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At this point, the question becomes clearer. Was it the Russians who were meddling with the 2016 elections? 
Or was it the Federal Bureau of Investigation? 
Which is the greater enemy to the American people? 
What to do about it?
Riddle me that one.
The Deep State seems to be coalescing around the FBI at the moment, but we know that they’re not the only bad actor. Clearly the FBI picked sides in the presidential election and worked diligently to get Hillary Clinton elected. Deputy Director McCabe’s wife got something on the order of $500,000, but what was the pay off to Directors Comey and Mueller?
They clearly didn’t have America’s best interests at heart. 
Nobody thought that Robert Hanssen, Deputy Director in charge of FBI counterintelligence was a Russian spy, until he was caught. He remained in place for many years, betraying the nation. What if Comey and Mueller were/are on the Russian payroll? At this time and at this point in the development of the investigation, it’s more probable than the Democrat alleged Russian collusion on the part of President Trump isn’t it?
No, I don’t think that Big Jim Comey was/is a Russian spy. But he was at the core of the problem that we have with the deep state. What to do?

21 thoughts on “A Few Questions

  1. Good question, LL and the answer's clear.

    We must fall upon our enemies and destroy them utterly. Use phosphorous if necessary. Or axes. Whatever. take your pick.

  2. Classic case of democrat projection. I think all responsible need to be weeded out if they're still employed and prison time for the treasonous ones. They're a plague that needs to be eradicated.

  3. There is not really any doubt what to do, at least at the political level. However, having watched the various committees diddle around for months instead of slapping people down and tossing them in jail for contempt, the question is more "what will they actually do?" The answer being probably nothing…or something for show.
    Given the apparent serious nature of their offence, that raises the question of "What do we do?" Gotta go with LSP I think, though I'm getting a little long in the tooth to swing an axe for any extended length of time…and it looks like there would be a lot of chopping to do.

  4. If Trump could fire Comey, why can't he fire everybody in the FBI who has even a hint of deep state taint? I think can.

  5. I wish I knew. Other than get rid of the FBI, I don't know. And the rats would probably just turn up somewhere else.

  6. There's a documented attempt to hack the 2016 election in the state of Georgia, which was tracked back the DHS, not the FBI. Not that there's all that much difference between them. The deep state's efforts to undermine the country really looks like it's getting to be a problem that can't be ignored.

  7. What I'm seeing is collusion between the Deep State and the (P)regressives. All of this will strengthen President Trump's support among the Deplorables who finally had enough of being marginalized and disrespected.

  8. I will go along with LSP and axes. Phosphorous can get messy. Besides, I've been practicing with firewood. Getting pretty impressive muscles. Probably need a double bit ax for this though…

    I heard on the radio (Rush?) that Trump can't fire anyone else besides Comey (or whoever is Director) legally. That Congress would have to fire the rest.
    Not sure how that makes any sense, but, ya know, Washington, DC…

    I think folks losing jobs/doing time would be a great idea. If there was even a hint of some of this stuff and it was you or me, we would have been looong gone and be getting 3 hots and a cot someplace.

    Swamp>>>Drain!!! Lock them all up!!!

  9. LL,

    right players, wrong order.

    the ruuuskies, knowing the greed driven stupidity of the Clintons, ran the play using both the fbi and HRC (and her lackeys at the DNC) allowing them to think the Russians were peripheral to and being used by the process.
    So the Russians did hack the election, using the DNC and HRC along with the never Trumpers of both parties. Some of them see this now that the smoke has cleared and are scrambling to cover their own asses so as no to be seen as fools and traitors.

  10. The mask is off and the FBI in true smug, sneering, elitist, fashion is blaming Fox News for what they've become.

  11. They took a lot of medium sized bureaucracies (Treasury, Customs, Immigration, etc.) and made one giant bureaucracy in the hopes that it would be more efficient, but that's never the case. (ATF went from Treasury to DOJ)

  12. Congress can fund and de-fund. However you know that if they de-funded part of the FBI, the deep state would shore up its own and simply eliminate the useful portions.

  13. DOJ needs to fire them for cause, but there are a LOT of protections for the wicked and even more for the incompetent…because that's how bureaucracies work.

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