Unless the political elites who own the GOP steal the nomination from Trump (and Cruz – if they screw Trump, they’ll screw Cruz too because they hate Ted and fear Donald), he will be the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Tomorrow he is likely to ‘run the table’ on the Eastern Seaboard’.
The Media and the elite of the GOP both screwed the pooch by not seeing it coming. Life is good when you’re a political parasite living inside the beltway eating other men’s bread or in New York City where they only spoke with those of their own leanings (New York is as much a bubble as the Washington DC beltway). 
(Washington Examiner) David Brooks, a conservative columnist for the New York Times who has said he would never support Trump, offered perhaps the most startling confession
The media “expected Trump to fizzle because we were not socially intermingled with his supporters and did not listen carefully enough,” he wrote at the Times in March. “For me, it’s a lesson that I have to change the way I do my job if I’m going to report accurately on this country.” 
Brooks’ words shook his peers and offered a flicker of remorse for what the media has become — arrogant and isolated from a large portion of the country.
Donald and Melania Trump
Trump’s campaign message remains simple while rejecting political correctness. (1) Protect the American economy. (2) Protect American borders (an effective wall separating the US and Mexico and serious scrutiny of Muslims who come to America). (3) Rebuild a military that has been weakened from 8 years of gross neglect and care for veterans, many of whom have been treated shamefully by the Veteran’s Administration. (4) Restructure the tax system without radical changes. Part of this is to encourage people to repatriate $2 trillion overseas and invest it in the US economy (5) Shrink government and the cost of government. (6) Make the nation business friendly to promote the creation of jobs.
There have been other more subtle notes to what he’s said. South Korea has a vibrant, thriving economy. Why aren’t they paying the US for the protection that we provide from a rampaging Communist rogue nuclear state (North Korea), run by a fat, syphilitic, little dictator? What about NATO? Do they pay their fair share. The same can be said for the UN, which is little more than a vehicle for offering diplomatic protection to spies who visit UN headquarters in New York City. 
Trump knows what we all now know to be true. The US and Canada have the largest proven oil reserves in the world – by some margin. We don’t need the Middle East and can be energy independent. We’re not Europe. I know that there have been some in the Trump camp that are talking about a natural gas pipeline from the US to Europe. Don’t laugh. It can be done. Trump is wrestling with ways to pay of the $20 trillion that we owe.

Kasich is jonesing for a seat at the big table. It’s not impossible that he’ll end up as Trump’s vice presidential nominee. The polls show him out performing Cruz on the Eastern Seaboard and he can deliver Ohio.

The Democrats (when Hillary is indicted) will have their favorite ox gored by her own criminality (and help from the FBI). That means that the likely 45th President of the United States will be Donald J. Trump. 


  1. NATO's fair share of their own defense: non-existent. NATO's membership is almost entirely 'old Europe,' as Donald Rumsfeld put it. And all of those countries have enjoyed blowing zillions of French Francs, German Deutschmarks, Italian Lira and Spanish (whatever Spain used to call money) on social programs instead of battleships, air craft carriers, tanks, uniforms, small arms, etc. That's what WE have been paying for all these years since after WWII.

    It's time that every damn one of those Old Europe countries ponied up some serious bucks to the US Treasury. I think The Donald gets it.

  2. Any European country that wants to do almost ANYTHING with their military requires US air lift and logistics support. 80% of French power comes from nuclear energy and they get their uranium from Africa (mainly Niger). So no power projection there, no glowing rocks.

    The poor Baltic States are in danger of being absorbed by Russia in much the same way that Ukraine was…putting "old Europe" in a bind again – even as they put their head in the noose by allowing military age Muslims to settle without jobs or any intent of assimilation.

    Trump gets it. And if the Europeans want protection, they can buy it.

  3. I'm not a betting man but I'd wager Europe could be taken over by a small battlegroup in a week or two.

    Of course they're betting on never having to fight a war ever again.

    Good luck, eurocoms.

  4. These days would anyone care if Germany overran France (yet again)? This time they could use their Muslim Legion and they'd fight the French Muslim Legion in Alsace Lorraine or something…

    The French learned to cook sausage and sauerkraut once before. They could manage it again. There would be a lot of second hand/like new French rifles on the market again (never fired and only dropped once).

  5. That's an interesting scenario. My guess is this: the German Muslims are mostly Turkish and of higher fighting caliber than the street thug idiot Arabs the French have imported. The Turks would win.

    In the meanwhile, the French would light candles and draw peace signs in chalk on the streets of Paris, until the German Turks throw them all off tall buildings.

  6. A chalk mark on the street is considered micro-aggression. Progressives think that if they make the marks, it's good and laudatory. If somebody else does, they should be executed – or at the very least, persecuted.

  7. Meanwhile, many of our normally astute colleagues and blogging friends are still busy being apoplectic over his jokes. *sigh*

  8. I know. They will come to their senses.

    This latest move where Kasich and Cruz have formed a cabal to remove Trump's capacity to earn votes looks shamelessly small. I'm sure that the idea was cooked up and is funded by the GOP elites…but what will they do when it doesn't work and Trump remembers?

  9. It's truly getting interesting… And keeping Hildabeast off the front pages… All part of the 'plan'.

  10. I'm actually more concerned that it will work, and that we'll be stuck listening to Kasich talk for 4 years.

  11. The media seem to have started early to develop Trump Derangement Syndrome, which used to be Bush Derangement Syndrome. I'm waiting for the media sparks to fly when Trump finally gets the GOP nod to run for president. Your pick for VP? I'm not convinced.

  12. There are a number of people on the list from Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM) to one of the mainstreamers. I have no idea who Trump will pick, but at this point I doubt that it will be Lying Ted, 41-1 Kasich or Jeb!

  13. I'd have to continue to mute the television when the president came on, as I've been doing with Obama for nearly 8 years now. I'm tired of the blue lips.

    Kasich is like the annoying neighbor who doesn't know when to shut up and keeps on-and-on-and-on. If he'd promise to shut up about Ohio or his dad being a mail man, I'd send him $5.00. But I'm sure he has 100 equally boring things to talk about. And the hug thing annoys me too. If you're family or an impossibly hot woman (including random hot women), you can hug me. Otherwise, no. I'm waiting for some burly lumberjack to hold on tight and give Kasich some 'man love'. It would serve him right.

  14. I wouldn't discount Cruz at this point. How about Ivanka? She's certainly a far sight nicer to look at that the Hill.

  15. Politics makes strange bedfellows. I think that Carly's ship sailed when she endorsed Lying Ted…Ivanka is easy on the eyes.

    Then there are Ambassador appointees.

    Maybe Huma Abedin or one of Hillary's cast-off lesbian lovers who would 'tell all' on the campaign trail – Huma Ambassador to whatever Middle Eastern, pox ridden hole that she crawled out from or Yoko Ono as Ambassador to Tokyo (would the Japanese ever forgive us?)

  16. Gah! The thought of Huma gives me the piss shivers. Likewise with Yoko Ono. Isn't she, like, 192 years old now?

  17. Piss shivers — great adjective when thinking of Ambassador Weiner-Abedin. Anthony Weiner would no doubt go forth with her to represent the nation. The Weiners could take the stage with Huma giving a teary rendition of how Hillary used her power over her by virtue of employment to get Huma to do all sorts of things. I'd make her Ambassador to Yemen for that.

    Yoko is somewhere in her 80's and only looks 192. As Hillary's former lover (she outed Hillary), she could go on the campaign trail and tell her tale to an interested American public.

  18. I do not trust Trump. But if he is the nominee, I will vote for him. I just hope he can deliver and actually beat Hillary.
    Be safe and have a blessed week!

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