Let Them Eat Cake

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The White House Staff wants you to know that the $3,500 impact on each American family is one of those, “Hold my beer” moments because inflation needs to gut the nation in order for everyone to go on the dole. (captioned photo)


Retro Photo-of-the-Day


Lunchpail Joe vs The Tornado

Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday, President Joe Brandon blamed the recent deadly tornado outbreak in Kentucky on “climate change.” Biden stated, “The fact is we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming and obviously it has some impact here.”

Biden’s statement is laughably inept and easily disproved. All one has to do is look past the opinions, pronouncements, and hand waving and concentrate on what science and data actually say about the issues. But the media don’t call him on it, do they?

So what are we down to? Two years left until we all die from global warming? There needs to be an AOC countdown clock – sort of like an Aztec Calendar countdown.


Russia Launch

The best way to launch the people’s airplane is to push it backward (like a toy car) winding the spring – then let it go.


Women and Masks – long history

2300 years ago, long before Islam, Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their noses and mouths, broke their will and individuality, and depersonalized them. It made them submissive. That’s why they imposed on every woman the mandatory use of fabric over her face.

Then Islam turned it into the woman’s symbol of submission to Allah, the man owner of the Harem, and the King.

Fast forward to today.



The woke people must be onto something…and the women love it!


Reimagining the British Army

A new four-battalion Ranger Regiment was formed December 1, 2021, seeded from the Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland; 2nd Battalion, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment; 2nd Battalion, Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment; and 4th Battalion, The Rifles.

So two fewer Scotts battalions in the Line.

There is a general trend in the UK to make every unit a “special forces contingent”. We all want to be special but how much of that is needed. The new unit will conduct missions traditionally carried out by the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service, which leaves me wondering what they will do now. There are also the Royal Marine Commandos (British Naval Infantry).

The Royal Army’s standing numbers (82,000) support a combined arms force but the focus continues to shift to special forces. I am not opposed to special forces but they are “light forces” and have limited sustainability against heavy military formations. They do not travel with a lot of organic firepower and ammunition.


USMC to keep Amphibious Assault Vehicles out of the Water.

The Marine Corps will keep its fleet of Amphibious Assault Vehicles out of the water except in emergencies, the service announced on Wednesday.

There was a mishap in the summer of 2020 (I am close to the family of one of the Marines who died) off the coast of California. Given that the mission of the USMC is amphibious warfare, it may be time for them to get serious about replacing the antiquated AAV’s.

The new Amphibious Combat Vehicle is not ready for prime time, but I’m concerned that they’ll be pushed into use given the concern that many have. One issue Marines experienced during testing was punctures to the vehicles tires, but they could not address the problem quickly because the Marines didn’t have access to a jack. The Pentagon’s top weapons tester suggested the Marine Corps give all sections a kit for spare tires to address this problem. Read over that one more time.

24 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. I’m thinking that by the time the enemy is within grease-gun range of your airfield, something has gone wrong.

    The former United Kingdom wants everything to be special forces, because special forces formations require so little expensive equipment. They are well on their way to a completely symbolic military with no actual ground truth.


    1. You are correct Kle, the UK’s forces have been undermined (although we have not caught up/down with the Milley level of surrender, yet).
      It’s almost as if there’s a hidden agenda behind the emasculation of Western forces…/sarc

      1. Yeah, I fully accept that the US has also made itself totally crap. The only thing we have going for us is that we had so much stuff it’s taking longer to ruin everything.


  2. “Didn’t have access to a jack”
    Speaking from experience, make sure they have the right lug wrench. Thank you Ford Motor Company for that learning opportunity.

    1. If they don’t work in a controlled peacetime environment, there is that epic fail waiting when people are shooting at you.

  3. I like cake, but not their sawdust crap presented as French pastry. The WH mouthpiece says it sucks to be us, the Peon Subclass-2 crowd. Guess I need to sell the Peloton. But Hey! to mitigate the doubled pump price in 10 months, just buy an electric vehicle and get the recharging FOR FREE!! (using portable diesel generators and wait 6 hours to get back home). Like the 5T BBB black hole bill, none of that costs anything…to anyone…ever. Delusion is a wonderful thing to the Left.

    I have yet to see a BBB ballcap, none in Kentucky for Mr. MAGU’s many days later visit.

    Masks — Stockholm Syndrome generated by Government. Maskee’s now relish the control, it’s become the “Precious”. Say anything and they turn rabid.

    Against my better judgement decided to go into town (South one) for a Christmas lunch with old cohorts, should be interesting.

    1. I feel as if I’m living in an episode of The Twilight Zone. From electric cars charged with a diesel generator to masks from a box that says they don’t work to the White House blaming farmers for out of control inflation

      1. What’s the end game these clowns want? Great Reset/NWO? Socialism for the USA despite our Constitution? Both?

        Spiritual discontent is at redline, and everyday they push further towarss bending the needle around the end stop. I refuse to play their asinine game.

  4. 2300 years ago, long before Islam, Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their noses and mouths, broke their will and individuality, and depersonalized them. It made them submissive.

    Submissiveness via masks appears to have worked on 2/3 of Americans. Submissiveness via all other flavors of ‘this external thing is more important than you’ appears to have worked on 99/100 of Americans. Remaining 1% is freethinkers, who work out moral rules for themselves.

    That your parents or your closest community is freethinkers seems not to favor you becoming a freethinker. The greatest concentration of freethinkers ever, colonial America, concentrated by emigration, evolved towards anti-freethinker at same rate, a 200 year period, as other non-freethinker places.

    Paul M writes: What’s the end game these clowns want?

    Actual political success is that nothing ever changes, and your family dynasty stays god-kings forever. Ancient Egypt sounds a lot closer to this success: lots of excess production beyond sustenance to produce a safety margin against conquest, but normally burn that off building pyramids so that nothing ever changes. Life is a sitcom where any alteration resets in 45 minutes. Kill or co-opt or classify anyone who re-invents the steam-powered rotating technology demonstrator (Aeolipile), don’t want any of that industrial revolution stuff.

    I think present American elites are clowns because they send their children to Harvard and Yale where they unintentionally learn the non-sense invented to tie the upper-middle class into knots, and prevent them competing with the elites. Whereas the ultimate big government program, war, is a more effective way to select out and destroy those competitors.

  5. Yep, and ironically the kovid Karens are leading the masking brigade… Re the $3500 per family, if that is true, WHY are we only getting a 5.8% increase in Social Security? Those two numbers are mutually exclusive, e.g. the ‘raise’ multiplied out is less than half of the $3500!

  6. In response to the de-watering of the AAV, that particular vehicle was supposed to be replaced completely over 20 years ago.

    Once again, our political leaders are killing our own people. Dammit. How friggin hard is it to design, build and implement an amphibious armored vehicle that actually works? Do we just need to buy whatever the South Koreans or Singaporians are building?

    Here’s my take on the whole thing. Sure, design what you want. Let prices spiral as idiots vie for their pieces of the pie. But here’s the deal. The congresscritters, lobbyists, bigwigs, accountants, bean counters, lawyers, schmucks, collections of odds and sods that screwed everything up, they all get to ride, use, travel in/on/under whatever POS is produced. Think this stuff is good? Foist crap off on our own people? First you get to die in it. And if you die in it, all of your assets now belong to the service budget.

    Fix this crap right away. No more cost overruns because someone’s got their hands in the cookie jar.

    1. If they can’t have a self-licking ice cream cone, they’ll keep the R&D money flowing until they do…

  7. I agree with Kle and Ed P.

    More regiments gone? More money to spend on vote getting welfare and the persyns to police it. Well, they’re obviously gambling on never having to fight a war again.

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