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Congress is in a push-pull battle to kill ObamaCare, President Obama’s landmark legislation and the one thing that his administration will be known for. I don’t think that the House of Representatives will be successful by using the threat of government shut down with the Continuing Resolution.
However I do suspect that the people whose hours have been cut, rates have gone up and access to actual healthcare have been vastly reduced due to this ObamaNation may vote for their very survival in 2014 and that could put the final spike in the coffin of ObamaCare. READ THIS (One Man’s ObamaCare Nightmare)

(IBD) In Virginia, a low-income 25-year-old will pay $127 a month for the cheapest plan after subsidies, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. But the Government Accountability Office found that the mid-priced plan in Virginia today costs just $112 a month. 

And as the New York Times discovered, even these ObamaCare prices are misleading, since the only way insurance companies could keep them low was by severely restricting their networks of doctors and hospitals. 

It notes that a PriceWaterhouseCoopers study found “insurers passed over major medical centers” in many states to keep premiums down. 

Those buying a Blue Cross plan in California’s exchange will have access to 47% fewer doctors and 22% fewer hospitals than subscribers can get today, the Times reports 

Meanwhile the mainstream media continues to trumpet the Democratic Party line (mostly lies) and Fox News ratings climb as people turn from the propaganda machine to an effort at fair and balaned.

As to the matter of the US Economy? 20% of it is devoted to healthcare. The Obama White House could screw up just about anything – and they’ve demonstrated remarkable aptitude to select the wrong thing every time they’ve had a choice. I suspect that it will take another 3.5 years (providing that the American people don’t make another horrible choice) to see real measures taken to fix the economy and undo what Obama did.
(Fox News) 7 out of 10 voters are concerned about their personal health care under the Affordable Care Act and a majority wants to take the health care system back to 2009, according to the latest Fox News national poll.
The poll, released Tuesday, finds that 68 percent of voters are concerned about their health care under the new system. That includes 43 percent “very” concerned and another 25 percent “somewhat” concerned.
The number feeling concerned is more than twice that of those who are unworried (31 percent).
Even a 56-percent majority of Democrats feels concerned (31 percent “very” concerned). By comparison, 72 percent of independents and 77 percent of Republicans feel that way.

11 thoughts on “Thinking on the Economy and Obamacare

  1. obama seems to have forgotten that this is a Democracy. He and his Demo followers slide along – under the wire when at all possible and allowing – no, requiring – their voters to repeat the party line, regardless of it's meaning or consequences. Possible that's because they – those on the "higher end" – know the poop will not fall on their suits, but on their zombie followers.

  2. It's easy being a zombie most of the time because of the free phones, etc. However, ObamaCare is going to kick everyone in the teeth — except the insurance companies, who will be making serious bank on this. The promise of world socialism marches on. (let us link arms and sing The Internationale)

  3. If you like your plan, you're screwed. If you like your doctor, you're screwed. If you like having a full time job, you're screwed.

    They should have told us the truth in 2009.

  4. If they told America the truth, they would never voted in Barack and a Democratic Party majority in both houses of Congress.

  5. I know its coming, after several plans priced out of the market or were dropped, and massive increases in premiums, health plans available to government workers (the same that are available to the private sector) are going to skyrocket…again.

  6. It's a tax…therefore legal. But the Supreme Court should have put a spike in this thing and they feared to do it. Now we all have to peel it and eat it.

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  8. Thinking on much of anything during the full moon is folly, time to go out and chuck rocks at the tin roof of the barn…

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