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A Question of Staffing
A person recently e-mailed me and asked me whether or not there were any white wolves at the White Wolf Mine. You be the judge. He’s not covered in gore from his latest kill, more’s the pity. The wolf is fastidious by nature. Maybe he doesn’t want his camouflage scheme messed up?

LSP, he’s not holding a Chinese menu in his paw – not a British wolf. Even so, if you run into him, don’t fear the reaper. 

Dark Side of the Moon (the album)

I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd since the above captioned album came out. I was in Scotland (a serving American officer) when I first heard it. There was a lot of music in that era like Thin Lizzy that I listened to and I still like it. Yes, it dates me. I mentioned Metalica to a friend the other day and — uh, I guess that dates me too. 
The British elites are calling for another vote. And if they don’t get the results they want, they will call for still another vote. Elites are like that everywhere. They wanted another referendum on President Trump vs Crooked Hillary in the hopes that the results would change (maybe change the way that votes were counted – it’s working very well for Democrats).  They are your betters and feel that they deserve to rule. Will Britain stay in the EU so that millions more military age Muslim men can pour across the border to make the nation more Sharia compliant? I guess that it’s up to the Brits.
Picking on the Tommys
(LINK) The knife crime epidemic spreads farther across the island and the national response has been to ban knives rather than to deal harshly with the people who sink them into their fellow Brits for fun and profit.
The US has a gang problem too. The solution is to cage them for the rest of their lives. And it works, but it’s expensive. Texas executes murderers (God bless Texas) to send a message.
And to my point…the parts of the country where citizens can carry what sort of firearm they want, as they are moved to has shown a severe downturn of violence and little or no knife violence. 
Though the map doesn’t show it, the increase of knife crimes is directly proportional to the rise of Muslim gangs. It’s literally illegal to say that or publish figures in the UK. Crime will increase. Good luck Old Blighty.
(h/t John D)

30 thoughts on “Mish-Mash (British Theme)

  1. Better dated joke: What was the name of the band Paul McCartney was in before he was in the Beatles?

  2. Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd; musical johnny-come-lately's. Now, Tommy James and the Shondells, Three Dog Night, and my favorite – The Archies ('Sugar Sugar'), now THAT was music.

    Maybe the Ohio Express (Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love In My Tummy), that was a toe-tapper, yessiree Bob, the bees knees.

  3. Tommy James? Three Dog Night? All newbies! What about Del Shannon, Bobby Fuller, and The Trashmen?

  4. Vote and revoting and counting the ballots again. That's how we wound up with Senator Al Franken and nearly had President Al Gore. Strange that the new found votes are always for one party.

  5. Thin Lizzy! One of my favorite bands from back then.

    "Cowboy Song", "Dancing in the Moonlight", and "Running Back" are all great songs for rolling down the windows, cranking up the radio, and hittin' the road!

  6. Don't fear the reaper, sound advice, LL. And great wolf photo though the UK news is less encouraging. Similar situation here of course, take away one demographic from the crime stats and America's remarkably law abiding. Of course you can't name the demographic, that's be racist.

  7. Being dated is saying the first band you liked was the Kingston Trio.
    And while I know of Metalica and Pink Floyd, the only time I listened to them was if they came on the radio. My dad was a Country fan (original Country Western type), and my mom was a Big Band person. Jimmy Dorsey, et al.

    I feel for England. So sad.
    Thank God for the Second Amendment.

  8. You're racist for even suggesting that and not defining the inner city group by demographic. All races are fungible. I've been an Eskimo lately because of the coming Ice Age, eating whale blubber, etc.

  9. I think that you can overdo country music. I lived in the country when I was a kid but I never fully identified with the culture. Owning a horse, herding cattle and sheep and bailing hay was work to me. I didn't glory in it. My girlfriend in that era was a doctor's daughter and they had lived in Germany (where he was the US Embassy MD in Berlin) and elsewhere before moving into the middle of nowhere. So she didn't really identify with that either. Maybe I missed out?

  10. Hubby seemed to enjoy it. But they had a dairy. Though he did bale hale for a nickle a bale then.

  11. YES.

    I was wrong. Race, like gender itself, is a construct. I'm a Red Indian today, and liking it.

  12. Met a girl on the beach in Majorca and asked where she was from.
    "The Dark Side of the Moon".
    "Ahh, but there is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact it's all dark."
    It worked.

  13. And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear
    And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
    I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

  14. Thin Lizzy was such a great band and Live and Dangerous had a permanent spot in my disc changer. Speaking of Metallica I love their cover of Whiskey in the jar.

  15. Metalica KILLED Whiskey in the Jar. Some would argue in their top four or five best.

  16. I didn't bale it. I was one of the kids on the hay wagon. I forgot what I was paid, but a nickel a bale sounds about right, maybe less.

  17. Don't you worry, LL. I'm going to get myself a Direwolf very soon – I'm on the waiting list – and then with my army I will put this country straight again.

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