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Some say it’s Harvard, but the problem is larger than just that one school and it’s larger than the Ivy League. Much has been written on the subject and I’ll be brief in this polemic. It starts with the admissions office and the soft con required to get through the doors. While it’s true that objective and subjective measures are required to discriminate between ten thousand applicants to get it whittled down to a hundred chairs, it’s often a litmus test to see whose parents have the most stroke.

Harvard and its affiliates will inflict some kind of damage (academic, emotional, occasionally physical) on everyone who lingers there. It is a place where everyone is out to get everyone else. In a place where no one can be the best at everything, everyone takes any chance they can get to measure up to their peers. It is a mob of ruthless young overachievers with a taste for blood.

Is it all about large brains?

At Harvard, both faculty and student body believe that each of them is a “heroic being,” that their individual happiness is a moral absolute, that their own reason is ironclad and incorruptible. Just look at what four years of that does to a person. Half of the graduating class will end up at Wall Street investment banks, where a soul is an incumbrance that will only get you into trouble.

It explains why so many politicians find their origins at Harvard or Yale as did Mark Zuckerberg and Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber). And maybe they’re just so much smarter than the rest of us that we can’t really imagine what it’s like. I’ve rubbed shoulders with these folks in my life. Most of them lack a basic humanity as if it was scourged from them…but not all. In order to appear to be well rounded, some take a sabbatical (funded by dad’s cash) where they work one summer building homes for Habitat for Humanity, or backpack through Malaysia. These adventures stand alone as their ‘journeys of self discovery’ that a lot of them fall back on when accused of being a bloodthirsty, heartless, and soulless creatures. Many these days self-identify as “queer”, which suggests that they may not reproduce (individually) to spread their DNA further – like a whale beaching itself instinctively when it’s sick.

I suggest that when a budding politician touts their Ivy League credentials, that you vote for the other person.

14 thoughts on “Thoughts on Satan’s Vatican

  1. When Sarah Palin was found to have attended the U. of Idaho, the elite Ivy League pundits determined that she was low born and unsuitable for higher office.

    This alone was enough information for me to cast my vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. Although the McCain part of the equation was painful to contemplate.

  2. Well said, sir!
    "It is a mob of ruthless young overachievers with a taste for blood."
    That had never occurred to me, but given what they had daddy pay to get them in there…
    "where a soul is an encumbrance…"

  3. It occurs to me, Fredd that you have a certain disdain for your betters. Former Vice President Joe Biden had a term for your type yesterday… Not at all complimentary, and in line with Democrat Party thought that anyone who doesn't agree with them or with their Ivy League minions is deplorable.

  4. Best that you dispense with the soul early if you take that course. It will only interfere with your career as an American 'blue blood'.

  5. Thank God my offspring attended deplorable schools specializing in educating the dregs of society here in the heartland. The significantly lower cost of that education likely worked against them since only three of the four have graduate degrees, the oldest a PHD. While all are gainfully employed, sadly none are in politics or on Wall Street. If only they'd attended Yale.

  6. Another facet of this problem is the media types and other sycophants. They're functionally remora – a fish that attaches onto sharks or larger fish and eats that scraps that float out of its mouth. Essentially, they're parasites but don't really harm the host.

    These people don't have the vaunted Ivy League education but they hang out with them to get the scraps, and to feel they're just as important as the Ivy League types.

  7. And Harvard has more political top cover. Harvard's wisdom extends to hiring minority professors such as Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren and other greats. It's said that Barack Obama attended as an Indonesian, which underscores the inclusiveness of the institution.

  8. If they want to go big into the Deep State, they'd need to attend Yale and pledge Skull and Bones. I didn't go there in the blog post above, but there are certain milestones that you must pass if you really want to loot the country (Unless you're China – but that's another story, sorta. China sends many of its best and brightest to Satan's Vatican for instruction). As a deplorable person, associating with the low-life dregs of fly-over-country, bitterly clinging to God and guns, you, and by extension your family, can't enter the hallowed halls of the Deep State.

  9. Oh, absolutely. They recognize their betters for who they are and yearn to climb yet one more rung of the social ladder. Most of those wanna-be groupies mortgage all they have to send their offspring to Satan's Vatican to have their souls sucked from them. If they can't make it, maybe Junior can?

    I think that the lying, corrupt, sly, elite media, is more of a symbiote than a parasite, though the relationship swings between the two. They lie to support the deep state and the deep state relies on their continued patronage.

  10. Why is the Supreme Court, including the current candidate, all Yale or Harvard graduates? Damned if I know.

  11. Yes, I believe Uncle Joe referred to me as 'dregs.' A label I wear proudly. Ol' Dregs Fredd. Kinda flows off the lips, doesn't it?

    Yes, and I do have a definitive dislike for the Mandarins that think that my definitive stink at Wal-Mart disqualifies me in deciding how our joint national resources are allocated.

  12. But the Mandarins are so much smarter than you and I are, Fredd. Take Barack. He tried to change and re-arrange and the filthy masses in fly-over country, clinging to God and Guns elected DONALD TRUMP to repudiate his legacy. Who but low life, despicable, dregs of society would do that to Barry – who did so much to try and lead us to the promised land?

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