In Sudan

Following weeks of RSF offensives across the country, it appears the SAF & allied groups have finally managed to stop the RSF advances & defend the areas they control. That may be illusory because the RSF is still sitting on at least US$9 billion in gold bullion…


Sail North


Black Ships

The Black Ships ( 黒船, romanized: kurofune, Edo period term) was the name given to Western vessels arriving in Japan in the 16th and 19th centuries.


Commodore Perry’s fleet for his second visit to Japan in 1854 – Engraving from Gleason’s Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, Boston, May 15, 1852, Volume II, No. 20, page 305

In 1543, the Portuguese initiated the first contact, establishing a trade route linking Goa to Nagasaki. The large carracks engaged in this trade had the hull painted black with pitch, and the term came to represent all Western vessels. In 1639, after suppressing a rebellion blamed on the influence of Christian thought, the ruling Tokugawa shogunate retreated into an isolationist policy, the Sakoku. During this “locked state”, contact with Japan by Westerners was restricted to Dutch traders on Dejima island at Nagasaki.

In 1844, William II of the Netherlands urged Japan to open also the mainland to trade but was rejected. On 8 July 1853, the U.S. Navy sent four warships into the bay at Edo and threatened to attack if Japan did not begin trade with the West. The ships were Mississippi, Plymouth, Saratoga, and Susquehanna of the Expedition for the opening of Japan, under the command of Commodore Matthew Perry. The expedition arrived on 14 July 1853 at Uraga Harbor (present-day Yokosuka) in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Though their hulls were not black, their coal-fired steam engines belched black smoke.

Their arrival marked the reopening of the country to political dialogue after more than two hundred years of self-imposed isolation. Trade with Western nations followed five years later with the Treaty of Amity and Commerce. After this, the kurofune became a symbol of the end of isolation.


Bullet Points:

** It is important that President Trump pick a vice-presidential candidate less as a running mate than as a potential successor, not merely because of Trump’s age, but also to discourage Trump’s assassination and – if worse comes to worst – to help Trump’s “America First” movement to survive him.

That Trump is at unusually high risk of assassination seems self-evident. Not since Abraham Lincoln has an American president or major-party presidential candidate been so widely demonized as Donald Trump, who is now vilified by US ruling elites, including the sitting president, members of Congress, academics, and journalists not merely as leading but as being, in person, an existential threat to what they call “our democracy.”

** The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred. – George Bernard Shaw

** There is no “we” in tacos.

** The US Supreme Court didn’t order Texas to do anything or to stop doing anything. Texas is using the window to amass support and expand resources — smart.

** People who elect corrupt politicians are not victims. They are accomplices. – Orwell

** Have you ever noticed that when you’re finished eating, you have to show both sides of your hands to your dog — like a blackjack dealer.



Malta’s Continental Shelf disputes




Effects of grappa….60 percent alcohol by volume.


Too Much?


Identify the Armor






Identify the Aircraft



  1. (1) KV-1S.
    (2) Looks like a T-80, but I’m not sure what exact flavor.
    (3) Supacat Jackal.
    (4) M3 Lee.
    (5) IDK. It isn’t the X-47.

    – Kle.

    • #4 – M3 Grant. The Grant had an enlarged turret and carried the radio equipment in said turret. Developed because the English wanted radios in the turret.

      The Lee had a smaller turret with no rear bustle and a smaller turret with twin .30 cal mgs in it. Radios are mounted in the hull and operated by the assistant driver. The Lee is the one in the movie “Sahara” with Humphrey Bogart.

  2. I’ve seen a Toyota Hilux that had $275 000 of modifications in 2019 $. Lots of engine upgrades plus camping and off road extras.
    Even it didn’t go as far as that photo.

    Is that going to be the new mobile office for LL?

  3. I think the German writing on the IS-2 says, (hold for OKM?) I’d like to see Senator Tim Scott as Trump’s vice-presidential candidate. He’s a God fearing man who lives and breaths the Constitution. A sound tactician and a killer if he needs to be. He never served in the military but he’s done more to support and our military than some who’ve served in it. To my knowledge he’s one of the few that does not put lining his pockets with private/defense contract money in front of his constituency. However some bigoted, racist operative from the left would take him out probably faster than Trump.

  4. Ahhh, Grappa. First experience was sitting on a roof top watching a fireworks display in Firenze (Florence). Explosions in the air from fireworks and with first swallow, one in my throat right at the Adam’s apple. Supposedly the owner of the building had made the Grappa himself. Guess it could be called Italian Moonshine.

  5. If you wanted to get away from everyone and just live your life Alaska had the reputation of the place to go…

    Anyone know what the symbols on the German sidecar mean?

    • After reading McFee’s ‘Coming into the Country’ (early ’80’s) and watching a few documentary’s on a few family’s livin’ the dream, I planned to do a Proennecke/Korth type Homestead Act lifestyle, even had a long list of necessary materials. Discovered that despite years of backcountry travel and an ability to survive in the woods if need be, I was not yet skilled enough with firearms or long-term food sourcing (and not foolish like McCandless). Years later MrsPaulM did a veterinarian talk in Wasilla, was surprised it was so suburban. But it is still vast and open for homesteading seekers.

  6. VP Selection- Lake, Flynn, Scott, Carson…my top four. Might toss in the mix Robinson (NC Lt. Gov). What I find it odd and a bit stupid (albeit tactically correct) is that politics has gotten so vitriolic that choosing a VP is about someone less to protect against assassination…that’s not a good plan going forward and a really bad commentary of protection agencies. That’d be like picking the janitor (not a slight to janitors) for “vice” CEO…makes no sense. VP should be the next [preferred] President for the party, not some throwaway as if it’s better to operate to the lowest denominator possible instead of the “best and brightest”. Maybe it’s just me.

    WindRiver (movie)- “Native” missing persons on reservations was the structural point Sheridan was offering illumination…plus overly arrogant Texas boys not being able to handle isolation in the cold and snow so justify operating as neanderthals).

    Sandy Beach Urban Tactical Command RV…cool looking, but yeah, overdone by a mile.

    Pretty sure I’ve heard Sail North on High Kings Radio (Pandora)…this one is a new favorite.

  7. USA USA USA! Glad to see we’re still #1. The rest of the world are a bunch of slckers.

    If Trump really wanted to drive Fake News crazy he could always mention Hilary as VP.

      • I just realized that in California for the price of a Big Mac meal ‘biggie-sized’ the blog could have been kept in good stead. Pretty sure VM is an exponentially better “value meal”…and it sometimes comes with prizes, like Cracker Jack, only more comprehensive.

  8. I love a glass or more of wine but have always scorned Grappa. Just don’t like it.

    Brings to mind a boss who’d pick me up in Detroit to work in Troy. Yes, he had Grappa handy at 8 in the morning. Nasty.


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