Will Rule 5 Destroy Fox News?

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Can Fox News sustain itself in light of this new competitor? I really don’t know. While Fox News does a good job, they don’t seem to be able to compete in this market.

Are the anchors conservative? Who cares. Is the world coming to an end? Not while people are glued to the news. It’s tough to fight a war, confiscate firearms, or do much of anything else when you’re watching the news.  Some people will call it porn. Others will simply invoke Rule 5. One thing is clear: It must be endorsed by former President Bill Clinton.
Would you rather watch Greta, Sean or Bill — or Glenn Beck? If you’re a guy and your answer is “yes”, don’t post because we understand ‘don’t ask/don’t tell’.
Membership means that you receive a personalized and autographed photo of your favorite anchor. Does Fox news take you there? No.
h/t Black Widow for putting me on to this new hard news company out of Canada

6 thoughts on “Will Rule 5 Destroy Fox News?

  1. Thanks for the hot tip LL. Now I can stop imagining Rachel Maddow naked just to make the news interesting.

  2. Ahhh, Nakednews.com has been around quite a few years; I was an early subscriber. Not easy to watch at work in today's litigious environment.

  3. I didn't see a whole lot of news stories on the sign-in page, but I suspect most people will say, "who cares!"

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