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Bullet Points:

** I’m an honorary Texan. I wish that I’d been there to chant with them.

** Has BLM become Free Palestine? It’s a fair question.

** The progressive movement says that Palestinian children matter. Has anyone asked them if Palestinian children in the womb matter?

** Tucker suggests that stupid people stay in their lane and out of his.

** (h/t Claudio) (Right – Spies on every street in China report to the CIA)

Recent changes to how the Chinese government will investigate cases involving “state secrets” and sensitive information have sparked concerns that foreign nationals and companies could be a target of a renewed focus on security under the ruling Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, analysts told Radio Free Asia.

China’s newly revised State Secrets Law, which took effect on Wednesday, sets higher security requirements for companies and introduces the concept of a “work secret.” At the same time, a slew of guidelines from the Ministry of State Security gives new powers to state security police to investigate Chinese citizens outside China and arrest them if they return.

…Li said the ongoing insistence on “national security” under Xi Jinping suggests that the current administration is willing to sacrifice economic growth for regime stability.

“Everything is done with the regime’s stability in mind,” Li said. “They don’t admit that this will come at the expense of the economy, but they don’t care much about that, nor the welfare of the people.”

Xia said none of the recent amendments target higher-ups with access to highly classified documents. There are spies everywhere in China!

** You can only forgive a debt if it’s owed to you. If you forgive a debt owed to somebody else, it’s theft.

** They’ve changed GMO Food labels to Bio Fortified Food. Now you’re up to date.

** Jordan Peterson discusses moral bankruptcy among university professors.

** I keep trying to peddle carbon credits, but so far, no takers. Here is what carbon neutrality in America will bring (only US$50 trillion in taxpayer funds).

** Picture left – I was thinking of the book and film “On the Beach.”

** I’ve had it with media personalities and other parasites who tell us that they will leave the USA and never return if President Trump is elected. He won, and they stayed. Have they no shame? Now it’s starting again. Go to Africa; nowhere is as racially perfect for the woke to spend the rest of their years far from the rest of us.

** One of the best tips for writing descriptions of pain is a snippet. I remember a story where a character was given a host of colored pencils and asked to draw an egg.

The character says that there’s no white pencil.  But you don’t need a white pencil to draw a white egg.  We already know the egg is white.  We need to draw the luminance of the yellow lamp, the reflection of the blue cloth, and the shadows and the shading.

We know a broken bone hurts.  We know a knife wound hurts.  We know grief hurts.  Show us what else it does.

You don’t need to describe the character in pain.  You need to describe how the pain affects the character – how they’re unable to move, how they’re sweating, how they’re cold, how their muscles ache, their fingers tremble, and their eyes prickle.

Draw around the egg.  Write around the pain.  And we will all be able to see the finished product.

** The Department of the Interior — Dark Money EnvironmentalistsThe Wilderness Society.

** The last time the country experienced this unrest, the music was significantly better.


Roman Concrete

Roman concrete, also known as opus caementicium, is a testament to ancient Rome’s engineering prowess. This remarkable building material played a crucial role in the construction of some of the most enduring structures of the Roman Empire, many of which still stand today. The secret to Roman concrete’s longevity and strength lies in its unique composition and innovative construction techniques.

One of the key ingredients in Roman concrete was a volcanic ash called pozzolana, sourced primarily from the region around Mount Vesuvius. When mixed with lime and water, pozzolana created a chemical reaction that produced a durable and water-resistant binder. This binder, combined with aggregates such as rubble, stones, and bricks, formed a strong composite material that could withstand the test of time.

The Romans also incorporated other additives into their concrete mixtures to enhance their properties. One such additive was seawater, which reacted with the lime to form additional minerals that reinforced the concrete and made it more erosion-resistant. This innovation allowed the Romans to build structures such as harbors, bridges, and aqueducts that could withstand the corrosive effects of seawater.

The use of Roman concrete revolutionized construction techniques in the ancient world. Its exceptional durability and strength enabled the Romans to build massive structures that have endured for centuries. The Pantheon in Rome, with its iconic dome made of Roman concrete, is a prime example of the lasting legacy of this remarkable building material.

In addition to its structural properties, Roman concrete also had aesthetic appeal. The Romans could mold and shape the concrete into intricate designs and patterns, creating visually stunning architectural masterpieces. Using concrete in Roman architecture paved the way for the development of new building styles and techniques that would influence construction practices for centuries.

Despite the advances made in modern concrete technology, Roman concrete continues to fascinate engineers and historians alike. Its longevity and resilience remind us of the ingenuity and skill of the ancient Romans. By studying Roman concrete’s composition and construction techniques, we can gain valuable insights into sustainable building practices and materials that may inform future innovations in the construction field.

Roman concrete stands as a remarkable achievement of ancient engineering and architecture.


Identify the Aircraft





Identify the Armor





44 thoughts on “It’ll be Over by Christmas

  1. IDA-
    1. McDonnell XF-88 Voodoo
    2. F-102A-90-CO Delta Dagger
    3. Westland-Hill Pterodactyl V
    4. Vickers light tank model 1934, M38 Arg
    5. 4.7 cm Pak (t) auf Pz.Kpfw. 35 R (f)

    1. Seen on the side of a step van at SUN ‘n FUN in Lakeland, Florida, possibly in the 1980’s:


  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. XF-88 Voodoo
    2. F-106 Delta Dart
    3. Westland-Hill Pterodactyl Mk V
    Identify the Armor:
    4. Vickers mod. 1938
    5. Wespe

  3. Carbon neutrality? I really appreciate John Kennedy (LA congressman ) and his common sense questions.
    We can be sure China’s doing their part to lower the Earth’s “global warming” problem at least a few degrees! Why not USA doing crazy stunt maneuvers as well?
    From SEMAFOR – ” The Greenwater 01 — powered by a main 50,000 kilowatt-hour battery — is almost 400 feet long, capable of around 12 mph, and aims to save 8,600 pounds of fuel per 100 nautical miles, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 12 tonnes, the South China Morning Post reported. Its first trip had “zero emissions, pollution and noise,” its maker wrote…”
    Hauling what? Expanded polystyrene? It’s maiden voyage was approximately 200 miles. It’s a glorified River boat.

  4. “How to draw the egg”?
    An interesting question from many perspectives. As an exercise to relate pain through effective narrative it can be challenging.
    Long term Chronic Pain has led me to a deeper understanding of the idea of Détente. Which to me means learning how to share my existence with something that shouldn’t even exist. But if you don’t find a way to coexist then you loose because the other isn’t going away.
    It is looking at the smooth, cold lines of the sword. Those who know, can feel the raw Iron lump, the Fire, the Hammer and Anvil and hear the ringing blows.
    I am no longer the lump of iron, it may not be what I choose, but the Détente has forged something that can live in the same universe as the pain.

    MSG Grumpy

  5. “Write around the pain.” Book recommendation–“Serenade to the Big Big Bird” by Bert Stiles.

    Stiles was a B-17 copilot in the 8th Air Force. At one point he describes the baseball teams and games played on base for recreation. He remarks “After the Schweinfurt mission, we had to replace our entire infield”. He later transferred to fighters and was subsequently KIA. He was 26.

    1. Our sun is a variable star: period.
      Global Warming (increased Carbon Dioxide) is just so much fertilizer.

      1. Yes, the sunspots, the fusion inside the Sun itself, etc. is not constant. There are also coronal mass ejections, etc. The Solar System moves directionally though space at 828,000 km/hr and space is not empty. The presence of dust between the Sun and planets/Earth can impact the amount of light we receive. Because we travel so fast, we don’t see it come or go so it’s difficult to measure – even applying the unknown x to the cause and effect because there are a number of variables we are most certainly unaware of.

        1. I posit:
          The sun is spinning basketball whose skin is made up of the lighter elements.
          The core or multiple cores are softball-size nodules that bounce around within the interior of the Sun causing the extreme variability
          I posit. Heh!
          What chutzpah! And s dentist, yet.

  6. Happy to see Sen. Hawley go righteously nuclear on this supposed Interior Secretary Deb Haaland calling her out on her treasonous grift-age with “The Wilderness Society”. This one…Haaland…appointed by Pres-elect Biden of course….”made history” when she became the first Native American to serve as a cabinet secretary (as if that mattered)…”is a political progressive who supports the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.” Can ya think of a reason why The Husk picked her? (or a dozen reasons) The pipeline shutdown on Day 1 was only the tip of the destructive iceberg, their’s is a multifaceted affront to energy and resource independence.

    Haaland tap-danced her way through those 5+ minutes of grilling by Hawley. Typical of what we get with “Didn’t Earn It” hires to make a social statement. Bottom line is she’s an activist, now with the power to undo any and all natural resource use in America under the guise of “Native land use”. Plus…I swear…she looks just like the woman who spoke at what was supposed to be a Historic Restoration conference in Denver I was asked to attend. Started with some basic history and “native” chants…Okay, cool…I appreciated that part…mainly because I didn’t know the language, could have been spewing white hate for all I know. Problem is she couldn’t leave it at that. Nope. Instead she launched into her reason for speaking: To bash Trump and everything American related to mining and oil “on their land!” I listened for four minutes and thirteen seconds (yup, checked my watch…and was two minutes too long), then when she went on this diatribe against President Trump I had had it. Much to the surprise (well, maybe not so much) of my coworkers who sat in rapt attention listening to a “hate whitey who are abusing our sacred lands…and Trump is a bad man” lecture, I got up and left. I won’t listen to an activist screech about their oppression after 150+ years.

    Maybe Haaland should move back to her “native born” Winslow, AZ…help the town a bit. Oh…sorry…that actually takes effort and hard work and compromise, not useless speeches from yet another modern shreeker.

      1. Good point, she’d just make everyone pay more white-oppression guilt taxes while furthering its demise. Maybe the DC Cesspool Drain will open at some point and she’ll get sucked in never again able to bother anyone.

        If I said “I don’t know?” to my dad (or mom) I was in trouble…”that’s not an excuse or an answer” was the response, often with a stern look. I’d then have to produce a proper answer even if it meant getting the consequence. Seems the Left/Lib/Dem mentality never got the memo on giving a straight answer.
        (PS- Chilly here, like 2002…decent thru the weekend…then more snow and frostier weather all next week – per the prognosticators. Guessing our area didn’t get Globalwarmingclimatecoolingchange “It’s Spring” memo…which is why nothing gets pulled from storage for the back patio until Memorial Weekend, especially the shade sail…6″ of slushy slop is harder on the 20’x20′ shade anchors than a Lefty Zip-Tied Campus Screecher is on the ears.)

        1. I think that before ANYONE testifies before Congress on any subject if they’re government employees, paid from the public trough, they should be administered sodium pentothal. I’d like to get the truth out of them. Maybe MikeC or the other medical practitioners could offer other drug suggestions. For the reluctant there’s always the waterboard. I realize that sociopaths (and there are a LOT in govt.) don’t actually differentiate truth from lie. They only understand what’s good for THEM and what isn’t. They should be purged from public service and sent to law school.

          1. My mother used castor oil and lye soap to get the truth out of me, and in her defense, they worked well enough, but I’m not certain those would be strong enough for the professional liars with whom we are infested. Might be worth a try, though, possibly washed down with a large cup of hemlock.

          2. A parent today washes a kids mouth out with soap (like a gulp of sea water, once is enough) that today and 20 Boys in Sunglasses would show up on behalf of the DOJ’s Child Abuse 3AM…tattled by some school ninny.

        2. We don’t plant anything until after Mother’s Day. Every time my SLW didn’t follow that advice she lost all her new plants with a late snowfall/freeze.

          Every. Single Time.

          It pays to listen to the natives here, and I do.

          1. Exactly…only took me ten years to catch on when the warmer few day teases get you all excited that Spring is locked in…especially at 7500’.

          2. We had snow on Memorial Day – a couple years back. It’s a short growing season.

    1. Tsk Tsk. All I ask for is: Carbon Footprint Equity! If Kerry can do it, so can I. I believe I’m a few private jet trips behind.

      1. and half a dozen swimming pools heated thru the winter at half a dozen unoccupied homes heated/cooled 24/7.

  7. “Bio Fortified Food is your BFF” is a nice riff on “Soylent Green is People!” .

    – Kle.

    1. I don’t know why the environmental lobby substituted insect-based Soylent for people-based. It has to be a PR move?

  8. I watched On the Beach many years ago.
    I think I had read the book in the 60s.
    It was on TCM a couple years ago so I watched it again.
    I will never watch it again.
    I had totally forgotten the suicide pills.
    The utter desolation and bleakness was too much.
    I did not sleep well.
    I’m glad I know God has a different plan for this world.

    1. I read the book in high school, and because I have a near-photographic memory, I recall it and so much other stuff floating around. I saw the movie and wasn’t impressed. Truth be told I didn’t like the book, but I recalled it. That’s not how radiation moves necessarily, and there was some scientific stretching as a result, but the concept interested me more than the storyline. When I set out to write a story, I don’t consider God’s plan for mankind primarily because I like to approach stories from a different perspective…much more subjective.

  9. Roman concrete? So what. You should see the stuff the Imperial Japanese used all throughout the Pacific. Crushed coral and saltwater made for some spectacularly strong concrete, capable of withstanding a lot of damage. Got to see a lot of it on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur islands.

    And then you get the complete opposite, which is ChiCom concreteish stuff.

    1. How can you tell a machine has been shipped from China? It comes in a that cheap cheeseball cardboard and is coated in cosmoline that requires a gallon of mineral spirits to remove.
      Concrete- Just used up 10 bags (80-pounders because I’m a masochist), still simple yet strong stuff…because the Gubmint hasn’t done to it like they did to the lowly gas can/jug….because they can’t help themselves from screwing with what works.

      1. The Lord High Executioner is correct. Using seashells instead of gravel and saltwater instead of freshwater resulted in some strong material.

        1. There’s a pillbox on the north shore of Roi that has a 14″ hole in the front of it from an AP round fired from a battleship. Remarkably lack of spalling and damage (matching hole in the back of the pillbox.) The Japanese could just replace the men turned to paste or killed/wounded by the overpressure and have kept fighting. Coral-Saltwater Concrete the Japanese way is just amazing stuff.

          What amazes me is that Japanese built-up islands from the 20’s (League of Nations transferred Imperial German Pacific territories to Japan) to 40’s are still standing strong today. Heck, during a drought in the mid 70’s on Kwajalein (couldn’t keep up with desalination) the US Army spent time to find the freshwater lens well that the Japanese dug (dig a hole, let it fill with salt water, fresh water will collect on top of the salt water. It really works.) Meanwhile, Chinesium built islands from the 2000’s and 2010’s are falling apart.

  10. ” Write around the pain.” I try, realio trulio I do. Last time I had Xrays, the tech asked me when I’d stopped with the rodeo. Nope. Race car driver? Nope. Construction worker who rides a bicycle everywhere . My skellington resembles a badly assembled jigsaw puzzle. And it hurts.

  11. At last, a post on Roman concrete. Well done. And yes, the Texan chant’s heartening unlike, say, the Ivy League.

    Neat photo of your beach place.

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