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Billionaire Michael Bloomberg says that there is no room left in the New America for people who work with their hands.

I wonder what he plans to eat?

No, wait, I’m sure that he’ll say, “WE WILL EAT CAKE!”

16 thoughts on “Times and Seasons

  1. Are we now going to stop calling him ' mini mike ' and start calling Marie Bloomberg?

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. I don't understand the urge to amass $62 billion just to interfere with other people's lives. If I had $62 billion, nobody would see me again.

    Then again, I'm not an elitist busy-body, who is bored with life in the penthouse.

  3. I agree with drjim and Ed.

    And what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

    I don't get the feeling Mini's asking that question.

  4. Based on my understanding of the man, he looks into the mirror and worships that image.

  5. That is definitely NOT the motto of Bloomberg, Inc.

    In fact, bringing that up may be the reason that you are not working at Bloomberg, Inc., pulling down $500K/year plus the executive benefit package.

  6. DaveS, the Green New Deal will mean no more mining. No more drilling. And maybe an army of uneducated and unsophisticated illegal aliens doing the farming, because it doesn't take a brain to do that. You just drop seeds in the ground and then harvest them, and bake a cake.

    I think that I've explained the Green New Deal basics. We'll all live in hive-like cities that run on solar power and wind power and we'll eat Soylent Green. Doesn't that sound great?

    Yes, and robots will bake the cakes, LindaG. I don't know which robot specifically, but they'll never break down and will bake 24/7. Isn't that a marvelous vision of the future for us all?

  7. Wonder what Mike Rowe would have to say about Bloomers comment?

    For me, the guy is an daft idiot to say such a thing and needs to drive into a Home Depot parking lot at 7am to see what the tradesmen are doing.

  8. That would mean that Bloomie would have to:

    (a) Wake up before 7 am.

    (b) Leave the Manhattan penthouse (in traffic) in a caravan of guards and his limo.

    (c) That he'd give a shit about what he found when he got to a Home Depot (possibly in Jersey or on Long Island).

    Elite people love to whine and lecture others about what they "should" be doing. That's about the extent of the effort that they're willing to expend. He might fly his helicopter from the roof of his penthouse to the lawn of his mansion in the Hamptons in the summer and he might notice that the lawn was mowed. But it would be a lot to expect more of him.

  9. Exactamundo…I'll take "dirty trade hands" any day over this clown's prescription, which is exactly why the guy has no business sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

    I have always thought a good economic metric is by what the home center and lumber yard parking lots look like at 7am – under Obummer they were hardly busy, under Trump they are packed with every trade.

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