Black Activists and Community Organizers Demand Linguistic Justice!


“The language of Black students has been monitored, dismissed, demonized—and taught from the positioning that using standard English and academic language means success,” the professors argued.

Jesus take the wheel ‘cause ain’t nobody driving this thing.  Now our language is racist.  And this coming from “academics.”  Pray, tell,  what language are we supposed to use?  Ghetto?  Ebonics?  Swahili? Academia has found a pay load in racism and they are milking it for all it’s worth. We must dumb down society to a level where ‘black America’ feels content.



September 1918. Shell Shock patients passing the time fishing and swimming under the walls of an old chateau. The American soldiers pictured, are recovering from war neurosis, as the scientists now call the condition that used to be described as ‘shell-shock.’ PTSD, is said to be the same and yet not the same. Ok, we’ll let the MD’s and PhD’s battle out the terms, but it’s real and it’s profound.

I think that ‘beaten child syndrome’ can be wedged in there somewhere as well, because all combat does not take place on the battlefield. But there I am playing doctor again.

Thoreau said that men went fishing all of their lives without understanding that it was not really fish that they were after.

The architect must have suffered from severe PTSD and cured it by dropping acid every single day. Some haters question whether or not the cure was effective.




Richest Nation State in the World per Capita

It’s definitely racist of the Catholic Church not to give all of its wealth to negroes, for shits and giggles.

The Vatican


  1. I read, or rather skimmed, the linked to article and it left me shaking my head. What is wrong with speaking proper English? Yes it is helpful to being successful. One black gentleman I know played briefly in the NFL after GRADUATING from college. Afterward he acquired an advanced degree and now owns a successful small business. His English is every bit as good as ours(yours anyway) and he is also a (gasp!) Republican.
    I noticed that one of the ringleaders of the language justice group was named April Baker-Bell all English names. Isn’t that cultural appropriation?

    • Right, she should Africanize her last name if she wants to get with the program. Or something like Shaniqua.

  2. I like the building. It certainly isn’t an efficient use of space, though.

    So if those are bears on a whale, what are the 6′ tall seagulls?

    • The building makes a definite statement about the architect. You have to wonder how it’s decorated inside.

    • That building? Perfect reason for the existence of a 10,000 lb bomb set on delayed contact. Maybe a 20,000lb bomb. Maybe several. Please. For the love of God, Montresor! Would rather be walled up than have to see that thing every day.

      A nice round bastion base with more gentrified toppings would have been much nicer to look at, and more practical.

      • The architect could have gone in five dozen OTHER directions that would have been more pleasing to the eye, but no. I still think that the guy dropped way too much acid.

  3. Re: Casa del Portuale
    1. So much for the glories of Italian design (Aldo Loris Rossi, architect)

    2. I’ll see your Rossi and raise you
    a) a Libeskind
    b) a Gehry
    c) just so I don’t look like a hater, here’s one of “my” people, an I. M. Pei

    The Libeskind addition to the Bundeswehr Military History Museum (top photo) is deliberate vandalism. Pei’s pyramid was in a similar spirit, but at least had the grace to not attack the actual original structures directly. As for Gehry, MIT sued him over the Stata Building, which on top of being a hideous eyesore, expensive, over-budget, and unsuitable for the occupants, also freaking leaks.

    Former Boston University president John Silber wrote an interesting book about this phenomenon called Architecture of the Absurd: How “Genius” Disfigured a Practical Art.

    • I might not buy the book. I’m sure that it’s expensive.

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some of Libeskind’s work can be endured, for example, but it would disturb me to have to work in one of them, or to have to look at one. C-4 applied generously and enough det cord to synchronize the detonations, would fix the problem and pave the way for an “inner city project” building – sort of a Stalinist cube.

      • In one of John Ringo’s books, the locals decided to fill a local modern eyesore with natural gas and use it as a mega fuel air explosive.

        That treatment could be used with all the buildings listed above, except for the unfortunate area effect of one big frickin FAE going off as applied to the surrounding buildings.

        Instead, the architects should be filled up with gas and used as targets by epileptic flaming arrow shooters. If already dead, dig up their corpses, fill with their papers, and fire away (with the epileptic flaming arrow shooters..)

        Sorry. If it looks positively Lovecraftian, almost like it’s from long-lost R’lyeh, then, yeah, it should go join long-lost R’lyeh. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

    • Spot on…

      I like some of Pie’s designs, and the book is correct, “genius” ruined architectural design for whimsy.

        • Because our friend Jules is apparently not commenting these days I shall endeavor to substitute (there is no possible replacement for Jules).

          Subliminal pie? No! You deserve REAL pie. Insist on it!

          I’m not opposed to Pei. But I truly think that the weird angular additions Libeskind puts on beautiful classical buildings is both (1) deliberate vandalism and (2) marking of territory, much like an animal urinates on something. Of course I don’t know Libeskind’s psychology, but I that’s how it seems to me. As to Gehry’s motivation, I have no idea. But if I were doing that, it would be in the nature of a gigantic scam, and a smirking huge middle finger to the world.

          • I don’t know what’s happened to Jules. She’s missing in action. I think that she’s depressed with being locked down due to COVID. Whereas we in the US tend to flaunt the law, the British seem to be more tolerant and obedient when the government tells them to do stiff.

          • The real pie is at the ready!

            Pei did NCAR in Boulder…decent building against the Flatirons. I saw a program where Gehry was showing how he came up with his ideas…crumbled paper in a pile on his desk. I kid you not.

            Wright – too many try to emulate without his unique genius bucking the design mentality of the time, his spaces are defined and incredible. I swear Rand’s “The Fountainhead” used him as a muse. Architects need to find their own style, half this stuff is bizarre and not the least elegant.

          • Heh! That was a fair substitute!

            I’m back – lurking somewhere. Larry is correct in that I am suffering from TRAPPED IN CORONA- CHAOS! I am not quite as subservient as one might think – just because I live in Britain – I still rail against it all but all this malarkey is stifling my whimsy! #maskerading

  4. Since the Left has diminished the meaning of words (Scarf-wearer Dr. Birx: “Those who die WITH Covid will be counted the same as FROM Covid.” Uh, yeah…being a Dr. apparently does mean “smart”). Or worse, “racist”. Since words no longer have meaning at their hand, what’s their point?

    Looks like a Gehry design, that guy is a “famous architect” but is weird…not even close to FLW, Sullivan, or Stein (some of my favorites). Then again, with building technologies and a liberal melding “modern art” with design, this is the crap you end up with. (But “it’s all about the light.” Not if it sucks.) Give me a good old-fashioned timberframed stavkirke, those Norwegian boys could design and engineer structure with a cool aesthetic.

    My dad on Catholics (the church I attended as a kid until I became religious “woke”): They tell you it’s a sin to use birth control so you can have lots of little Catholics to support the Vatican.”

    • Thoreau was correct…fishing is either for dinner if need be -or- relaxing away from the fray, usually with beverages and snacks and/or a non-chatty friend.

        • Exactly…that scene in “A River Runs Through It”…fly fishing is an art form that requires a quiet spirit, whereas a boat on a lake allows more snacks and no scuffing around making noise.

  5. If news of this gets out, them people in the Vatican are gonna have to build themselves a wall.

    Oh, wait……

    • Tear down the wall, WWW. The Pope says that the US needs to tear down the wall. Him first. And dismiss the Swiss Guard.

      • Parts of me wish the Swiss Guard would do that whole Praetorian Guard execution thingy with the Commie Anti-Pope.

        But they’re too nice and good. Bad-ass Mofo’s, but squeaky clean nice and good.


        Me? Bring back a Benedict, or even a John Paul II. Reinstate the Orders Militant. Erdogan wants to get fu**y-fu**y with political religions, then, yes, the Church should have several divisions…

        • JP2 was a good pope. Maybe a great pope. Certainly the best of our time. He hated communists and was, at the same time, a compassionate leader.

  6. I like to fish, a lot. Is it a cure for some past trauma or simply a lot of fun? I guess it can be both; I like action, tbh, and just getting outside against the piscine adversary.

    • It’s a good way to spend a morning, or an evening. Fishing mid-day usually isn’t as good and it’s hot. You can erect shade, though and bring a cooler – and remain all day.

  7. One of the main functions of old-soldier homes was to provide an environment where vets of whatever wars could relate to other fellow vets in a long-term way. Sometimes only those that have seen similar things can understand each other.

    Same with those traumatized by life either by war or other conflict. We need to do better taking care of them, all of them. And be more understanding of survivors of real trauma (those useless nits that get ‘triggered’ over oreos or cultural appropriation? They can all eat Shite and Die for all I care.) Real shell shock (permanent damage to the brain from concussions that change personalities, due to lesions within the brain structure – it sounds mumbo-jumbo but it’s real and is not PTSD though can be part of PTSD) and PTSD is not something to dick around about.

    A mellow time fishing and just relaxing and becoming human while integrating the scattered parts of one’s personality (for that’s what real trauma does, it fragments concepts along with actual fragments brain structure) sounds like a good thing. I think we’ll all need that rest and recoup time somewhere after January 20th, 2021 after Trump is sworn in again. (I can hear millions of voices, screaming into the night…)

    • The French Foreign Legion has an old soldier’s home with a vineyard. I have bottles in my home from that vineyard. The FFL occupies a special place in France and they take care of their own. Those that can, tend the vines and bring in the harvest. Those who can’t, don’t, but there is always the offer of the dignity that work brings.

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