On walk-about/drive-about: After Action Report
Toyota FJ Cruiser on Broken Arrow Trail near Sedona, AZ
The Vortexes of Sedona didn’t get me.
No damage to the rig, no trail too tough, and perfect weather!
Caveat: Tie rod ends do need to be replaced but they needed that before I left.


  1. I dig the FJ. Theres one in my neighborhood that is camo tiger stripe. I thought about getting one but went with my Tacoma due to cargo hauling needs.

  2. I so want a cowcatcher on the front of my ol suv! Will not be sending your pictures to my two that have FJ's as I know they would be sporting snorkels on theirs in short order. Looks like fun!

  3. The ARB front bumper was designed to stop kangaroos (completely) and they work fine on deer. Snorkels are important. Send the photos!!!

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