To this White House, “all options on the table” 
means “I still don’t know what to do — but maybe
the Russians can help me get out of my mess…”

Wages are stagnant; working hours curtailed; and large numbers are underemployed or working involuntarily part time. Discouraged workers are at a record high. As Wal-Mart’s CFO Charles Holley, said, “We have to remember how actual Americans live.” The Obama Administration has generally ignored fundamental economic principles in favor of “fundamentally transforming America”. Apparently the reality of life in America hasn’t filtered up to the White House yet, but that trend may be slowly changing.
ObamaCare is unpopular. Many people do not believe that President Obama’s landmark legislation — his gift of socialized medicine to an ‘ungrateful nation’ — will actually remain law until he leaves office.

The President’s foreign policy is in disarray – if the US can be said to have a coherent foreign policy. The Obama White House has ceded momentum in the Middle East to Russia…and it takes concerted effort to screw things up that badly. “Pivot toward Asia” flounders as Obama’s personal credibility likely could not be lower. White House scandals are even being reported on by the mainstream media (where did THAT come from?) to a limited degree.

What if we gave a war and nobody came? — Not so rhetorical anymore. 

In Colorado, the two highest ranking officials in the state who were vulnerable have been recalled over the issue of gun control legislation. Democrats are paying attention because it plays to 2014. Will any of the Democrats running for election or re-election in Congress want Obama to campaign for them? Obama needs to find more “free phones” paid for by the taxpayers to hand out…

Red State/Blue State

Missouri GOP officials broke ranks with the party on Wednesday or the state would have voted to nullify federal firearms regulations in that state. Meanwhile, President Obama is pushing for harsher gun control. Out of touch? It would seem so.

Obama and the Democrats won the big cities, but the bulk of America (in terms of actual territory) did not cede anything to the winning party in terms of a buy-in on their philosophy. Which is manifest by the fact that firearms and ammunition have never been in as much demand nationwide as they are today. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is there to protect the people from their government. It has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting.

Siskiyou County, California is officially trying to find a way to get out of California and into Oregon. If you look at the 2012 Electoral map of even liberal California, a lot of the state did not vote for Obama. But the urban hells hold sway in elections.

North Colorado will not become its own state, but the movement to do that is no joke. I realize that while George Bush was president, a lot of people didn’t like him, but this secession talk didn’t exist.  It has nothing to do with the color of the president’s skin, but it has a lot to do with the national agenda and the color of politics.

2012 Electoral Map

When you look at the map, it wasn’t a clear victory for Obama… And if another election was held today, there wouldn’t be nearly so much blue…

I’ll give Judge Jeanine Pirro the parting shot.


  1. If UBL saw us as the "weak horse" after Clinton's Somalia fiasco . . . just think what every UBL-wanna-be see in us now . . .

  2. He ran on nothing but speeches, and the speeches were full of fluff – and so is his foreign policy. We can bomb Syria or not, I think we have a hard time claiming national security (by picking one side) but if articulated well either way COULD work. Yet he has found a way to do worse – he has put Russia in charge, and handed Putin a HUGE win.

  3. One danger in the middle east is helping Al Qaeda to grow stronger, as happened in Libya and briefly in Egypt. These people are barbarians and want to rule the world. I'd rather see Obama lose this skirmish than help Al Qaeda.

  4. I think that al Qaeda understands that ably led, the US is a frigging dangerous bunch of people. However, when you trot out the goofy golfer, they get a different opinion.

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