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Kim Yo Jong

Speculation on the fate of Kim Jong Un and of his sister (and possible successor) Kim Yo-jong (born 26 September 1987) Yo-Jong is a North Korean politician with the Kim DNA. She is an alternate member of the Politburo (Political Bureau) and vice director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). She is the youngest daughter of former supreme leader Kim Jong-il. The US media (corrupt, lying, smug, sly, wicked as they are) swooned over Kim Yo-jong, comparing her to the Obama children.  But does she have the chops to stave off an assassin’s blade or poison in these trying times.

38 North, a satellite firm that sells photos of North Korea commercially has been busy taking pictures of Wonsan and the Kim family compound. You can take photos of the Dear Leader special train and of the villas and sports facilities. But it’s hard to see whether Kim Jong Un’s heart has stopped…and possibly who stopped it.

Informed sources suggest that Kim Yo-jong is even more bloody minded than her brother the (possibly former) Supreme Leader of Norkland. My sense is that the case and whether the fat little tyrant or his kin are in charge, that there will be little relief for the suffering Korean people.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to watch the media fall over themselves and gush at the aspect of the first female Communist dictator. Of course the prize could’ve fallen to Hillary. But she lost. Yet again.

  2. Concur, and she WILL be even more deadly as she has to fight the patriarchy, since there has never been a ‘female’ leader there.

    1. As LSP points out, Hillary will be heartbroken that the mantle didn’t fall to her.

      She has suggested publicly that should Biden fall, she’d be willing to step in and take his place. Don’t count her out until she’s dead. And if she claims to be dead, go to the funeral and put a needle through the eye of her corpse to see is there is a flinch.

  3. Could not agree more with the sentament regarding female despots. They have a particularly evil streak of mean over the history as strongmen of the ideological farce called marxism. Look how close it was with She who they thought She could never loose.
    Reading everyones comments, is like being served a helping of Occam’s Razor. The most obvious is usually the truth.

    The Chi-coms had Woah! Phat taken out because President Trump got him to do things the commies are very upset about. The tell that you can smell a rat is too much “news” too soon has come out too easily.

    Or, there’s an internal coup and subsequent accession of a stronger strongman/woman. Best if it’s a blood relative, the Nork’s have a hermit kingdom, the appearance of legitimate change of leaders is necessary. Dearest Sister is probably the only usurper who could stay out of an early grave and build up a network/coup cadre.
    Giving it a good think, how is that any different with the installation of either of the Clinton’s, Bush W, or the lightbringer especially. Most likely no one will ever know publicly how many have been given a premature dirt nap starting with Rhodes Manchurian scholar and Arkansa organized crime kingpin William Jefferson Clinton? Politicks is politicks with these self anointed elite, ain’t assassination, coups, and war, politicks by other means?

  4. How much direct influence do the Chi-coms hold over who the next dear leader is, probably determines a lot of what happens. It would be severe matter of face if the Nork’s where to go over the wire. Once the border opens to the South, it’s over, the Chi-Com soviet can’t put that cork back in the bottle. You got to figure they have contingencies for that development. The Nork’s make too handy a proxy state to loose.
    What has President Trump promised or alluded if anything. Trump did what everyone believed was totally impossible getting Woah! Phat to cool his jets and simmer down with waving missiles in the West’s face. He had to have made a deal with the little dicktator, it’s trump’s stock in trade.

    1. Reports now in are that Kim is not dead following his heart surgery, and that he’s resting comfortably in his villa. Make of that what you will.

      North Korea would fail if Communist China didn’t prop it up and supply some food to them. North Korea trades coal for food. During the summer, the army raises crops. During the winter, they engage in war games because a war on the Korean Peninsula is a winter war. Rice paddies make the place (which is either near vertical mountains or rice paddies) difficult to traverse with war machines unless the ground is frozen. The US knows this and the Norks know this.

      The current mystery surrounding Dear Leader will be resolved in time. He’ll show himself holding today’s newspaper or he will fade to black.

      1. I don’t normally disagree with you, LL, but when I went to play in Team Spirt 86 ( spring of 1986 ) as a member of an augmented mech inf. bn, we didn’t have any trouble getting around. Now we did pretty much stay on roads, but there were a lot of those. Also, we were in South Korea and didn’t visit the north, so there is that.

        Thanks for the post.
        Paul L. Quandt

        1. I was there for Ulchi Focus Lens, I think that it might have been Summer ’86. I also did Cobra Gold in Thailand that year. The road conditions in North Korea are not what it is in the South. There are freeways all over South Korea. Still, the focus is on winter operations. You will bog down in the North with mechanized equipment unless the ground is frozen.

          Even in South Korea, if you drop off the roads, it’s sloppy going, but the South is a developed and industrialized nation.

          Always feel free to disagree.

          1. I always feel free to disagree, it’s just that I don’t often disagree with what you write.


      2. Talking about Ol’ General Winter?
        Interesting comment Larry. Often wondered if the terrain access route to your White Wolf Mine and similar mountainous areas provided suitable mechanized choke points and denial resources as it does in my AO.
        From travels in Arizona it always struck me how suddenly various mountain ranges rise so steeply from the lower elevations. Somewhat like areas of “The Rim” country up in Payson AZ. Thats some really beautiful part of AZ. Nice town too.
        I really admire the desert rats who live off-grid out there, and the Ladies of that culture, talk about wholesome beauty’s, that high mountain desert living and the high elevation sun does something to them. Found it a great surprise, amazing really how much wildlife the desert ecology supports there. Do you know the technical term for it, like how back here in WV at 3000ft elevation, its referred to as Boreal Rainforest?

        This is a link to a fantastic essay on mountain warfare and 4th Generation Warfare:
        Can not recommend this particular works enough. A fine essay on 4th G verses the totalitarian state COIN warfare.
        Lot of 1st rate history and technological warfare works on this website. They have added a slew of new reads lately.

        Typing this to you from about 15 miles north of the 38th parallel. It’s in no uncertain terms small unit infantry terrain.
        Geologically by some freak this part of Appalachia is claimed to be geologically a piece of the Earth’s plate separated from a part of China & N. Korea, (another in the Scottish Highlands). Both have the Tulip Polar, which is supposed to have survived from the age of the Dinosaur. Tulip Poplar honey makes for some superb mead, (got a batch with dandelions bubbling away special for my wife).
        It’s close country here, if it is similar terrain in Korea as you describe, kind of terrain mechanized infantry would be sticking it’s third leg in a meat grinder, against infantry with even primitive anti armor/denial capabilities.
        You really need to see how steep and thick it is here with your own eyes to appreciate the terrain from that perspective. Would take very small resources to cut off motorized access to the ridge up here. A few locations if the road was cut, thats it, only an XX large bailey bridge with some insane timber or concrete caisson work would provide mechanized access. There is no truly flat land larger than hay fields and pasture.
        Lot of men in these mountains are born with a Cat joystick or tractor steering wheel in one hand, a rifle in the other. No small number are experienced powder men who work on shot crews at open coal mines. And they are Scotts-Irish survivor people.

  5. A totally random and silly idea, but you could wipe out the entire stable of generals in one strike. How? Determine what metal is used in all the absurd medals they adorn themselves with, then devise a weapon that targets that metal.

    A successor to Kim? The only certainty will be that individual is hostile to us.

    1. Kim (providing that he is alive) lives in fear of assassination. His generals aren’t all in one pot and a first strike could decapitate Dear Leader and could cripple their nuclear response, but their artillery would level Seoul before we and the ROK’s could get them all. And nobody wants a nuclear war. We’d end up using nukes to insure that we got what we needed to. China knows this and North Korea knows this.

      The ruling elite have to be hostile to the West. They need to insure that the population is in the same state of War that Orwell discussed in his book 1984 and for the same reasons.

      It’s “Wag the Dog” every day in Norkland.

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