Who Should it be?

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me who the next president should be lately. There is a big field of contenders on the Republican side and only Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side as the Clinton Machine sweeps the field of obstacles.
These my thoughts:
(1) Whoever would be president needs to have experience running a business outside government. Rant against me if you will (to somebody else). The President needs to understand what it is to make a payroll and have the government as your ADVERSARY. You can’t do that as a US Attorney (Christie) or as a political drone (Clinton). We need an executive branch that is not used as a hammer against political opponents (Obama) and has the goal of enabling the nation to be successful.
(2) America is not evil. We need a leader who loves America and Americans (most of the people with an R after their names) and is optimistic about what can be. Oil is being produced in America DESPITE the government’s refusal to allow leases on federal land. America is much tougher to kill than her enemies (including the Manchurian Candidate now in office) thought that it would be. The next president must have the philosophy, “drill baby, drill.” The US and Canada together has a substantially larger proven supply of oil than any other group on the planet.

(3) Yes, we need to thank Barack Obama for overseeing the largest firearms and ammunition sales into private hands in the history of the republic. A tepid thanks to him.

The next President needs to grasp the inconvenient truth that those places in America which ban firearms from honest, law-abiding people only enable violence on the part of the lawless, who will be armed irrespective of the law. Open carry laws tend to make criminals nervous and they look for the low hanging fruit and the easy mark elsewhere. I know that the liberal establishment quakes at the thought even while they surround themselves with armed men for protection.

(4) Supply side economics works. Reduce taxes, broaden the base, and get people employed. It’s not that tough. America’s enemies don’t want to see that, so that’s what the next President should do.

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  1. No contender has a healthy fear of the federal government than Rand Paul. He is not perfect – he couldn't be, but I prefer him.

    With the firearm sales – do you think Obama learned a lesson with the 'unintended consequences' of his words, and his actions? It would be interesting to find out, since he would NEVER admit it publicly. I guess its rhetorical, since we know that he doesn't care about actual results…

  2. Your requirement for a true believer in supply side economics for president should effectively eliminate Jeb Bush. His paw, 41, famously derided this proven philosophy espoused by Ronald Reagan as 'voodoo economics.' While George H.W.Bush grudgingly down played that quote upon assumption of residency in the Oval Office, he is still not what anyone would consider a true believer. Neither are W and Jeb.

    The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  3. I personally like Romney and Paul, for different reasons – yet not so different. As to Obama, I feel that he's a pathological narcissist and that no matter what happens, he can't admit anything because he's the emperor with no clothes.

  4. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the same person with a different gender. I STILL haven't met anyone who actually prefers Jeb Bush to anyone else. Mr. Common Core is a machine politician and the media prefers him because he's the most liberal of the Republicans in the field.

  5. When the government takes away people's guns, they start getting bested by armed criminals. Ask Australia about how well that worked. Of course, there are those who cannot – WILL NOT – see the truth. One hopes they are among the first robbed and/or killed, while unarmed, by armed criminals.

  6. The Bush clan are all center right. Mostly center. And center means one thing these days: liberal.

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