A Harsh Lesson

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Sweden is learning a harsh lesson for letting in 100,000+ Muslim refugees, of which something like 70,000 are military age males. There are ways of dealing with some of the unhappy Muslim people who are featured in the Sixty Minutes film, but the Swedes are not prepared to deal with the savages. The Swedes would be much better off if they loaded them on boats and dropped them back off in Africa or whatever rock they crawled out from under. 

How do you feel about Obama’s generosity in welcoming Muslim refugees now?

14 thoughts on “A Harsh Lesson

  1. It's interesting to see the same thing play out in Sweden, Germany and in every nation where these human lice land.

  2. Isn't this how the Crusades started 1000 years ago? European governments got all wobbly and the more aggressive Muslims pushed at the borders? This time, however, the Muslims are marching in and the Europeans are welcoming them with open arms and clueless brains.

  3. If you don't learn from history, you repeat it – but the outcomes of the two experiences are not necessarily equal.

  4. Amazing how FEW people say, "Damn! We screwed up. Let's fix things; after all, this is OUR country"

  5. It's depressing that I can never go back to enjoy my old haunts in West Germany without dealing with these human seagulls. I remember back in the day, the Germans simply hated Turks and American GIs, and that's it. Well, the French too, but that doesn't count: everybody hates the French.

  6. There seemed to be more Turks than Germans. More Turkish flags than German flags flying in Germany…and they they imported another million military age Muslim men from Syria.

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