911 – 8 years later

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is opposed to the War in Afghanistan. Today, she came out in direct opposition to additional US troops being sent there. (CLICK HERE) h/t Coffeypot

I know that many of you will be surprised to note that I agree that the war in Afghanistan can not be won if the US continues to fight the war the way we are. Mr. Obama: Define the war, define the conditions for victory, define in detail why we are there.

Want to bet that Dear Leader won’t?

We should be fighting terrorism, not a Pushtun civil war/jihad against us in Afghanistan.

I hear you asking: What should we do, LL?

The United States must conduct asymetric operations against terrorist groups that would do us harm. Oh, sorry, we’re demolishing the Central Intelligence Agency – the tip of the sword against those groups.

Sending more soldiers to Afghanistan will not reduce our terrorism threat. It is a waste of effort, a waste of national treasure and a waste of the lives of our precious men and women in uniform.

Allow the CIA and the military to conduct special operations when and where necessary in conjunction with our allies to remove threats to the peace of nations where and when found.

I hate it when I end up on the side of Pelosi, but in this case, I have to agree that more troops won’t work. Pelosi is all for removing the CIA from the gene pool of this nation. We clearly differ there.

  1. Find a better DCI than poor Mr. Panetta who is doing his best, but is way beyond his depth.
  2. Fire Eric Holder (US Attorney General) and find one who will support innovative approaches to low intensity conflicts.
  3. Revamp the CIA, making it leaner, meaner and more capable at collecting against difficult targets.
  4. Expand coordination between CIA and Joint Special Operations Command such that there is a more seamless relationship in field ops.
  5. Target terrorists aggressively rather than wasting assets on a ground war in Asia.
The Obama Administration is inept, well beyond their depth internationally, is laced with communists who do not have the best interests of Americans at heart and is dysfunctional when dealing with Russia and China. Time for a Change I Can Believe InNOBAMA

WARNING – Graphic Video

WARNING – Graphic Video
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Arab Technology vs German Engineering
WARNING – Graphic Video

WARNING – Graphic Video
U. S. Special forces with Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifles remove Taliban snipers from the gene pool in Afghanistan. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
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