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As some of you know, I’ve been dealing with some significant pain issues, and rather than deal with potential dependence on pain medication, I’ve taken it straight on. The medical establishment in much of the US is impacted by the onset of socialized medicine and getting the proper attention was challenging. Once I got to the right people, they scheduled surgery as soon as possible and that’s coming up.

People are looking after the White Wolf Mine, and I’m in Sunny Southern California, with a platoon of grandchildren to keep my spirits up.

So I’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  With any luck at all, blogging will continue in early 2022.

The forum is open until I recover. I may be able to post replies here and there.

I’ll leave you with a few thoughts and memes.


CNN Declares Hiking, and Outdoor Activities to be Racist

(More here) I always knew that was why I liked hunting, fishing, and mountain climbing. It took CNN to call me on it…


This is for DRJIM and WSF

The Mercury Train in Chicago station in 1936


Christmas Map – there has to be a map


The forum is now open.


  1. Prayers for good doc’s, a speedy recovery, and an excellent Christmas. Keep the faith and know the tribe out this way is thinking of you and yours.

  2. Finding the right people to help you find the right people for your surgery is an…interesting???…slog.
    But, it should increase the odds of a faster and speedier recovery.
    Prayers for both you and for those who will be working on you.

  3. Here’s hoping for great results and a speedy recovery!
    Jen just got a ton of spinal work done, and it really improved things.

    That’s a pretty nice-looking locomotive.


  4. Dealing with the pain is, in itself, a challenge. Dealing with the frustration of impaired activity is worse. Here is looking forward to both being behind you.

  5. Hope all goes well, and you are on the mend and back in action soon. Working my way thru your early stuff (White Powder and Cartel Wars) lately–good reads!

    Merry Christmas to you and all the other readers here!

  6. Something for the forum.
    Have you ever watched an American legion or VFW honor guard performing at a funeral? It happens routinely all across the country from small towns to big cities. Do they do it well?

    There is usually someone pointing out the number of hunter during deer season (pick a state) is larger than many countries standing armies.

    Pundits from all political spectrums talk about a civil uprising and/or civil war. Many scoff that firearm owners can prevail against trained troops.

    So where is this going? The veteran organizations are organized, national, state, and local with those who take on leadership roles forming long term connections with other leaders. The members form a pool of trainers that still know the basics of any military operation. Long on tooth, potbellies and health problems be damned, they can still contribute. They can train others, younger and fit.

    Scoff if you want. Explain, please, how partisans consistently defeat troops? From our revolution to the many invaders of Afghanistan over the centuries, those with the will can win.

    • It was my honor to officiate such a Memorial Service, the Honor Guard added that extra special bit to the service no one will forget.

          • Once again my writing skills need work. My comment on Honor Guards was meant to illustrate, however poorly, the ability of veterans to still perform at a high level.

            The point I hoped to make was should the need arise, there is a pool of talent, organized and motivated, to protect and defend.

    • Partisans don’t consistently defeat troops. Most guerilla wars are abject failures.

      We wouldn’t have won the AWI with an all-irregular force. We wouldn’t have even come close. We wouldn’t have even come close without the French, either.

      I don’t think the Afghans have ever prevailed against an invader, at least since the 1600s. All they really do is remain in existence, and eventually the invaders realize that Afghanistan is one of the most misbegotten, worthless little pieces of hell that has ever existed on this earth, and that trying to civilize the locals is very time consuming and expensive, with no tangible payoff in sight for the effort. The Afghans don’t defeat invaders, they just outlast them.

      Before anyone brings up Viet Nam and Algeria, (a) basically similar to Afghanistan, above, and (b) those wars were concluded as part of great power struggles, not through partisan activity. For the most part, guerillas are great at murdering, terrorizing, and intimidating civilians, and at best being a nuisance to real troops. Oh, and they’re great at destroying their own nations and cultures.

      That doesn’t mean that I think the civilian populace of the US has no military power, but if there were some sort of popular uprising and the US armed forces were 100% with the government, I think the government “wins”.

      The big problem is, I can’t imagine a scenario of a national uprising in the US where the result is anything except “everyone on the US loses, and anyone decent in the world loses along with us”. Of course that’s what seems to be happening anyway, just slower. But have trouble supporting mass murder/rape/theft/destruction if there’s no visible hope of it making anything better.

      I pledge to do my feeble best though, if/when the tyrants start it.


      • I’ll be happy to bring up Viet Nam. We should keep in mind that the Vietnamese communists had significant logistical and technical support from Russia, Chi-nuh and the rest of the Combloc, plenty of sanctuary territory that for the most part was not subject to invasion by the United States and their allies, and a highly motivated and united populace. Never mind that getting stood up against the wall for disobedience was a tremendous motivator, when it came to motivation, they had it.

        If some kind of insurgency was to arise in the United States, I don’t see much of those benefits being in possession of an insurgency here.

        As an aside, I have looked askance at the various veteran’s organizations since coming home from Viet Nam and having my WWII veteran father talking me into submitting an application for membership in one of them. Those paragons of military virtue rejected it, even though I clearly met every one of their requirements for membership. I was specifically informed that my generation was not needed by their few, their happy few. Pardon me for holding a grudge, but they started it. Nothing personal, WSF, just sayin’.

        • W+W+W
          I’ve been a member of the Steamboat Springs AL for decades. I’ve never set foot in the place. Friends, relatives, etc are the reason I support them.

          Like you, I had an unpleasant encounter with a Greatest Generation REMF in Renton, WA mid 1970’s. Simply walked away.

          However, should you ever drive past Burlington, CO on I-70, take a moment to drive past the VFW. You will see the scariest Huey mounted on a pedestal boresighting you as you drive by.

          • Yes sir, I’ve seen it, and nicely done it is, too. Although seems like it was a Cobra gunship? I try to stop and have a lookit every static display I see traveling around the country, so I could well be confusing it with something else. It’s worth a stop to look at, the rest of you lot driving down I-70.

      • that’s just it. insurgency in a nutshell is you don’t have to win, just have to not lose. eventually the people decide the govt that can’t beat a ragtag insurgency can’t be relied upon.

        • Riverider – the problem with outlasting the Eloi here in the States until they go home, is that here is home.

          It’s possible that they can be outlasted in the way you suggest, but I don;t foresee much of a country left over by that point. The survivors would have to start over, and there’d be the question of what to do with all the survivors from the other side, who abhor freedom and desire their own enslavement.

          I expect it’ll be a long and difficult time before anything like America that Was rises again.


      • As I understand it, a lot of mid level officers were retired early by the Obama administration because they were not in favor of some of the leftist policies that were beginning to be introduced! They are not even that old!
        Having had back surgery a decade ago I know how dealing with pain daily can be. Good luck!

  7. We wish you and your family a very merry Christmas
    May your treatments be successful, brief and as painless as possible.

  8. After surgery, I had a surgeon warn me to not try to be a hero. He went on to explain how pain is as debilitating as an ailment, and should be avoided when possible.

    Good luck, and God bless.

  9. Sir,

    I am wishing you and all your loved ones a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

    I hope that your surgery goes well and that you will be rehabilitated to a pain-free status.
    My prayers are with you.

    All the best!

  10. Contant pain is a distraction we don’t need. They still don’t know what’s wrong with my shoulder, and the PT did very little.

    Here’s praying the surgery goes without complications, and your life will be pain free.

    And have a very Merry and Blessed Chruistmas to you and yours. Let us know if we can help any.

  11. Chronic pain starts to damage the psyche after time. Here’s to a successful surgery and rehab and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  12. Hope the surgery and recovery go well. Obviously, I don’t know what your issue is but my circle of friends that needed joints replaced started growing around the start of 2000 and those are generally good at stopping the worst of the pain.

    Whatever it is, I hope it makes day to day life less painful, more pleasant. Enjoy your holidays as best as you can. To the extent you can do it, “prehab” to work those areas before a big surgery can help. That’s something to start months before a joint replacement, though.

  13. Larry, best wishes to you and all of yours and a speedy recovery. Finished up Loki’s Fire the other day. You and Jules did a fine job and I’m looking forward to the 3rd installment, and whatever else is coming down the pipe.

  14. LL, i determined a long time ago that you need to know what’s wrong with you before you go to the doctor. wasn’t always that way but…best wishes for success, and merry Christmas to you and yours.

  15. as to vets, we have one other thing going for us…we don’t have long to live anyway, so death is not much of a deterrent. and a life sentence is a joke about now. i’m just waiting for somebody to step off the porch first, then i’m right behind them. i suspect there’s a lot of folks like me.

  16. Good luck with the procedure. I had a friend here in Preskitt that was in pain and had minor spinal surgery (if there is such a thing as minor spinal surgery) several months ago and he’s a new man so here’s hoping yours works out as well.

  17. Merry Christmas and HNY to everyone here. I truly enjoy LL’s cyber space and the icing on the cake are the commenters here.

    GWS Larry Lambert and God Bless. Ping you next year.

  18. About thirty years ago Dr. Rittland an orthopedic surgeon in Flagstaff corrected a congenital problem that had me in pain my entire life.
    He is probably retired by now.
    Total recovery took about two years, but was life changing.
    I know medical procedures have continued to improve, but there is still the risk that things do not go as expected. BTDT.
    Prayers for you, yours, and the surgeon and staff.

    Re. Insurgencies:
    Rarely, through history, does an insurgency win through, strictly, force of arms.
    There are usually the talkers and the bomb throwers and they are often at odds with one another, but the bomb throwers give the talkers some leverage during negotiations and bring the government to seek a diplomatic solution…usually.

  19. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes. They cut on Dec 27, a week on my back, and then with any luck, I’ll be feeling better.

  20. Ok, the “not hearing” is rough, albeit me from the cheap seats. Praying all went well and God’s hand was in the mix.

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