Immigration Bill – Too Big to Fail?

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Obama’s speech on nuclear weapons and global warming in Berlin last week has become a metaphor for his second term: trapped in a box and sweating through his shirt.
We’re reading the headlines: “Russia defiant as US raises pressure over Snowden,” “IRS supervisor admits scrutinizing applications from Tea Party groups,” “Pressure mounts for Holder resignation,” “Obamacare causing nearly half of small businesses to freeze hiring,” and “Obama hits a wall in Berlin.” Meanwhile, the 1200 page Immigration Bill is lumbering through Congress, expected to pass the Senate and to be stalled or defeated in the House. On the good side, it’s only half as long as the Obama Care disaster, but framing it in terms that make sense, it’s 33 times longer than the bill that created the Social Security program.
“Comprehensive legislation”, or solving all of America’s woes with one super massive stroke of the pen died when Rep. Nancy Pelosi boldly declared that Congress needed to pass Obama Care so that they’d know what was in it.

(Fox News) “Too big to fail” used to work for Congress in the days of earmarks and flush highway funds. If you get to an impasse, just expand the scope of the legislation. If Senator Sputtersworth has a complaint, just toss in some goodies for his state – maybe a research center bearing his name at the university.

Those bastions within the nation that trusted the Obama Administration before:

  • Benghazi Scandal
  • IRS Scandal
  • ACORN Scandal
  • Green Energy Scandals
  • EPA Scandal
  • Black Panther Voting Scandal
  • DOJ Spying on Reporter Scandals
  • NSA Spying on everyone else Scandal
  • Fiscal Cliff Boondoggle
  • Farm Subsidy and Food Stamp Boondoggle

Even those within the Democratic Party, don’t want another ‘tar baby’ dropped in their laps. Immigration needs to be fixed. Everyone agrees with that. The question of how, should be taken up in a series of steps that are phased, but Congress doesn’t want to do that. The Democrats want instant gratification and the border fence won’t be built in a day – or even a year. So the legislation appears to be bound for the garbage heap of compacted paper, recycled to await more government attention.

It’s a problem of TRUST. And nobody out here in fly-over country has a level of confidence in the Obama Administration to do the right thing — or Congress to execute an honest deal for the American people. So Obama is in the sidelines, trying to get people to pay attention to HIM. And nobody seems to be doing that. If he receives immigration legislation, he will sign it into law. That’s about the stroke that the president has these days.

Republicans rightly believe that the issue is a toxic one for them and needs to be addressed before the 2016 cycle is fully underway. But the behemoth style legislation won’t get them (or anyone else) what they want, and frankly, what the country needs.  The only logical place to start is with legislation that hardens the border, and then move forward, one bill at a time to get a comprehensive program built on details rather than on one sweeping fix.
It’s only by debating the details fully that we’ll end up with something that we can all live with. And President Obama? I like it better when he goes on lavish vacations and we can ignore him.

9 thoughts on “Immigration Bill – Too Big to Fail?

  1. The only reason Dems want this so bad is to turn more swing states solid Dem. Politics is the ONLY reason for this.

  2. Anything that DOESN'T secure the border FIRST should be DOA… At least that is MY opinion… and a few more tar babies for the dems and maybe one of them may actually stick…

  3. It's Washington. But the loss of credibility for both Congress and the Obama Administration has complicated the way they try to do business. Nobody trusts either institution and they need to re-think how they do business if they are to function.

  4. They (Rubio too) want to pass a law to assist people who have come here DESPITE not having this law. "Bring them out of the shadows…" where they CHOSE to be. The Dem's let the Republicans say all the stupid things – thanks to the MSM its a win-win for the Left, and a Lose-Lose for the Right.

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