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Lois Lerner, director of the IRS division that targeted conservative groups, left the House Government Oversight Committee hearing after invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refusing to answer questions about the IRS scandal.
IRS Division Chief Lois Learner
It’s interesting that the Internal Revenue Service division chief who oversaw targeting of groups based on their political affiliation doesn’t want to answer questions in a Congressional probe. The big questions remain:  
  • What is Learner hiding?
  • Who is Learner protecting? 
  • Who all of the other members of the IRS secret working group that she headed?
  • Who directed them to target conservatives for political reasons?
  • What other divisions in IRS received similar directives?
However, Learner is not working in that division of IRS anymore. She’s now directing the IRS division that will manage and oversee ObamaCare. So you can rest assured that the healthcare that you receive under this massive government program will not be based in any way on your political affiliation (so long as you’re a member of the Democratic Party).
Isn’t it interesting how Barack Obama swept into office pledging to
unite all Americans?
Remember that IRS is a leading force in ObamaCare since the Supreme Court ruled that it is only lawful because it’s a TAX.

14 thoughts on “Sweet Lois

  1. I don't care that she took the fifth. That's her right. I do care that she was happy to run her mouth and put her spin on things knowing full well that she had no intention of answering questions or challenges to her drivel. Shes a coward.

  2. If she is going to clam up, she should have no right to make an opening statement. I hope that disallows her 5th amendment. I recommend waterboarding.

  3. Didn't I read that one of the panel members pointed out that since she willingly gave an opening statement – she surrendered her 5th Amendment rights?? Going to be an interesting summer.

  4. Such a thing done by Organized Crime figures would have them in prison. Huuummmmmm.

  5. I can only hope that her response will lead to a special prosecutor outside DOJ, appointed by Congress to focus on the criminal prosecution of IRS people. Once a few go to prison, the rest will sing.

  6. In a grand jury setting they would have been put into custody for contempt of the grand jury. I don't think that Congress is done with Lois yet.

  7. Congressman Issa made that suggestion. However, I think he'll let it pass and appoint a special prosecutor.

    Once the IRS has a special prosecutor, they can appoint a second one for Benghazi.

  8. I don't remember, I didn't know till I read about it in the Papers.
    I didn't do anything wrong. etc.. on and on.
    We are watching an attempt to over throw the Government, and no bodies warm with alcohol and melancholy narrowed sight, along with low information – can see it and think about it as a flim-flam,
    And is said, 48 percent are hooked, line, and sinker.

  9. When is she going to get fired? That has to be imminent? Congress has oversight!? If not in this setting, they can compel her privately, and if she chooses to remain silent, she gets fired – and can be held in contempt.

    As far as pleading the 5th – even if she has that right in this setting, after making her opening statement, the argument was made that she waived her right, and the answer is to be determined by Issa. He can hold her in contempt.

    You wouldn't need partisans like this, in positions like this, with a low flat tax.

  10. That would seem to be her mantra. I suspect that Lois sees her career flashing before her eyes and vanishing.

  11. I strongly doubt that she'll be fired from her ObamaCare oversight/management directorship anytime soon. Remember, she's saying the same thing that Holder is and he's still drawing his government paycheck. Holder was held in contempt of Congress and the Obama response from the White House remains that it was "just political".

    Yes, a low flat tax would work in America — but I'm not holding my breath.

  12. The President promised to "fundamentally transform America". I think that we're seeing his vision of the new Amerika in the way that he's governing.

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