Czech your Hind… when flying an an Apache


Photos for DRJIM

Hang out the door and shoot – no harness needed
Grab the fast rope and rope fast
You need to be IN the RIB before it hits the deck.


If men wearing MAGA hats were burning down buildings, looting stores and engaging in mob violence against strangers, Democrats who are currently shrugging their shoulders about riots would be calling for the National Guard to start firing live rounds into crowds.

And that is a fact.

We need to lighten up the day, though.


Let’s Go with Maps

Visualization of US Senators by Gender

Birth rate before WWII

It’s very different now, and some nations import military age Muslim males to fill the gap that their own populations can’t. Russia hires women to stay home and have children – and pays them per child to raise them.

6 Ways to Divide Turkey


Crye Plate Carrier


Democrat Pet Peeve at Standing Rock led to protests


  1. I could probably learn (well, could have) to rappel down a rope, as I’d have something to hold on to. Same with getting in to the RIB. Sitting by an open door like that just creeps me out. When I think of all the tower climbing I’ve done in the past, it makes me shudder these days.

    Nice axe! I’ll have to look that company up. All I have now is a cheep Harbor Freight hand axe. Works quite well now that I sharpened it, and seems to hold the edge well.

    • LL: you need some Frye boots to go with that Crye plate carrier.

      Drjim: that’s a CRKT “Freyr” axe. You deserve an RMJ Tactical ‘hawk, but CRKT makes some licensed knockoffs of RMJ at a fraction of the price (sub $100 vs around $500) if you’d rather put your money elsewhere.

      Capital of Turkey is full of genius, eh? Just like WDC, I am sure.

      • I have two RMJ hawks. Jenny Wren and an Eagle Talon. I tend to spend lavishly on tools that might save my life.

        Washington DC is the home of ALL genius. Just ask anyone inside the Beltway.

  2. Nice Choppa pictures. The Hind is still a beast, especially some of the upgrades the Czechs have pushed through – better engines, better instruments and such. As to the RHIB? What a hell of a way to fly!

    Normal Coast Guard snipers/gunners wear a harness and have their Barretts or M249s hung from a sling from the roof of the door. Amazing to watch them splash a Go-Fast and only hit the engines.

    A better map of Turkey would be a pictograph showing which part needs a full Crusade to go through, and which one doesn’t. I would love to see the Hagia Sophia return back to a Christian church, but I’d settle for a return to being a secular building. Damn Erdogan. Will no one rid me of this troublesome theocrat?

    Nice hand axe. Plate carrier could have more hard armor around on the sides, with a decent gorget, some shoulder paulders and even a fauld attatched to the bottom (neck armor, shoulder cups that cover the point of the shoulder and maybe descend down the arm with one or two articulated lames attached, armored flap panels that cover the groin and outside of the thigh fore and aft.)

    But the axe is really nice.

    As to the pipeline protesters, when has it ever really been about the ecology? What’s that phrase? “Scratch a Green and you’ll find a Red.” Another lying moment brought to you by our socialist ‘betters.’ Personally, I’d run them all through chipper shredders and feed the landscape. Want to better the environment? Become part of it!

  3. Umm… The phrase is “check six’, not check your hiney… 🙂 LOL And yeah, literally TONS of trash left behind by the so called ‘eco protesters’…

    • Old NFO, they also found a few dead bodies, buried by trash. Most, if not all were overdose victims.

  4. Did pictures #2 and #3 five decades ago. The bird was a CH-37 and the boat a 27′ Bridge Erection Boat. Scary because the CH-37 could barely lift the boat. Supposed sling capacity of 10,000 lbs. Said boat, 7,500 lbs.

    • There are often accidents with military equipment of that sort. Sometimes it results in disability or death. Sometimes it’s just the equipment that is wrecked. Combat engineering is not for the feint of heart. Of course with the Navy, it’s the Sea Bees, but same thing. You’re playing with heavy, big boy toys, and a CH-37 rated to lift 10K lbs might have an old, tired, engine. I’ve seen that sort of thing myself (from a distance).

      • Ooh, the Super Tadpole!

        I’ve always though those are cool, but then all my interactions have been in a museum, in peacetime, on the ground.


  5. fast roped before, fast roped into a boat on the water before, but never ever fast roped to a boat in the air. holy crap, that’s crazy..but then again not as crazy as some other things i’ve done, lol…that’s my kind of pc: simple, minimalist but well enough equipped to get me out of trouble. i see way too many, vets even, that sport 12mags, frags, commo, etc, etc, etc ad infinitum until it weighs a ton and a half and they look like a turtle and can’t see the ground below much less get down on it and get back up. and all that for home defense. the hind d still sends chills up my spine….we have a similar pipeline protest here. yankee transplants fighting to keep it out, while the locals could care less. then they’ll bitch about high energy prices. same ones that never change their car registration so they don’t have to pay va. taxes. some of these same folks that fight the pipeline welcome huge solar farms and ugly windmills on every ridge line. and complain about no cell service after protesting the new cell tower proposal. sorry, i’m on a rant. have a great weekend LL!

    • I really hate the windmills. If you want a solar farm, nobody is disturbed by it. The windmills are something different.

      Yes, you need enough ammo, but I agree that you can take that to an insane place very quickly. Don’t forget the tourniquet.

      • roger on the tq, our boy in kenosha proved that’s needed, lol. the problem with solar farms is they are strong arming old farmers into selling their family land so they can get literally hundreds of acres of these things and besides being an eyesore they raise the ambient temperature and the operators decimate the birds and wildlife. if the farmer refuses to sell they raise his taxes until he can’t pay them.

        • Yes, solar isn’t the way to go either. Nuclear is the only option if you don’t want to burn petroleum/coal. Hydroelectric requires moving water, solar requires the sun, windmills require wind.

          Politician who raise taxes to pursue any green agenda other than nuclear or hydroelectric need to be removed from office.

  6. The U.S. population growth covers too large a time period. Not directly because of the length of time but for several events which occurred within that frame. AK, as example, obviously the pipeline. Whatwith the aviation/aerospace move out of CA, I reckon those industries alone would have a significant effect.

    I didn’t know the RIBs had such a deep hull. Of course, I haven’t paid much attention to developments over the years. Heck, I still think UDT half the time.

    Turkey hosts an amazing cruiser’s paradise on it’s western shores. I still call it Constantinople.

    • I think that Turkey is an interesting place, but with the move to fundamentalist Islam (which only exists to transfer more power to the current Sultan), I don’t think that I’d be disposed to visit these days.

      RIBS do have a deep hull, and they keep the seas very well. There has been a lot of evolution in RIB technology and they make for very safe and capable boats for sporting use. They’re not cheap but what boat is?

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