Short Range Artillery (WW1)

Bombarde DR ‘Garnier’

The bombarde took its name from its credited inventor, commandant Gilbert Garnier of the French artillery, deputy to the director of the APX state arsenal, and the men who designed its projectile, Driant and Renouard.

It was introduced to the front line in 1917. Its projectile was the large DR percussive rifle grenade, weighing 600gr/1.3lbs, including a 85gr/.19lbs cheddite explosive payload. It was made up of a cast iron fragmentation sleeve, a sheet metal finned base designed to fit over its proprietary discharging cup and a wooden head housing its inertia detonation system, which itself was made up of a shock-sensitive primer and a percussive fuse. The fuse was screwed in only before firing the weapon, and came with a lead-weighted pin that would come undone during launch.




The bombard itself was a very simple weapon built using steel beams, springs and DR discharging cups for the launching platform, and cut-down Gras Mle1874 rifles firing ‘Feuillette’ cartridges (blanks) for the ignition/propulsion system. The discharging cups had 9 ventholes, with a spring that could be adjusted to control how far down the grenade would fit on it. The more ventholes fit inside the grenade’s finned skirt the farther it would fly.



Ranging guide for the Bombarde 

The Garnier bombard was a reaction to French ordnance at the time, which suffered from a severe lack of short-range artillery compared to Germany.

It’s a poor man’s trench mortar, in a hedgehog configuration.


This Day in History22 February 1847

American forces led by Major General Zachary Taylor won the Battle of Buena Vista during the Mexican-American War.

MGEN Zachary Taylor

One of the most famous engagements of the conflict, Taylor’s force of 5,000 men defended a position near Buena Vista against 14,000-15,000 Mexican troops commanded by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

The Mexicans launched various assaults against Taylor’s positions, which almost led to an American defeat. Despite his low numbers, Taylor then performed a risky counterattack that took the Mexicans by surprise. During the night of 22-23 February Santa Anna retreated and left the Mexican campfires burning so that they would not be pursued.

Taylor was hailed for his victory in the American national press and largely used Buena Vista as a springboard to run in the 1848 US Presidential Election. He was elected as the 12th President of the United States although he only served for 16 months before he died in office on 9 July 1850.


2021 History

There are Too Many White Employees

(more here)  Race and gender in hiring are two keys to financial success for top McDonald’s executives, according to the company as it sets its course for the future. Hiring quotas appear to be the future of corporate America, where qualifications come second to racial preferences and gender (all 36) taken into account first.



  1. Interesting Bomarde info. But yes, McDonald’s will be far more profitable with racial and gender diversity quotas in place. It’s the same with our Armed Forces; America will be safer with its new trans recruits.

    • If you’re not officially a tranny, there’s nothing keeping anyone from putting on a dress and letting their hair grow out a bit. Keep the courting tackle for off-duty efforts.

    • When more minorities and “women” are unemployed by the downturn in business because of such policies maybe they will question the worth of them. But really the whole point is to destroy jobs and make people dependent on the government dole. Get Woke, Go Broke.

      • No. No they won’t.

        This is the same population that is still carrying on about White Slavers when it’s known now and then that it was “Non Whites of African Heritage” and “Non Christians of the Religion of Pieces” that did the procurring, selling, selling, warehousing and only then sold them to Whitey.

        This is the same population that fakes 98% of hate crimes against them, yet still believes Whitey is Evil.

        This is the same population that blames Black on Black crimes on the racist Whitey.

        The same population that will literally (as in actually) kill their members who ‘act smart’ and ‘act white’ (by wanting to get an education and get out of that population.

        No. No they won’t understand why they’re now unemployed and unemployable. But 100 to 1 they’ll blame Whitey on it.

  2. Race and gender in hiring

    The marketplace will kill them unless their competitors follow suit. What the customers will do is another story. Chick Fil A is prosering. In – N- Burgers still prints scripture on their wrappings.

    As someone who inadvertently surpassed race and gender norms by simply promoting those best at their jobs, I see mandated “norms” as a recipe for disaster.

    • The current management of Chick-Fil-A have gone totally 100% SJW, and are dissing on their conservative and Christian base. Done with them. Just watch their commercials and see the racial percentages being shown.

      They don’t want whyte peepul. They just want whyte peepul’s money.

  3. Ya know? The world would have been a better place if Santa Ana had decorated a tree after the successful Texas Revolt. Just for ordering several massacres would have been justification enough. But, noooooo… we’uns have to be all nice and such and then had to deal with his fecal material over and over and over again.

    As to that trench hedge-hog. Makes sense. Slow on the reload, but big on providing that initial burst of ‘GTFA’ (Go The (copulation) Away.)

    Now I want one for the top of my van.

  4. Whatever happened to hiring people based on ability, work ethic, character, and being on time? Used to be one could generally assume the upper management folks were fairly smart and intelligent. This is what happens when pop psyche coupled to weak minds infiltrates a business. Accelerator – Cliff.

    • That stuff has all been declared “White Supremacist Racism” nowadays, like math and objective reality.


      • Oh…like that dude sleeping in an Atlanta Wendy’s drive thru last year, cops took 20 minutes with him yet the “peaceful protesters” still burned the placed down because “racists tried to arrest a combative drunk guy.”

        Everything is moving towards no meaning.

        • Leftist agitators were looking for anything to direct inner city people toward to burn/loot, etc. last summer. And in many police departments, they’d infiltrated a chief, or found a cowardly chief, who refused to respond effectively.

          Frankly, I’m happy that I was never accosted in a situation that some ‘victims’ of the inner city mobs were because there would have been a lot of dead people and I would have been branded with everything except a man exercising his right to self defense.

          • Me as well…it is the controlled man the reprobates should worry about.

            Due to pent up anger over what these human debris are doing to my country, I fear if some psychotic nutjob invaded my personal space that I’d lose it and launch uncontrollably on them, and here we don’t call 911 so they’d be left to their own fate.

  5. Re the old McDonald’s photo with the winking “hamburger head” mascot (Speedee). So last fall the Pretty Korean Girl and I stopped at a McDonald’s in Manchester, NH to use the bathrooms. On our way out the door she asked, “Why is there a Chinese guy on their ad?” While McDonald’s panders to every nonwhite group (guess who owns the website “” ?), Asians are at the bottom of that list.

    I was so puzzled by her question that we went back inside so she could point out the sign. It was the old winking mascot. “See?” quoth PKG, “Look at his eyes. He’s Chinese!”
    Bwahahaha! “Um, älskling, he’s winking. That’s not a slitty eye, that’s a winking eye.” PKG did not buy this, “But his eyes are slanted! He’s supposed to be some kind of Asian.”
    One might think I was having my leg pulled, but PKG’s sense of humor does not run in this vein.

  6. Zachary Taylor has a resemblance to Epstein. Maybe he didn’t really catch a cold at his inauguration ☺️.

    Interesting that John Tyler had a couple of grandsons alive until (I think) just two or three years ago.

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