And now COSTCO says no health waver allowed, everyone must mask up. Bleh. It’s fall allergy season and I’m busy horking up a gallon of lung-butter a day. I don’t need any obstructions to my breathing.

    • I walk into Costco and once clear of the gate, lower my mask. I’m a big guy and can have a “Scary Larry” face, so people usually leave me alone. I can also be a sarcastic AH. And with the white hair, I sometimes say that “I have nothing to lose — make my day”. I don’t know if they reflect back on the Clint Eastwood movie, “Grand Torino” or not, but you should try it, Beans.

  5. Great story about the Canucks! And no telling how many lives they saved! Re the armor, those who do not study history… sigh… Loved the last cartoon!

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