Waiting for a Coyote

(Geococcyx californianus or Velocitus Incredulous)

They like Hebrew National hot dogs (cut up).


Do you need lettuce on your bacon and tomato sandwich?


Bullet Points:

** The problem with natural immunity is that it’s free.

** Napoleon, in theaters November 22 (Thanksgiving film)

** Border Patrol sticks it to the sanctuary cities – Stop your whining. You declared yourselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens while condemning those who think our laws should actually be enforced. You helped Biden unleash this historic disaster. Live with it.

** The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is pushing for a national identification system. The Seattle-based Gates Foundation, guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, has actively endorsed the Modular Open-Source Identification Platform’s (MOSIP) undertakings with a $10 million pledge.

The G-20 Agrees.

** This may or may not bother you, but I swim in your spring water before it’s bottled. FYI

** When the media really decides to destroy you by promulgating a lie for dramatic effect.

On 14 August 1040, Macbeth became King of Scotland, ruling for 17 years in relative peace. Immortalized in Shakespeare’s play of the same name, when the real Macbeth became king he did so by killing the ruling King Duncan. This occurred in battle, however, not while Duncan was in his bed as the Bard would have us believe!


I’m Ready for a Winter Campaign in Russia… famous last words



Can you ID this aircraft?


It’s a tough ID. It has 4×20 mm Hispano-Suiza HS.404 cannons, and they’re undergoing maintenance. Hint: It’s not made of wood.


Photo taken in Laos during the Secret War. (shameless plug)


Artillery Spotters –  Fliegerabteilung 212



Identify the War Movie


  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Westland Whirlwind
    2. Fairchild C-123 Provider
    3. LVG C.V
    4. Douglas F4D-1 Skyray

    Identify the Movie:
    In Harm’s Way

  2. Sanctuary Cities- Besides flaunting Federal immigration law (same with “legalized” MJ) I have a microscopic violin playing in the background for these whiners who set themselves up under the Limbaugh premise of “symbolism over substance”. Tough darts, live with your decisions.

    Gates Foundation- Purveyors of evil.

    B ? T…gotta have lettuce and Miracle Whip.

    • Klaus. Could well be, although it could be any type of large knife. Given the terrain in Laos they flew over, high mountains, deep valleys, lime stone karsts, all covered in thick, triple canopy rain forest, any survival tool would be welcome in the event they survived a forced landing. The three males in the photo are wearing Air America uniforms, so one could hazard a guess it is an Air America aircraft and that they are the crew. Given they are in the corporate uniform one could say that they, and the aircraft, are operating on the overt side of the operation.

    • Klaus, without more information, LL and Mike have good thoughts. Also, loadmasters carried knives to assist them in their normal and emergency duties .

  3. Weird sidebar: Heard a report a South Carolina couple had the “missing” F-35 Lightening II pilot in their living room after parachuting into their backyard ….said the aircraft flew on by itself for 60-80 miles and crashed into some woods. The attitude of The Brass is “ahh, no big deal”.

    The New Woke military is a mess when this is the response. This will end up in the same closet as New Palestine and Maui as “The Press” turn a deaf ear and blind eye.

  4. i always order a blt, no l, no t. strange look from the waitress until she ciphers it out. gotta love a bacon and mayo sammich, no pesky veggies in the way…..looking more like this border thing is going to be the catalyst to the cw2. and i think they put a hit on trump with iran. “prisoner swap” my behind. five minutes later iran announced they will seek retribution on all those responsible for salami’s death, like four years later. yeah, i know its soleimani. have a great weekend yaul.

      • “I’d like a chicken sandwich with a live chicken. Don’t bother killing, plucking, cleaning, or frickasing it. I’ll manage that table side.”

          • Pretty sure you can get a live chicken delivered to your table in most Chinatowns. The ginger ale might be more of a challenge though.

            Speaking of Chinatown, last month I was in Vancouver and Richmond, BC. We went to a couple of Chinese restaurants. I was weirded out because they were (or looked) clean, and were bright, airy, and tastefully decorated . (Not the usual horrid red and gold with dragon, or gawd help us panda (oh puke) motifs.) One was even quiet. The other was the typical cacophony.

            The quiet one had an impressive display of wine bottles, about 8×30 feet, with verticals of each type. (I don’t mean verticals in the oenology sense of consecutive years, I mean floor-to-ceiling column of say 20 of the same label.) Big(ish) name wines such as Opus One, Quintessa, some Chateauneuf de Papes, you get the picture. I went over to take a closer look. All of the bottles were empty! Also, they were all “big” reds extremely unsuited to accompany Chinese food. I’ve seen this at other Chinese places. All “name” Cabernets and other trophy wines. Jeez. How about some nicely acidic whites? Chenin blancs would be a good idea.

            I once thought of doing wine consulting for high-end Chinese restaurants but quickly realized the customers purely Do Not Care if it’s a good pairing. It’s about the bragging rights. “We had a bottle of Screaming Eagle [im not making this name up] and a magnum of Cheval Blanc last night.”

            A few years ago I randomly ended up chatting with a lady sommelier from LA who was in our area. We got onto the Chinese restaurant thing and she laughed. “You’re absolutely right. It’s all about the names and bragging rights. Had quite a few Chinese clients in LA. PRC, Hong Kong, you name it.”

            I fumed about pearls and swine. She laughed. “It was good for me. I had to make the show of tasting and decanting, so I got to try a LOT of wines I could never afford.”
            PKG asked what she meant. The sommelier thought for a minute. “The most expensive mixed case I ever personally handled was about $60,000. Boy I didn’t want to drop that!”

            PKG goggled. “Are you two making this up? Tell me this is a joke.” The sommelier laughed. “No! No joke. I was the new hire so I only got the mid-range clients. The really high-end parties were handled by the senior guy.”

            And here I am wondering if I should finish the last 100 ml of a four-day-opened bottle of some Trader Joe’s blend. 😛

            Hah. That went on such a tangent I’m practically in lunar orbit by now.

          • Many (not impugning Mike_C) Asian people I have interacted with have difficulty handling wine, for example. You could serve them Two Buck Chuck in a fancy bottle after the second glass and they wouldn’t know, which is why many Chinese restaurants don’t invest in a high-end wine wall.

  5. Believe the correcaminos/paisano is waiting for the copperhead as shown in the header or another type snake rather than a coyote. Contrary to the Disney cartoon, coyotes are faster than the road runner, but the road runner can outclass ’em in a broken field run, plus they can fly.
    Love to hear ’em use their bill to make the rattle or chatter call.
    Cletus Valvecore

  6. “The problem with natural immunity is that it’s free.”

    Who was promoting supplements and exercise to build up our GOD GIVEN immune systems during the plannedemic? Two conditions prevented me from wearing the salute ( mask) to totalitarianism ( “our democracy” ) as N.P. put it.

    One it took years of counseling and therapy for me to learn to live with a condition of ataraxia. Two, CFS ( Common F’n Sense ) is another condition, that is what determines if a body will cover their breathing abilities, not the edicts of ever changing ” science” manipulated by MSM and the PTB. The experimental MRNA = ( gene therapy and DNA modification ) implemented by mandates was / is a violation of the Nuremberg code, USA constitution, and a point of conscientious objections to long to list in this comment. Thanks L.L. for bringing up this subject once again. P.S. Cost savings, is that in the government vocabulary? Ivermectin was effective 3x for our family, as a help, not a cure all. Hydroxychlorquine as well being ” over the counter” throughout Africa countries according to ground reports I read, all at reasonable prices. Perhaps they have wised up to the vaccine programs of the Bill and Melinda Gates agenda? Sadly Mexico fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

  7. I like lettuce on the sandwich for contrasting texture, and heat sink when the bacon’s fresh out of the pan. If the tomato is actually ripe, not picked green & gassed to turn red on the way to market, then it fulfills both of those conditions just fine by itself. If not, it needs the help of the lettuce.

    Enjoy swimming in the spring water! If you do the other things that fish are already doing in it, too, then that’s no different from any other water source, and why G-d gave us engineers and civilization with good filtration and sanitation. Frankly, the world would probably be a better place if more folks got off the ‘net and had their hijinks, explosives, skinny dipping, and shenannigans in the woods, creeks, and fishin’ holes. Why would I discourage that?

  8. BLT, with mayo for me.

    Movie. As noted, ‘In Harm’s Way’. What a classic. Interesting to compare the performances of John Wayne and Henry Fonda with the same in ‘Ft. Apache’.

    Hat. Where can I can I get one?

  9. Hasn’t a national ID card been declared racist? Or is that only if you mandate it in order to vote?

    I can never read, write, hear or say mandate, without thinking of barry and mike.

    • It isn’t racist if it furthers the democrat agenda.

      If Trump says something, no matter what it is, he’s being a racist.

      One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

  10. It’s called bLt for a reason… sigh… Reaching out to a friend who ‘might’ have been on that C-123 to see if that’s him or his crew. And yes, combat knives were de rigueur for the kickers to be able to ‘cut stuff free’ if required.

  11. BLT on sourdough bread. I use Duke’s mayonnaise, 4 slices of thick cut peppered bacon, smoked gouda, Roma tomato slices that have been splashed with balsamic vinegar, and baby spinach. Chop two slices of bacon and put it on a slice of mayo’d bread. Melt the gouda on the copped bacon then chop the other two slices and place on top of the cheese. Put a thick layer of spinach on the bacon and the tomatoes on the other slice of mayo’d bread. Join the top and bottom then enjoy.

    Iceberg lettuce makes me belch. The twang of the tomatoes and the smoky cheesy peppered bacon needs richer greens.

  12. BLT with mayo and plenty of it but hold the lettuce.

    No lettuce probably puts me in the minority here, but I can live with it, as long as I gets me some reparations out of it.

  13. There’s a lot going on in this post but I like the Napoleonic caveat. Topical.

    And we all enjoy the song Boney Was A Warrior but then there’s that unfortunate mansion at No. 1 Hyde Park, to say nothing of a marble statue.

    Hey, “Came on in the same old way and we beat him back, in the same old way.”

  14. BLT:
    Lettuce is essential in that it provides a barrier to keep the juice from a properly ripened tomato from saturating the off side bread slice and turning it into a gooey mess.
    If you use a store-bought under-ripe excuse for tomato YMMV.

  15. Shakespeare rewrote history in order to make the royal line of Scotland a tad illegitimate. Like he did Richard III’s story. He was, after all, though a good playwrite, also a bit of a propaganda advocate for the new regime (the Tudors, a more bloodthirsty and illegitimate group of royals have never sat the throne of England.)

    Seriously, become king by backstabbing is low and an illegitimate way of succession. Beat them on the battlefield like Henry Tudor did, well, that’s a legitimate way of succession (after all, that’s what Henry Tudor did, with French troops and French money.)


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