Year of the Monkey

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Happy New Year to all those of you who observe the Lunar New Year, set off firecrackers, bark at the moon and burn hell money.
As those of you who know me understand, I have a number of friends who are Buddhists and attach sacred (sorta) significance to the blooming new year. I’m definitely not a Buddhist, though I was just named to be chief financial officer to a Buddhist trust last week. I asked “why me”. They said a Buddhist would ignore responsibility, give money away or go on a retreat, allowing disaster to befall the stupa and surroundings. Maybe I’m better off not being Buddhist given all that.

Some cynics say that today is also the day when we should honor all of the flying monkeys who attend and advise Hillary Clinton.

15 thoughts on “Year of the Monkey

  1. They have surrounded her such that she sounds off saying, "It's only a security review. Those 150 FBI Agents wouldn't dare touch a CLINTON". Maybe she's right. Time will tell.

  2. They flew in Oz and did the witch's bidding there. The way I look at it, eagles may soar but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

  3. Chinese take-out is the best. EXCEPT that I always fear that the meat may be cat or pigeon. Hopefully no monkey. The French referred to their meat rations as la viande de singe. I hope that I wrote it correctly.

  4. Whoa, look at you getting all highfalutin and impressing me with your' langue fran├žaise'. The frogs will eat anything with a pulse. You never know what's being served. It makes the Chinese look positively civilised.

  5. Yes but the French tell you what they plan to serve you (covered with onions, garlic and sauce). The Chinese look inscrutable and tell you that it's "chicken".

  6. > fear that the meat may be cat or pigeon
    In the latter case it would be called "squab" (in the same way that some Indian buffets serve "lamb curry" where the putative lamb was certainly a goat, and an old, rank one at that) and cost about 3x as much. Cat, I got nuthin'.

    >makes the Chinese look positively civilised
    Heh. Chinese saying (as in something the Chinese say, not something said about/against Chinese): "If it has four legs and the Chinese don't eat it, it's a table. If it has wings and Chinese don't eat it, it's an airplane." Everything else is fair game, especially down south where the dulcet tones (/sarc) of Cantonese are heard. Me? Just had a hamburger (100% beef burger, as the McDonald's in Malaysia are quick to point out) with fried jalapenos.

    And shame on you for posting a photo of a monkey in this month of all months. DeMarcus Cousins is offended at your lack of sensitivity.

  7. LOL, McDee's in Malaysia is more likely to be 100% water buffalo… no matter what they tell you…

  8. Right – "Back home a restaurant would be shut down by having a cockroach in the kitchen, here it's a starter." I see that I will have to bring out the heavy guns later this week on Virtual Mirage…

  9. I've eaten water buffalo hamburgers, and they do NOT taste like beef. More like rancid beef. If you put ketchup on it and some of that hot Chinese mustard, they're not all that bad. It's a lot like putting sambal on a rat – you wouldn't eat it by choice, but it's palatable.

  10. You need to celebrate!

    I'm not sure what you should do to make it memorable. Maybe rent a Harley D and take the Mrs. on a run?

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