The Past and Future in Space

Apollo 15

Preparing to Transport to Ceti Alpha 5


Improvised & Craft Produced Firearms

Luty’s Submachine Gun


Before Radar

Heavy Cruisers and Battleships carried float planes to spot naval gunfire.

An F5L prepares to take off in support of naval gunfire practice, 15 March 1921.  In the background are USS Florida (BB-30) and USS Oklahoma (BB-37)


It’s called “the stern”

Not the “ass end”.


Is it Racist

To refer to this ship as Chinese Junk?


  • Mysterious, unsolicited seed packs from China.
  • Floods in China impact 55 million people.
  • Chinese floods portend famine.
  • Espionage in the US from the People’s Republic of China
  • Update on the Plague.

China in Focus (youtube video)


    • Yes, but you poop at the head, not on the poop deck. And there aren’t quarters on the quarterdeck. The Navy can be confusing. A door is a hatch, a wall is a bulkhead, and a floor is a deck.

  1. Took me a few episodes to realize the one guy in the red shirt was the expendable one and Kirk, Spock, and Bones somehow always came out [mostly] unscathed. Saw a great documentary on Leonard Nimoy…really good.

    “Is it Racist, To refer to this ship as Chinese Junk?” Only if when you turn it over it has that little “Made in China” oval gold-ish sticker on the bottom…otherwise, Yeah.

    Luty- “Basically gave the government the middle finger.” When men had time in their basement shops to do stuff. Seems we are at a similar point as Luty, with every level of government further thieving our freedoms under the guise of “keeping us safe” (whenever the gov’t tells you they will keep you safe – from yourself – RUN!). COVID has taken this to the extreme. Pretty soon there will be serious pushback.

    Try building a shed bigger than 10×12 and the Red Tag gestapo shows up within a week, trespassing on private property with impunity to explain the daily fines for “unlawful” construction without a permit, then orders a cease and desist order as if they have any [real] authority over private property. Codes are important, but I can hire an inspector for that. Charging you for the privilege of building on your own property with their oversight is now approaching criminal.

    Wait until I request a property tax refund because teachers are stonewalling school starting back up…after having 4-5 months off. They believe they are most special and should get paid even if they don’t work.

    Waiting for my Chinesium seed pack…probably not seeds but Murder Hornet larvae.

    • They believe they are most special and should get paid even if they don’t work.


      I finally met the people who live in a house about half-a-block away. They always had leftist political signage in their yard during election season, and now I know why.

      After the third time she told me “We’re TEACHERS!” I replied “Yes, you’ve said that twice now”, making her give me her best all-hurt face like I was supposed to breathlessly ask her all of sorts of questions about her teaching career.

      I’m surprised she didn’t notice the 1911 and loaded mags on my belt, but I guess retired teachers have more important things to do than be observant…..

      • The current mood is that they will stay home collecting salary +$600 until the police are defunded and there is medicare for all, students be damned.

        They all need to be fired and replaced.

  2. That looks like a camera tripod that sniper is using. Actually, it looks nicer than my best camera tripod.

    Have to admit I never thought of trying that. My club range frowns on anything other than benchrest shooting at 200 yards and then prone with a bipod on the 600 yard range

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