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Jules’ New Digs

I’m sure that I’m stealing some of her thunder but this is Marmalade Cottage and it’s Jules’ new home. Jules is my friend and co-author and it looks like the perfect place for her to turn out a masterpiece.

(below) There is a pub at the end of the street (of course). I wonder how the neighbors will take to having two wolves as neighbors (who howl at the moon)?

She considered buying a lighthouse but settled for a cottage. I don’t know if that’s sensible, practical or what. The lighthouse was a long way from anywhere.


Bullet Points:

** Actor Sam Neill (75) has revealed that he is being treated for stage-three blood cancer. The Jurassic Park star disclosed the news in his upcoming memoir, Did I Ever Tell You This, where he writes in the first chapter that he is ‘possibly dying.’

** MRS Pete Butguy wants to scratch your 2A-loving right-wing eyes out. If there is one thing that children need, it’s porn in elementary school…read the article. Try not to toss your cookies.

** A Job OpportunityFly High! The U.S. Air Force this month launched an effort to hire a handful of senior-level diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) managers and is hoping to place these officials in posts across the country, from Washington, D.C., to Alaska.  Each post pays at least $82,000 per year, and the top position at the Pentagon could pay more than $180,000 per year.

The Air Force is looking for a “supervisory diversity equity inclusion and accessibility officer for Air Force headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, which will pay anywhere from $155,700 to $183,500 per year.” The person who fills this position will serve as a “first-level supervisor” who will direct employees assigned to the Air Force’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Since I self-identify as a 25-year-old black woman looking to transition to a Mexican man with 10 PhDs, I might get the job! At least I don’t steal luggage.

** On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Thursday testified before the Senate Finance Committee. During her testimony, Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that smaller regional banks across the country will not be bailed out by the US government.  Only larger banks will be bailed out like Silicon Valley Bank and their depositors from China connected to the Chinese Communist Party.  Naturally.

** The Narco Biz – According to a new United Nations report, there has been a spike in global cocaine production as demand bounces back after Covid lockdowns, reaching unprecedented levels.

Between 2020 and 2021, coca cultivation soared by 35%, the sharpest yearly increase since 2016. Coca cultivation across South American countries has hit new record highs.

** Before the Crash – Executives at Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank sold millions of shares of stock right before the crash.



From the Days of Fighting Sail

27 thoughts on “Update

  1. Diversity officer. LL, just wait, in a year or two stealing luggage (or other larceny0 will be considered a mandatory job requirement. Inclusive means everyone on the current special people list so that will include crooks.

    Jules, lovely home, is Marmalade Cottage the official name? When I first moved to England the first line in my address was “The Bungalow” and the there was no street number. It surprised me quite a bit.

    1. Yes, I think that it’s Marmalade Cottage. Yes, many homes just have names. It’s a relic from the past and perhaps the modern British Postal System affixes numbers for their internal use. I’m not that dialed into the UK these days. I lived in the groundskeeper’s cottage at the Crathes Castle. The address was “cottage at the Crathes Castle, Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire.”

      1. Yes, Marmalade is it’s official name. This means I can throw oranges at villagers I don’t like.

        There’s also the old cobblers, the old post office, the old vicarage, and squires lodge that I’ve see so far. It’s only in villages places tend to be named.

          1. A gated compound, with roaming guard wolves, affords one a proper title….we can call you – in a respectful tone with pinky extended:

            Lady Marmalade.

  2. Congratulations to Jules! Beautiful home! My oldest daughter passed her driver’s license test today on her first shot! So I read the article despite your ominous warning LL. And yes I wanted to blow chunks! That’s all I’ll say…20 years ago today I was outside a city called Baghdad getting ready for the big push, calling in cas and fending off the occasional snap and crackle that came way. After the news on Trump this morning and the Butagig article it’s nice to get some good news and know it wasn’t all for nothing.
    Sta Lethal –

  3. I assume the whole compound is the new Chateau de Jules? If so, congratulations to her. Now make the perimeter walls higher, add a couple turrets, some hoarding or other overhanging fighting platforms and…

    1. It has the makings of a compound. As you point out, there are things that need to be tweaked to fortify it.

      1. Moat or fosse would be good, but the town council might poop a brick over that ‘improvement.’

  4. Pretty sweet new digs for Jules, well done!

    We are living in tyrannical times. The Biden Crime family, including a sitting _Resident, has been accepting large sums of money from China…for decades…and is effectively owned by them. Yet…so far…Nada. But! PDJT expects to be arrested next week on some a/h Dem operative DA making up law to subvert the Constitution, on e again proving these people are the enemy within, are afraid of him, and will do anything to stop his Presidential run.

    I hope Satan’s minions go for it. In the mean time I’ll be praying for God’s vengeance to rain down hard on these criminals., preferably turning them into small piles of carbon.

    1. yeah the secret service say they are still with him and they will control the situation at all times. i’m sure that doesn’t sit well with the sodomites in new york. imagine if a gun battle ensued. we can dream.

          1. Which is why the bullscat over Trump possibly being arrested on Tuesday is happening.

          2. i can’t see why b/c they have fixed two elections in a row. nothing has changed. how can they lose? hence, why the panic? perhaps its more revenge, for daring to defy them?

  5. I visited Mount Vernon a few years ago. You may know that George and Martha’s tomb is on the grounds, with a posted sign asking for quiet and respect at the tomb. There was a trio of French tourists talking loudly and I’m afraid I made no friends that day for shushing them up, politely but firmly. They didn’t seem to like it much, but they did shush up and move on.

  6. Thank you everyone!

    I like some of the suggested improvements! I’m definitely going to electrify the gates, grow lots of thorny rambling roses and then position myself with a bow and arrow in that top middle window. The wolves will roam around, slightly hungry.

    1. There was one guy who built a multiple electric stun dart device that he placed on a pole in his yard. Don’t know if such is allowed where your new house is, but it would allow for I’m-not-here(or sleeping) defense if you could automate it.

  7. Looks like a pretty sweet place to live!

    I could do w/o the immediate adjacency of the neighbors, but I gather that’s difficult in the UK.

    Houses with names always seemed cool, although it must be a pain to be a delivery driver, or something like that.


    1. She clearly needs better fields of fire. I don’t think that discussing that in the UK wins you, friends, though, in Arizona, we discuss all the time.

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