10 thoughts on “What would you give up for Nike?

  1. LL, I know that's the Woman of the Year but I just don't get it. Isn't Cait a man? You know, a famous man athlete who won all these medals as a bloke and was called Bruce?

    I guess I dreamed that.

    But seriously, it's got to be galling to spend $4 mill on a sex change and look like a Frankenstein. Satan's humor isn't charitable.

  2. Bruce is still a dude. His DNA is still male. That he has $4 million dollars to spend on making himself a woman when there is so much need just down the hill from his Malibu mansion is emblematic of narcissism out of control.

  3. I don't think Cait has gone that far yet because we haven't heard about it in nauseating detail. I mean, she and the rest of the K girls don't do anything without informing the public, so we'd know.

  4. I haven't bought much from them. Maybe shoes decades ago? That wore out and were replaced by another brand. Definitely wouldn't give anything up for Nike.

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