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Narrow Bandwidth

There is not much if any bandwidth at the White Wolf Mine. Dish network will pull data down from the sky in the form of TV shows, but there’s not much on television that I watch. I’m sure that I’ll get a satellite dish but the rest of the equation is still in doubt. 
Does this mean that the blog will vanish? Maybe. It’s too soon to tell. I’ve been playing with some options but they are few and far between. Most of what I’m planning will require some doing and high tech razzle-dazzle and it might work. Then again, maybe not. President Trump signed a broadband development bill that will apparently encourage fiber optics and bandwidth in even the most rural parts of the USA. From what I’ve read, it’s intended to become part of the trillion dollar infrastructure bill if that ever passes Congress. Will that bring ‘civilization’ and bandwidth to the White Wolf Mine? You can read it here. The President is trying to encourage the use of federal land to host towers and to string fiber optics as a matter of policy.
Big Guy/Little Guy
President Obama characterized rural Americans as people who bitterly clung to their God and guns. He clearly didn’t want to provide them with access to additional opportunities in commerce and a better way of life. He went out of his way to explain to America that “you didn’t build that”. Democrats are none too fond of America’s heartland. President Clinton said that people in America’s rural countryside were part of a “vast right wing conspiracy”.

We now know that USGOV knew no limits in their efforts to spy on and discredit President Trump while he was a candidate. The “Russia Probe” is revealed as a red herring at best. The FBI corruption runs deep at headquarters – and elsewhere.

The Cliven Bundy Case was tossed (news here) after the judge learned that the US Attorney had lied and was concealing information (additional government misconduct) that would exonerate the Bundy family. I’m not saying that the Bundys were angels, but big government set out to crush a rancher with snipers, agents and lawyers. Under the Trump Administration, the US Attorneys and government officials are themselves under investigation.

Will eight years of President Trump make America great again? One can but hope.

26 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday

  1. Well, you better flippin' sort that out cos you're not allowed to stop blogging until you die. And you need good internet as I'll be needing your editorial assistance shortly now I've found dicipline in the New Year. You can't be selfish like this, LL, I have needs πŸ˜‰

  2. Hughes Net is now offering a 25 Mbps satellite downlink (and I don't know the uplink speed) service with a very high data cap on it that might be suitable for the WWM. They have sent me a few mailings after I moved to Bandera County, Texas advertising this service. I have no interest as the local electric co-op is installing fiber to our property.

  3. You would think that would be enough, wouldn't you, LL? I mean, you're going to have all those new hobbies to keep you busy, right? πŸ˜‰

  4. When you win the lottery, you could get your own broadband line run from town ; or T1 service (or whatever the latest thing is).
    We are only 28 miles from town and all we can get is DSL because there aren't many people around us. We looked into satellite internet, too, and now as always, it will drop out just like the tv service on the 'little' dishes.
    Really annoyed me when the government killed the big dish service because it never went out in a puny rainstorm.

  5. The "last mile" problem with getting broadband to everyone is really a barrier. There are systems that use a dedicated WiFi type channel, but the nearest tower still has to be fairly near.

    There are some ham radio operators that experiment with how far WiFi can be made to work. I think the current record is from Sardinia to the Italian mainland at 189 miles. These guys had "Carrier Class 802.11a radio modules" and "parabolic dish antennas." It would definitely take someone on the other end willing to put up a better antenna.

  6. Bandwidth is like horsepower for your car…or the size of a man's garage. Is any size too big? I have a 5 car garage in the new house and I'm second guessing my decision not to make it larger. There will be a phase two and that will include a large workshop (if I can pay for it with cash)… It's like asking Amelda Marcos (or Melania Trump) if they have too many shoes.

  7. I may be able to work something out with the Ranger Station located on the paved road…I'm not sure what they have.

  8. I saw a meeting that he had with members of his cabinet and Congressional leaders today on Fox Business. It was an excellent example of his leadership style in action.

    He wants to Make America Great Again, not steal everything in sight…which sets him apart from Barack.

  9. There is always a way, and there is always a price tag. Fitting those two is the problem, isn't it?

  10. Hillary would have been 100% pay to play. Whoever can pay the most gets government help. No cash, no interest. A Hillary presidency could have led to a revolution of sorts. I don't know what form it might have taken. We know that she owned the FBI lock, stock and barrel so they would have been her evil attack dogs.

  11. It may come to that. The old sourdough, riding into town on his burro to plug in and go on-line…trading a few nuggets for dry goods and bandwidth.

  12. There you are, Ed, with a glass half full of water rather than a glass half empty. I like that.

    LindaG, I will need to find a motherless wolf pup and raise it to fiercely guard the homestead of something along those lines. Maybe it will lead to a pack of wolves who tear any claim jumpers to pieces, eat them (and the evidence) and then shat them out so the pines will grow taller???

  13. I see the problem, connectivity. Solution?

    Build a TOWER, out of stone. A tall one, not Babel tall but high enough.

    Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

  14. For reasonable priced non-satellite access you almost always need line of sight to a service.
    Sometime it even takes a relay to connect a user to a service.
    The line of sight can be cell phone supplied or wifi.
    It works and for a reasonable price too.
    Although some cell plans do throttle down, but usually after a very large amount of data has been used.
    If you plan on using more than a limited amount of bandwidth satellite service quickly becomes unusable.
    With satellite on one runs through the data caps and then you are throttled down to dial up speeds.

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