The T-Shirts are finished

I don’t have a profit stake in the shirts — but imagine the positive impression you’ll make when you arrive in the boxcar with your shirt on. WSF, you need a shirt and some sort of doggy shirt for Banner. You’ll get the bunk by the stove for sure if you have a shirt.


Plutonian System

Charon (above), Pluto’s largest moon, is locked in a gravitational embrace with the planet, and both always keep the same face toward each other. Pluto’s Sputnik Planitia lies exactly opposite Charon, hinting at a subsurface ocean on the dwarf planet.

Pluto’s Sputnik Planitia – the heart of pluto – is always pointing at Charon. Who loves you? It’s obvious that Pluto does.

Over the past two decades, scientists have used several techniques to look for subsurface oceans on icy bodies. Unfortunately, neither of the two best methods will work on Pluto. The first requires a large background magnetic field, which induces currents in a body’s salty, electrically conductive ocean. Researchers then look for a secondary magnetic field generated by these currents. The technique has worked well on the moons of Jupiter, but there’s no large background magnetic field at Pluto to produce such a signal. The other method relies on measuring the size of a body’s tides, because large tides indicate a weak, and possibly liquid, interior. But Pluto and Charon always present the same faces to each other, so they effectively produce no tidal signal.


Musk is on the Naughty List

After Elon criticized Biden’s FAA Chief selection, Biden’s DOJ launched an investigation, alleging that SpaceX discriminates against non-US Citizens. Biden’s Department of Justice is very concerned that Elon Musk may prefer to hire American citizens over foreign labor.

After Biden’s FAA delayed a SpaceX test flight, Musk wrote on Twitter that “the FAA space division has a fundamentally broken regulatory structure.”

“Their rules are meant for a handful of expendable launches per year from a few government facilities,” Musk added. “Under those rules, humanity will never get to Mars.”

It sounds to me like Elon Musk is headed for the no-fly list.

According to the Department of Justice, per NBC, “’The charge alleges that on or about March 10, 2020, during the Charging Party’s interview for the position of Technology Strategy Associate, SpaceX made inquiries about his citizenship status and ultimately failed to hire him for the position because he is not a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident,’ DOJ attorney Lisa Sandoval wrote in a court document filed Thursday. The document was a request for a judge to order SpaceX to comply with an administrative subpoena for documents related to how the company hires.”

This also comes as Musk was promoting and advocating for the retail traders buying GameStop, AMC, and other “meme stock” companies in an attempt to financially squeeze elitist hedge funds.

Some have pointed out the irony of the United States Department of Justice investigating a United States-based company for allegedly preferring to hire United States citizens over foreign labor.


  1. We’d need to send a probe to Pluto with some type of surface-penetrating radar, similar to some other probes. It would be a pretty expensive probe to build because of power requirements. You’d have to fly an RTG, and I don’t know if they allow them anymore.

    Musk is an interesting guy. Regardless of what you think about him, he sure gets things done. Sure wish we had a President like that…..

    • We need to return to the era where we built RTG’s for deep mission spacecraft to allow them to operate for many years in a place like Pluto/Kuiper Belt. There is a lot to learn from those sorts of missions.

      Musk, for all he is and isn’t, is a man of great vision with the capacity to make things happen. A lot of donkeys would prefer to have him fight the weather.

  2. I would very much rather the current president do absolutely nothing. What he has done so far is…less than optimal.

    • To be honest, how much of what Biden is doing is actually Biden? He’s an empty shell who takes his marching orders from a shadow government.

      Anyone who has read this blog for any time knows that I’m not a Biden fan. But at 80, with the onset of dementia within the past year, he hobbles out of a basement with assistance, screams as he reads a teleprompter (poorly), and is assisted back into the basement.

  3. My wonder about the hiring situation is why in God’s Green Apple Orchard would we want a foreign national and non-permanent resident working on space hardware that our military and our security is reliant on.

    My personal feelings… Slo Jo and the Ho’s ChiCom masters told them to put the brakes on Musk as he was getting too close to making it to space and to the Moon, of which they have their eyes set on.

    Be funny, in a sad way, if Musk keeps popping out Starship prototypes and has 9 or 10 of them lined up all together.

    And, sadly, I kinda predicted this behavior on the part of the Biden Administration. Dammit, of all the things I predicted that could have come true, why this?


    • Musk, with the government out of his way, will have functioning Lunar bases, and might get people to Mars. Somebody like that might, um – make America great again – and that is one thing that the Swamp can’t abide.

  4. As to the sweatshirt… Bullets over boxcars. The reeducation camp scene from the original “Red Dawn” comes to mind, and quite frankly, scares me. I won’t go. My wife won’t go. My dog won’t go.

    I just… can’t joke about reeducation camps. Considering that the New Administration’s ChiCom masters have shown themselves to be masters of those, too, and seem to want the camps here.

    I always pictured a shooting war that we lost before the ChiComs took over. Not this rolling over and playing dead thing our government seems to be doing.

    And, dammit, Robert Heinlein seems to have predicted this in his novel “Sixth Column.” Except we don’t have some advanced chromosomal death ray thingymabob.

    • There was another scifi author who had a launching site near the southern border, with a corrupt government trying to shut it down. As I remember, they used launching lasers to get craft into orbit.

  5. Word has it the real beef Musk has with Biden is the Puppet signed an executive order stating paper surgical masks are required in space due to Covid restrictions and close proximity of crew members, and Musk told him to go pound sand, pointing out that unrestricted breathing and comms was critical for space travel.

    • I can’t imagine that astronauts wouldn’t wear plague masks. And not the surgical kind – those big leather crow masks, as an example to all mankind.

      • “Houston, we have a problem…Raptor (not his/her/zee’s real name) tested positive for Covid, permission to verify with the anal swab.”

          • “I lived thru the idiocy of 2020 only to have it worse in 2021, and all I got was this stupid t-shirt!”

            “2021: Been there, got the t-shirt.”

            See what you started.

          • Is this similar to the cat in the box deal?

            What if I don’t want to be in the box, can’t I just buy the t-shirt as a defection tool…similar to forged Covid vax passport? Result is the same…looks official but I don’t have to be in the box with an alive/dead cat, who’s probably a Lefty since it volunteered for the experiment thinking it would get free treats.

  6. who was it that said: “you need to realize that china has no use for 90% of the u.s. population except as fertilizer and sex slaves”?

    • So… what you’re telling me is that if Red China took over, I’d be tossed into a brothel where I’d be required to pleasure beautiful Chinese women day and night, plying them with cheap whiskey? There are worse fates, riverrider.

      • You’re the wrong gender for that, and the Han have a female shortage already. Also remember the long-standing racism and sexism of china, as well. Men use, women are used. They dont want westerners being serviced, but providing the service, and disposable afterwards to boot.
        Grow some long blonde hair, get some implants, and a reassignment operation, and they MIGHT consider your candidacy for a position in the brothel.

    • At that, the US is still better off than Africa. The Chinese have no use for 99.9% of the population there, and sex slavery is not an option for the exempted 0.1%. (The supply of Charlize Therons is too small to matter in this continent-level analysis and rounds to zero.)

      • The number of Charlize Therons is small but still significant. I think that she lives in Malibu and her whole family left SA. So they don’t count there anymore.

  7. Musk was always gonna be on the hit list, once he started thinking for himself and coming out as anti-Marxist.


  8. Remember Venezuela. Seeing the figures of domestic migration, something is going on. It looks like Biden will speed up the process.

    • Any dog with a warm doggy coat that stresses his obedience, means that he’s not. Dogs take after their masters, WSF.

      • Banner was seven years old when I got him. He is Bruce Banner, and is the biggest wimp you can imagine. In the year + I’ve had him, he has barked maybe a dozen times, one woof only, and has never growled. Cringes when walking on tile floors.

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