24 thoughts on “A Brief Look Back in Time

  1. The guy at the bottom of the syphilis ad on the left gets it. He's the only one with a cigarette in the entire post.

    Good for him. Light 'em if you got 'em. At least that's what my drill sergeant said.

  2. The old magazines from the thirties through the sixties have some great ads. Especially the specialty magazines, like the Aviation, business, etc.
    What is really astounding is reading a leftist mag like "Ken", where there are actual discussions of policy and ramifications, unlike the modern day progs who run out of ideas after "racist", "sexist", and "ist ist".
    The evidence suggests that once, they had vestigial brains.

  3. Homosexuals screaming in support of Muslims who would execute them if they went to Muslim lands always amuses me these days.

  4. I never knew that doughnuts had vitamins in them – but it's good to know that the next sinker that I eat will prolong my wasteline and my life.

  5. You, sir, seem to have broad interests. Makes for interesting reading for the rest of us.

  6. Can I get the whisky dispenser in my living room? With Judy's health I don't have a lot of time to grab a shot. It would be nice to just grab a shot glass and knock down a quick one as I walk by. And I remember the STD lectures in boot camp. For a 17 year old fresh out of the house, all that activity sounded pretty good to me, not that I gave a disease a second though. I was lucky, too.

  7. Question posed to the 105 year old as to the secret of his longevity, the geezer responded "cigarettes, whiskey, bacon and doughnuts, sonny boy, life is short. At least for the rest of you…"

    And of course this conversation is completely fictitious, sadly.

  8. If anyone snapped their fingers at me they’d be the one covered in cellophane wrap. Around their head.

    I ALWAYS knew that doughnuts had vitamins in them. Cunningly disguised as jam.

    Very funny.

  9. I think that you DESERVE a whiskey dispenser in your living room. I've often thought that if I lived in Switzerland, I'd have a St. Bernard with the cask around its neck just so that I could refresh myself without having to leave the comfort of an easy chair… "Here Boozer" – the loyal dog comes over.

  10. It's raining here. We've had a lot of rain. There are still flashing signs along the freeway (paid for at public expense) begging everyone not to water their lawns because there is-no-more-water and we're all going to die.

  11. The only words that you need to know are, "Yes dear!"….Which is why the Movie about the Stepford wives was so popular with men.

  12. I had a friend who said that and explained that the cigarette-cancer nexus was BS. We lost him a few years back, sadly – very sadly, to cancer.

  13. Juliette, are you suggesting that you'd rather that men used a little bell or clapped their hands rather than snapping their fingers? I'm sure that all three would work equally well.

  14. Yes dear, oh you relax with this nice, interesting shot of Brandy… in the meantime let me go and cook you up a treat.. Darling! Oh darling? Wake up darling!
    Coroner: why does he have bell shoved up his arse?

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