There’s a lot of this going on today. Far more than I’ve ever seen in the US and the elites and their minions do it because it’s working.


Corporate America



I don’t want to hear “listen to science” and then in the same breath,  “this mask IS a political statement, and not wearing it IS a political statement.”  I would be much happier if the progs wore masks that had “I OBEY MY MASTER” on them. It would frame the whole mask discussion far better than anything else I can think of.

I’m sure that you all saw the video from Michigan where Slow Joe was trying to order a pie and the clerk asked him a question. I am reluctant to post it here because this husk of a man is pathetic and I try not to mock that sort of person. The fact that he’s president and leader of the free world just makes the whole thing worse. The man suffering from severe dementia is the one the democrats want to OBEY. Wow.


Dystopian City

San Francisco officials are now claiming that people who leave their decaying, over-taxed, filthy, crime-ridden city are not leaving because of those factors, but because they’re racists. That’s now the city line to keep people from fleeing.

Is it Blade Runner 2049, or San Francisco 2021? Difficult to say.


Trying to be Cool…

The view through his scope…


A Plan?

I have a number of acres of pristine Ponderosa forest in the Arizona Highlands. I will sell the rights to the carbon offsets at one ounce of gold for ten acres per year. For that, you get a picture of your woods, a letter from the trees, and a little button made by the forest creatures thanking you for your selfless act of love. It takes ten acres per person per year to offset your normal carbon footprint. Be the first person on your block or in your condo complex to be “carbon safe”. Assuage your guilt. Buy now to secure your offsets. It’s the perfect holiday gift. I accept Krugerrands.

If you don’t want to do that, I also name stars and will send you a certificate of authenticity with the location of your star on a chart…for a modest fee.





Reloading a German Puma IFV with 30mm


Not a P-3

Captioned photo…

Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora from 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron, 14 Wing, Greenwood, arrives at 5 Wing Goose Bay, Newfoundland, and Labrador, on their way to Thule Air Base, Greenland, during NORAD Exercise Amalgam Dart, June 12, 2021.

The Lockheed CP-140 Aurora is a maritime patrol aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The aircraft is based on the Lockheed P-3 Orion airframe but mounts the electronics suite of the Lockheed S-3 Viking.


  1. Don’t think there has been a day when I stop by your blog and did not learn something important.

    Hegelian Dialectic. Knew it was a thing but did not know what it was called.

    Really like the illustration of Ivy Mike. We had a 6ft wide version at a certain base I was at that supported the W56. Damn cool picture and damn fine warhead.


    • Absolutely. I’ll tell you that I’m channeling Heinlein (The Man Who Sold the Moon) at the moment and I’m willing to sell carbon offsets from the entire national forest system in Arizona. It’s ok to deliver the gold to the mine in an armored car. I’ll hire LSP to come up here and help guard the hoard.

  2. Was almost going to say “just like buying a star for your girlfriend in the 80’s only with the all purpose socially correct carbon offset”… but then you covered it…and your plan is genius. Is it wrong to take advantage of others willful weak-minded stupidity?

    When people start begging to sacrifice themselves on the altar of this latest religion then the Left will have achieved their goal. Then again, wearing a mask 18 hours out of a day and taking a conditional use approval experimental “vaccine” may be the beginning of the end for some of these people…may take a few years to realize their mistake, but no matter, they’ll be hailed as martyrs for the cause, like George Floyd, statues, shrines, and funeral motorcades for all.

    Now, how do I get a few acres of WWM carbon offsets?

  3. When in college, one of my jobs was night shift at a convenience store. This allowed me plenty of quiet time to study and get paid however meagerly. I thought to put a large empty pickle jar out on the counter top. I put a money slot in the metal lid and sealed it to the jar. I drew up a label and was honest about it; Help A College Student Go On Vacation. Within a week the jar held nearly $200.

    Personally I would not donate for such a cause. I was curious so I asked people who put money in why they would for such cause. Their answers were either because I guess the student needs it, or I didn’t notice what it was for, with the majority of responses favoring the latter. Having previously worked retail, I have an unkind perception of people. Well, some would think it unkind, I think it more honest than people care to bear. People generally donate because it makes them feel good. How worthy the cause takes a back seat.

    To prove that, I advertised that in return for money donation I would not drive my fossil burning gas guzzling 4×4 pickup. The higher the donation, the more time I would leave it parked. My scheme was a bust. There were few responses and most of those were to ridicule the concept. It later occurred to me that what was needed was a better marketing plan. Again, retail sales prove that people will buy anything for near any price if it is marketed in the correct manner. To that end, when I worked at the convenience store and we had product which was soon to expire or was not selling well, I would mark up the price.

    In some cases I even doubled the price so you see, I wasn’t kidding around with a few cents mark up. In nearly every case did the product now fly off the shelves. People are dumbed by emotion when it comes to purchasing. I suggest that our host needs to better market his plan to take it out of tongue-in-cheek territory and make it into a money maker. I’ll take two, please.

    • When Bill and Hillary Clinton travelled to the Caribbean nation of Haiti as newlyweds in 1975, they were enchanted. Bill had recently lost a race for Congress back home in Arkansas, but by the time they returned to the US, he had set his mind to running for Arkansas state attorney general, a decision which would put him on the path to the White House. “We have had a deep connection to and with Haiti ever since,” Hillary later said.

    • It’s Haiti. Nothing good ever happens in Haiti.

      I really think we should evacuate everyone from the nation, resettle them in groups of no more than 5, no less than 500 miles apart, And then drill shafts deep under that half of the island, fill them with enough nukes to subside the whole place under the sea, and press the button.

      Once no part of Haiti protrudes above the surface of the sea, it will only be able to make fish (and other aquatic life) evil and/or tormented.

      It would be the greatest humanitarian act ever.

  4. nice! i love the scope pic too, lol. kinda like those fellas they picked up in taxachusetts this weekend.

    • The more you claim NOT to be a racist, the more that you ARE. That’s the metric. It’s like denying witchcraft.

    • Heh. Never deny being a “racist”. Whenever anyone calls you “racist” the proper reply is “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Put the accusation back on the accuser.

  5. LOL, I actually ‘knew’ that one because of the color. We trained the Canadians on the Aurora in 1980. Yes, there is way too much crap going on right now, and too many ‘games’ getting played. If they try most of that crap out in rural America, I don’t think they will like the ‘reception’ they get.

  6. Appears to be a Russian designed reticle on that SBRed AR and I have a couple of those 40mm ammo cans with the plastic sleeves. Empty of course…sigh.o

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