Three Hitler NSA videos

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The Hitler videos are all classic. Now with the Obama NSA Scandal in full swing, we have three new Hitler videos. 
I realize that there seem to be a lot of Hitler You Tube videos out there, but the more the scandals in the Obama White House, the more Hitler videos surface. This IRS Credit Card Scandal is sure to evoke another Hitler video.
(Fox News) Another government watchdog report has flagged inappropriate behavior at the IRS, this time claiming government credit cards were used to make questionable purchases on items ranging from wine to online pornography.
The report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that between fiscal 2010 and 2011, the more than 5,000 IRS card accounts racked up $103 million in purchases.

For now, content yourself with the NSA scandal. 

1. Hitler is upset that he does not have the NSA on staff!

Nazis are revealed as NOT being the master race. But if he can get facebook and Google to cooperate things might be better.
2. How would Hitler feel if the NSA didn’t listen in to anything that he said?
3. Hitler learns that the NSA is monitoring his use of internet porn!

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