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When I was a kid my favorite cartoon (ok, it tied with the Road Runner) was Johnny Quest. In the video clip below, Joe Barbera talks about his vision for the series and about how it all began in the 1960’s.

They had very cool gadgets, the adventures had a flare of realism. There were underwater habitats, advanced aircraft and different venues and I never tired of Jonny Quest. The cartoon became one of the main targets of parental watchdog groups such as the radical liberal organization, Action for Children’s Television (ACT), for its multiple onscreen deaths, murder attempts, use of firearms and deadly weapons and tense moments. Reruns were taken off the air in 1972, but returned to Saturday morning, in edited form.

Yes, I could turn this to a rant against political correctness and liberal whackos, but it wouldn’t do any good. All of the episodes are on YouTube and you can watch them there in their original form – as you can with Road Runner cartoons. I really don’t understand it at a gut level, but liberal activists really enjoy taking fun out of everything. My response (as a young man as now) is to tell them to go to hell. Then again if you were politically correct, you wouldn’t be reading my blog.

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  1. "Jonny Quest" was my favorite cartoon too. I liked it so much I bought it "for my son" when it came out on DVD several years ago. link. In fact I think it was the first thing I ever pre-ordered on Amazon before its release.

  2. I didn't know that it was on… It looks like I'm going to be spending my hard-earned money for my grandson.

  3. I was a little old for Johnny Quest, but thanks to my grandkids, my favorite now is Scooby Doo.

  4. Speaking of classic cartoons, Tex Avery gave us some of the best ever. My personal favorite was one called "Rock-A-Bye Bear." Watch it here, especially the last couple of minutes and tell me if it rings a bell.

    There's a very good tribute site here. The guy sells a DVD containing that one and all his classics.

  5. I pretty much missed Johny Quest, but the shows I remember really enjoying beside the Warner Bros cartoons were The Rifleman with Chuck Conners, Bonanza, Paladin, and a whole host of similar shows.

  6. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say, I think it was the greatest single television show…ever.

  7. I liked Jonny Quest, too. Definitely a favorite along with Stingray and Capt Scarlet. Oh, and Danger Island.

    Today, viewing Jonny Quest should be no problem since it was the first show that had an alternative lifestyle couple raising a multicultural pair of kids in a most masculine way.

    It is still a really cool show. Just giving a humorous multi-culti perspective.

  8. I think I saw Johnny Quest once or twice but my favorites were He-Man, Transformers, and Fat Albert.

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