A Sweet Hustle

(Fox News) Two accused drug traffickers busted with 150,000 fentanyl pills during a California traffic stop last month failed to show in court Thursday after being released on cashless bail.

Defendants Jose Zendejas, 25, and Benito Madrigal, 19 – released on their own recognizance less than 24 hours after their arrest with the large stash of illicit drugs – were scheduled to appear for their arraignments at the Tulare County Courthouse in central California Thursday morning, but failed both men failed to show up.

This happens all of the time in the Golden State.  Often it happens when the police don’t book the money. The crooks are in the wind and they won’t be asking for their money back.


Colorado – back when I had CA plates on the FJ.

It’s only 5,000+ feet higher than where I live now. I know that Colorado people used to cringe when they saw the coastals show up, but they took our money.




It’s an interesting point


For you Science Nerds

Engineering prof assigns students this question: Explain how to determine the height of a very tall building using a barometer.

Obviously meant to use change in barometric pressure with altitude. But one student submitted the following:

There are several ways of doing this

1. On a sunny day, stand the barometer up in the sun, measure the length of its shadow relative to its height, then measure the length of the building’s shadow and calculate its height from that.

2. Go into the stairwell and climb the stairs to the top, marking off the length of the barometer on the wall, giving you the height of the building in “barometer units”.

3. Go onto the roof of the building and drop the barometer off the top and time how long it takes to hit the ground, then calculate the height using the well-known formula of 32 ft./sec./sec.

4. Go into the office of the building superintendent and say “If you tell me how tall this building is, I will give you this nice barometer”.


The Solution?



    • On a slightly different topic, my washing machine would not drain and I assumed it was the pump. I asked around on line and most answers pointed to the pump.
      Then I asked a good friend who used to be an appliance repairman.
      He asked if I had tried unplugging it. It worked.
      I re-booted my washing machine.

        • Used to have an LG washing machine that needed to be unplugged and plugged back in regularly to clear error codes on the screen. Hooking every damned thing to software is going to destroy the world.

      • No, they won’t.

        But how long will what we’ve known and seen translate into people’s actions. Children are NOT taught history.

        • “Children are NOT taught history.”
          These days they are taught a fantasy masquerading as history.
          But if they live long enough, they will get some real lessons in History.

      • Mortal life is finite. Nobody lives beyond 110 years and most of us live much less. It’s important to keep an eternal perspective on things.

  1. When training new Weather Forecasters, I would assess their understanding and ask basic questions such as:
    “How would you best determine what the local weather conditions are at this moment?”
    I would get answers that ranged from checking the weather instruments such as the barometer, anemometer, radar scope and they would even begin listing their own preferred web sites…
    Without fail, the one answer I never got and one which I then drove home was:
    I learned that one the hard way myself…
    Wx Guessers can always learn, no matter the amount of claimed experience or expertise…

    MSG Grumpy

    • i’ve noticed the local weather fools are wrong even more this summer. they used to be pretty good on the 3 day but now they pooch it on the overnight forecast. fifteen degree difference one day last week! then yesterday,zero rain predicted and we had massive storms move thru. i think the weather manipulators need to co-ordinate w/ the weather fools better.

      • Same here. Check Weatherbug in the AM then again before hitting the hay, and they are totally different. 30% chance of rain means “We have no idea but are hedging our bets so we can give the impression we’re correct.”

        If the weather-people and economists swapped places, the result would be the same.

      • Same here too, although not just now. Now is simple–hot, and hotter. When I see the radar projection showing rain petering out to nothing, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is algorithm speak for “I have no friggin’ clue”.

        • The Arizona mountains usually get about half of their moisture during monsoon-circulating storm systems. So at this time of year it rains about every day. Sometimes it rains longer than other times, but it cuts the heat. It’s never truly HOT here (despite being Arizona) but it’s pleasant during the summer rain storms.

    • When I was doing Weather Radar stuff, we were given a book by the system vendor called “Radar for Meteorologists”, a kind of “Dummies” book for people with little electronics experience.

      Every chapter openied with a little amusing saying or old saw. The one that really caught my eye was “NEVER Make A Forecast Without First Looking Out The Window”….

  2. I know that Colorado people used to cringe when they saw the coastals show up, but they took our money.
    Once true but now they are the majority now living here.

    • Sorry – sad really. The refugees from the Coast bring all of their baggage with them and want to re-make what they fled from.

      • The ones who come looking for a bit of sanity are an asset. The trust fund snots are the liability. Add the Northeast trust fund snots and all is distorted. An example is Emperor Polis, who changed his birth name (Shultz), and whose parent were well to do and from the West Coast.

    • My first thought as well, right after I busted out laughing. My wife said she saw something about a three month quarantine for him. Hmmm.

      • I’m sure that they’d like to quarantine him for three months. Maybe they will and during that time will Camela lead the party forward to the mid-terms? Or maybe they’ll 25th Amendment him and it will be Camela & Newsom. Then Newsom and maybe Adam Schiff?

        • Schiff would be fitting. It’s a tradition to have a US-based Schiff pulling strings and engineering world-changing/world-engulfing conflicts. The Russians who remember their history know this. Uncle Jacob wanted his “revenge” on Imperial Russia. And he got it, to the tune of maybe 60 million, at the end of it all.

          • The Great Patriotic War’s casualties can’t just be measured by the events immediately surrounding it. Great Russia is still suffering the effects. I don’t know if California’s Shifty Schiff is directly related to the old banking family or not.

        • I’m seeing this as a possible way of getting shed of Joe. The Harris, Newsome, and Schiff scenario is just one potential disaster. Word is Hilary wants another go and I wouldn’t count out Michelle.

          • There are different factions at work. Mooch would love the job so long as she didn’t have to do anything – sort of like Biden – Barack’s fourth term.

          • She (he?, not sure) would be a travesty. When Barry stole the Illinois Senate seat she was there raising his hand in the air and cheering, he looked shell-shocked. I thought, she’s the one to watch closely.

            I don’t think she’ll run, likes her life too much.

  3. YES on the reboot…PLEASE [Lord] pull the plug on these morons trying to run us aground to scuttle the ship.

    California is crumbling, yet TPTB are running headlong into the Left Field wall (inference intended) with zero sense they are the cause. I say leave them to their own devices. Hear that? The tiniest of violins. You get what you deserve.

    I would have done something similar on the barometer assignment, we tend to be literal but thinking outside the box shows creativity.

    Nothing like picking one of the hardest passes to 4-Lo over. Nice. (oh, and your rig supersedes the Cali plate). Me? Headed over to Ouray (CW McCall, RIP) to tackle Imogene Pass with a friend…on our mountain bikes. Yup. I was [a lot] younger then. Nearer the top it was ride a mile, carry 1/4 mile. Jeeps passed me on the walking sections. Ate an entire pizza and 3 Snickers Bars in To-Hell-U-Ride. As the Danes say (per MrsPaulM) “Nu bliver det ovrestede”…”Now we’ve done that.” Yeah. Next time I’ll be in the Heep, with cup holders and icy beverages, and good snacks.

    • I’ve run all of those passes, and the Alpine Loop (sort of a combo) with lunch at Lake City. MRSLL came with me sometimes. I won’t do it this year. The granddaughters will be here for a visit soon.

  4. All the Cali folks moved to Denver/Boulder, et al. NOW they are trying to keep everybody else out, including the locals… sigh. Re. JLo, any bets on 10 total?

  5. One of my favorite drives is Durango > Silverton > Ouray, with side-road forays to overnight campsites.

    Some years ago, on one of these side roads, I managed to disable myself. I failed to negotiate some rain-slick rocks and dislocated my knee.
    The pain was tremendous, I could neither walk nor crawl. It was raining, getting dark and temperature was dropping fast. I dragged the bum leg to my truck and somehow got inside.
    Washed down a half-dozen aspirin with some Daniels and conked out for the night.
    Driving with one foot (auto trans- doubt I would have made it in a manual) I eventually got to a hospital in Montrose.
    The rest of that trip is kind of a blur…

    Knee surgery when I got home. In a month or two I was (almost) good as new.

    Be careful out there.

    • Last summer I was quite sick. I’d had bladder surgery in the Spring and the operation was botched. So I pee’d blood all the time. It would take until December 2021 to get a good surgeon to fix things and I’m fine now. Given that, I resolved to take my Raptor up to that same area and run the trails and It rained every day. In times past that wouldn’t have stopped me but I had been up there in the weather you described and I just hung out for a few days and then drove home to AZ. It can be a treacherous little romp in bad weather and feeling less than good, I felt that discretion was the better part of valor. Sorry about your knee ordeal. Glad they could fix it.

      • My copilot was not aboard this time, she was doing family stuff.
        When traveling alone I try to stop within a half day’s walk from the nearest highway, in case of trouble.
        On this occasion walking was out of the question, and even driving out was challenging. The road was bumpy, rutted and muddy in places. I had complete confidence in my truck, a tough and reliable ’71 K20 Suburban. It was well equipped and would go anywhere it could fit.
        But that drive out was a white-knuckler- I had to regroup before continuing on the highway.
        Copilot would have been a great comfort.

        • PS The drive home was epic. Gas and ice stops were a nightmare. Truck had saddle tanks. Two tanks could be filled from one side but the other required jockeying for position with a series of well-planned maneuvers.
          Hobbling back and forth on crutches with ice and other supplies took a lot of effort. And pit stops were no fun either.
          I was pretty beat when I got home.
          But I made it!

    • Oi! Getting faintly nauseous just reading that. I did a thing-of-badness to my knee as a teenager, and still remember the pain decades later. Can’t imagine having to self-medevac out of the woods with that.

  6. “Book the Money”? Not sure what that term means….the bail money?

    We got rid of our CA plates the first month we were here, and I changed my Amateur Radio callsign to reflect Colorado residence.

    Kudos to the science student for thinking outside the box.

    • And so did the Nazis in Germany when they took power as a way of proving the ‘need’ for nationalizing police.

        • And, they’re doing it to us right now. Witness that guy who got no-bailed out immediately after trying to knife the NY governator candidate what’s-his-name this week.

  7. Hah! Niels Bohr answered the barometer question. Drop barometer off roof, time to crash, figure it out using the acceleration of gravity. Bada-bing-bada-boom, there’s your answer. Works with cheap crappy barometers and very expensive ones. Just need a good stopwatch and some paper and knowledge of the maths…

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