Some of you think this…

…and some of you are hoping for a naughty girl. 


This goes out to you all from Jules in England


The French and Russians remember…


Bullet Points:

* January 6th committee to adjourn without fulfilling year-old promise to release Epps transcript. The one person on film telling people to go into the Capitol (multiple times) disappears from the FBI list and is not even mentioned in the 845 page final report.

* The Case against FTX is over! You have to understand the way the government prosecutes its cases. If you look closely, all cases are charged with CONSPIRACY. That means the proof is NOT the crime itself, but only an AGREEMENT to commit a crime. Bankman-Fried’s ex-girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, who was also the CEO of Alameda Research, a privately-controlled hedge fund, and Gary Wang, co-founder of FTX, have both pleaded guilty earlier this week, according to newly unsealed court documents. That means the case is already over.

Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang cut deals so they get less time, or even no time, in return for throwing Bankman-Fried under the bus. They would take the stand and will be prepared by the prosecution and artfully say whatever they are instructed to maintain the government’s 99% conviction rate.

With their pleas in hand, in addition to all the press against Bankman-Fried, there is no way he could ever win a trial. His lawyers will be urging him to take a deal. That will be the end result with no trial and no shot of the truth EVER surfacing. All the money laundering from Democrats funding Zelensky, who then in turn handed cash to FTX who then was the 2nd largest donor to the Democrats for the Midterms, will remain hidden from ever gracing the history books without someone doing a FOIA 25 years from now.





  1. We’ve got to get/pay enough for a whistle-blower/patriotic employee/thief to obtain the Bankman-Fried/Wang/Ellison documents/papers and have them published by Twitter/New York Times/Washington Post
    and a Merry Christmas to all
    I’ll keep looking in my stocking.

  2. I want a woman that can cook, I don’t care if she is ugly, I want a Le Cordon Bleu chef and knows how to clean up afterwards, with help from me, I am domesticated… One can only hope some one dumps the FTX file with an honest to goodness journalist. One can hope can’t one?
    Merry Christmas LL and all the other Gentlemen and Ladies that bring so much to the table, God Bless one and all!

    • MRSLL fits the le Cordon Bleu chef category. She can cook any meal including the high-end variety from scratch. The children always begged to stay home and eat and not go out.

  3. As I predicted, the judge dismissed Kari Lakes lawsuit which proved Hobbs stole the election in plain sight. The deep state wins again. This will embolden the demorats to cheat again without fear of any consequences and 2024 is already a done deal.

    • I told you that the Republic is gone. I’m not sure what we have, but it’s not the US Constitution & the republic that most of us were born into and served under. Do new FBI Special Agents swear to serve Pedo Joe & Ho now?

      By way of historical reference: I swear to you, Adolf Hitler, as Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich, that I will be loyal and brave. I pledge obedience unto death to you and those you appoint to lead. So help me God. The oath was renewed publicly at an annual ceremony.

      I don’t know. If not now, it’s coming.

    • Well, my Santa request never got off the ground, Rudolph leading the way or not. My take is the judge did not want this case in his court, that dismissing an obvious election fraud case he knows Lake will appeal, sticking it to a higher court to deal with. Pilate washing his hands to allow the “Give us Barabbas!” mob to symbolically remove his guilt.

      The judge is an unprincipled coward.

      • Many judges are. They value their election to office and their sinecure over their oath.

        They said: “Who is irked by the Law? Though we may not remove it.
        If he lend us his aid in this raid, we will set him above it!
        So the robber did judgment again upon such as displeased him,
        The slayer, too, boasted his slain, and the judges released him.
        Kipling, The City of Brass

  4. The French haven’t pulled down the statue in Paris titled “Monument in Memory of the Russian Expeditionary Force 1916 – 1918” during the latest riots? (It was still there when I was in Paris in November). History seems to be rhyming again.

    FTX: It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up! Congrats to the Deep State Dems for another successful operation.

    Merry Christmas to the rest of you.

  5. Re the donkyphant graphic. Puts me in mind of a recent conversation. Had a real conversation with a guy I’d previously only known in passing, a sort of business acquaintance. So we’re chatting, and sounding each other out, as one does. The conversation turned to the difficulty of raising kids in the present-day school environment. My interlocutor says, “You know those ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ signs?”
    “Yeah. What about them?” I answered. I must have rolled my eyes because he smiled.
    “I drove my [12-yo] son around the neighborhood. ‘You see those signs, son? Well, it means that the people who live there almost certainly oppose everything that your mom and I stand for. And they probably hate us. Now they might be nice to your face. They might even be otherwise nice people. But they think people like us are the enemy.’ “

    I think we are going to get along.

    Re FTX. All those billions, and none of those slobs thought to spend a few kilobucks on an Image Consultant? What a bunch of dysgenic-looking freaks. And the morality inside seems to be more hideous than the outer shell.

    This is a longish article, but check out the bit on William MacAskill, the Oxford academic who gave moral/philosophical top cover to the key players.

    I particularly liked the tale of how MacAskill made his own bread, so he could give the money saved from not buying store-made bread to charity. What a typical pile of self-serving nonsense. In any industrialized Western country it’s MUCH cheaper to buy store bread than to make your own. The bread story is exactly the sort of lugubrious soft-victimhood porn that the Left just loves to tell about itself.


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