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Felons and Voting Rights

The question is whether felons should be able to vote again once they’ve ‘paid their debt to society’?

In many states, an ex-con can’t own a firearm. Should those rights be restored after they’ve done their time?

Or does it matter what they did?



It’s a Problem


Back in 650AD

We don’t have much in the way of specifics regarding what was going on in the Western Hemisphere in 650. Click on the map to enlarge it.


Magnetic North

In case you thought that something was wrong with your compass.


Rusted and Tired

USS Thetis Bay

The U.S. escort carrier USS Thetis Bay (CVE-90) en route to NAS Alameda, California with a deck load of war-weary planes in 1944. The planes visible on deck are eight Consolidated PBY Catalina flying boats, 18 Grumman F6F Hellcat fighters, and a Grumman J2F “Duck” amphibious biplane.


Up Front?

Front License/Registration Plate requirements of North America



  1. I have a humble solution for those poor yacht owners. Get an extremely large clear plastic bag, Pour a gallon of Lysol (TM) into the bottom. Add a gallon of bleach to be safe. Climb into the bag and have a loyal minion seal the top so that it is good and airtight. That COVID19 is insidious and one cannot be too careful. You are now ready to be transported to your yacht.

    • Or… could it be magnetic north returning to a more northerly point. Maybe the southern magnetic north is the oddity, and a more northerly magnetic point is the common.

      Or could be a more active magnetic north is the common, and a stable magnetic north is the oddity.

      We’ve only really successfully measured and tracked accurately the magnetic north for less than 400 years, more like 300 hundred or less.

    • Well, as an afficionado of good stoneware, “Nice Jugs!” has yet another meaning.

      But, yeah, being a dirty old man perpetually trapped in an aging body, there’s always THAT meaning to the phrase.

      Now, on an airfield, I have missed a nice set of natural spectacles by looking for some Thunderbolts when a friend shouted that statement at an airshow. Whut? You don’t go to an airshow looking for the female form over the airframe form. Some people.

  2. Just cause I’d probably want to know, re: Click on the map to enlarge it. No photos on your blog work that way here. This is in Firefox. I can’t click on any image and see it differently – in the usual left click way.

    I can right click on it, select “View Image” and that opens the pic. Then if it can enlarge it will (the map of 650 AD does, the map of cities with over 300k Asians doesn’t).

    • I think that it depends on the platform and the browser. And for a blogger (as you and I are), we have to run with what we have. I blog with a Mac running the latest software and Google Chrome. I hate Chrome, but wordpress was built to run on it.

  3. Most likely those planes were pushed over the side, sadly. Since there’s a whole lot of goodness on that ship.

    As to felons getting rights restored, it’s amazing in Florida how many ‘successfully rehabilitated felons’ haven’t actually successfully rehabilitated. Especially probations or paroles that are ended by judges due to the offender just continuing to violate. A probation or parole that is ended in such a way, or ended by continued arrests, aren’t allowed to get their rights back, well, here in Florida.

  4. I’m a little touchy about the Felon vote/arms thing.
    My son did time. He did the crime.
    He’s out. We used to day you paid your debt to society.
    There was a period of time I could not keep my firearms in my house because he lived with me.
    He’s a respectable citizen. Works, owns a home and a car.
    He should be able to own a firearm.
    And I’m surprised it says he can vote in Michigan.
    We’ve been of a different opinion.

    • Ed, There may be a process in your state to get some or all of his rights restored.

      I think felons should have their rights curtailed while they are in prison and on parole, and even for a period of time afterwards. Recidivism is a real problem. But they did pay their time according to what our enlightened society says they should, no matter what I think or say.

      I think felons should be able to have their rights restored as time goes on, but they should be required to request/apply for restoration, and restoration should be mandatory restoration if they have not been convicted of any further crimes.

  5. Yep, tired old birds. I ‘think’ three of the PBYs are former Black Cats due to the dark gray paint. Flying up at the pole in the early 90s was ‘fun’… If you liked taking off from Thule with a 30+ degree Magvar, then getting to the pole and getting 80+ degree Magvar. That’s why we used grid nav up there!

  6. Not a fan of felons voting, even though it’s always been that way, here.
    I wouldn’t mind some sort of process to re-establish rights for them, if reformed.
    As for “paying your debt to society”; that would be fine if I thought the criminal justice system and the prison system and the way we sentence people worked or made any sense, but I don’t.

    At least the magnetic pole is closer to the geographic pole, nowadays.

    Considering the LE purposes of license plates, I think they belong on both ends of the vehicle.
    I also think that many if not most, modern license plate designs are unreadable garbage. I additionally think that States should be limited to a very small number of plate designs. One would be best. The old NJ system of two plate designs with reversed colors was okay.


    • Front plates are also about revenue generation from red light cameras.

      They also play into license plate readers, and the associated for-profit industry.

      The auto repo industry has their own network and tow trucks have LPR’s tied into a database.

  7. Whether or not felons should regain their rights after release would depend on what crime they committed. Violent felons should not regain most rights…..but in reality violent felons should never be released. There should not be an automatic restoration of rights but there should be a method whereby someone who has served ALL their sentence AND demonstrated they are rehabilitated and a productive member of society can petition a court for restoration of rights. It should NOT be automatic though.

    • I agree 100%. There needs to be a presentation to a court and a standard set in terms of what is specifically to be demonstrated for a restoration of rights. I think that there should be a reasonable time period AFTER the completion of sentence. Recidivism is so likely the case that a few years of model citizenship isn’t too much to ask.

  8. Clearly, the popularity of compasses in North America pulled the magnetic pole out of position; but with the switch to GPS, it’s recovering.

    If millions decided to remove their license plates all on one day to regain lost freedom from tracking, nothing would happen to them.

    If an adult can’t be trusted with a gun, they belong in custody of some form. The murders with the highest victim counts committed by individuals were arson, and committed with gasoline. But those numbers are nothing compared to murders committed by large groups in wars.

    • We lost a lot of capability by going away from flying boats. From long-range rescue to long-endurance patrol. Yes, they were/are a tad more maintenance heavy than a conventional plane, but then again, so are carrier planes.

      You could base one on the Hercules platform, which Lockheed-Martin has dabbled with since the mid 60’s, but not actually gotten the go-ahead.

      Great for the Coast Guard, great for the Navy, great for fire-fighting.


      • Don’t hold your breath, Beans. I don’t see them coming back, beyond detachable pontoons on a Cessna or Beaver.

        A flying boat also can make a great live-aboard or a camper, at the least.

        • Which is why “Sigh” was my last statement. Just like radar-equipped blimps. Both seaplanes and blimps would add so much capability, but are lost to funding ‘better projects.’

          Japan still loves their ShinMaywa US-2 flying boats.

          Would love to be rich enough to order up a Herky-sea plane.

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