They Need New Chicken Bones

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The Democrat Party has continually crowed (through their Ministry of Truth proxies in the mainstream media) that they understand America, Americans and the political future of the nation. We have been blanketed by their predictions and progressive wisdom.

Nobody casts the bones better than Rep. Pelosi, who despite her assertions to the contrary, is the best friend that the Republican Party has ever had.

“I think we could, today, win everything. Bless his heart. Donald Trump is the gift that keeps giving to us,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in June. And with the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia in February, Democrats began to imagine the potential of a liberal Supreme Court. “It would enable a revival of a dramatically different role for the court: as an institution that drives social change instead of halting it,” Linda Hirshman, a social justice warrior, wrote in an opinion essay for The Washington Post.

What Democrats expected to be the historic election of the first female president was instead a devastating loss — for Clinton, Obama and their political vision. That reversal of fortune was palpable in the days following the election as Democrats reeled from a knockout blow that they never even saw coming. And there is more on the way.
  • The Heartbeat Bill –  Last week, Ohio legislators offered a taste of what’s to come with their “heartbeat” bill, prohibiting abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected. (Typically around six weeks, before some women even know they’re pregnant.)
  • Gun Control – California leads progressive states in its effort to outlaw all firearms and ammunition (the legislature is exempted, naturally), but that could all be undone by a single US Supreme Court Justice… 
  • Jobs  –  Many Democrat faithful have asserted that President Trump has culturally appropriated their party by working with private industry to create jobs. Barack promised to bring a renewal to the inner city before his election in 2008, and then ignored them during the eight miserable years of his regime. Success by President Trump could seriously damage their chances for success in the near future, and they know it.
President Trump is still a bit over 40 days from being inaugurated and he’s behaving like THE President. Barack isn’t quite sure what to do. It wasn’t in the script. He was supposed to hand the baton to Hillary who would carefully preserve his legacy while racking up another ten trillion in debt while the US was completely sucked dry by foreign markets.

The world didn’t react as planned either. The British, the French, Austrians, Italians and possibly also the Netherlands are in the same mode as the USA. The globalist philosophy is still there but it’s been set back fifty years or more. And the Mainstream Media didn’t see it coming.

20 thoughts on “They Need New Chicken Bones

  1. All of those pundits (Dr. Larry Sabato included) have completely discredited themselves by blowing the call this time around. Not just by a little, but by a lot.

    Next time, these same pundits (assuming they still have jobs) will take into account the 'rally' factor, which said it all but was ignored completely. Donald Trump's events packed in huge venues, with thousands outside unable to get it. A Hillary rally was typically held at a Moose Lodge, and only a third of the 500-seat facility had butts in the chairs.

    Everybody saw this except the pundits.

  2. All news is fake news until proven otherwise.

    I'm with Fredd on the "rally factor" since I watched so many of them. I studied closely Trump and the people attending and then would shake my head when within minutes some crackpot dem would say, "Trump will lose in a landslide."

  3. Yeah, Adrienne, what ever happened to that Hillary landslide win? The one we all kept hearing about every hour of every day of every week of every month? How'd that landslide turn out, I want to know.

    Oh, yeah. I remember now. Didn't happen, the dem moonbat crackpots were full of shit. As usual.

  4. Just terrible, the way us rubes were too dumb to understand the smart people's narrative, while Trump was able to dumb down his narrative so us deplorables could "get it".

    Now we face four or more years of the (P)gressives sputtering, "But,but,but,but….". Or, as an employee of mine was fond of saying, "You sound like a man with a paper a^^hole".

  5. I only attended one Trump rally – the one in Costa Mesa, CA, where the Democrats hired Mexicans to bust things up outside the event. Inside, where I sat, it was a different scene with about 12,000 happy people. There were another 3-4,000 that didn't make it in. It became clear that it was a movement.

  6. Adrienne, it was at the Cruz rally that you attended (as I recall), when you changed your mind and went with Trump.

    But it's not about rally alone. Trump and Trump alone of all the 17 Reps and the anointed Clinton — and the entire mainstream media — figured out that the American people wanted America to be great again. They were tired of having their jobs shipped overseas, and they wanted something better for their children.

    Somebody like Megyn Kelly, who makes $15 million a year reading a teleprompter for an hour a day, could never grasp what was going on outside of her elitist bubble.

  7. There is the deplorable factor. Hillary and the flying monkeys are saying that if there were fewer deplorable people (those who live in fly-over country) she would have won.

    Deplorable is usually defined more closely as somebody working at a job, raising a family, going to church on Sunday and struggling to make ends meet.

  8. The millionaire socialist shills were completely blindsided and drunk on hubris.

    Well done, America, for giving them a kick. Let's see that reeling continue.

  9. Podesta (and presumably Hillary's) "Pivot Toward Satan" didn't deliver the desired result and the High Priests of Baal are pointing fingers at each other. They're trying to find somebody to lead their cause now and are hoping that a radical black Muslim like Kieth Ellison will bring together all of those despicable people in fly-over country who deserted them.

  10. Yep, the rally effect did it for me, too. My brain couldn't reconcile what the progmedia were telling me with what my eyes were seeing with Trump's crowds at every venue. Who are you going to believe the proggy press or your lying eyes?

  11. The rallies were sincere. The press under-played them while giving grizzly coverage to the hirelings protesting outside. It built a false narrative and continued right up to the election results. Maybe they need to change from chicken bones to tea leaves as they dry to divine what America actually thinks.

  12. Good luck, Satanists. Isn't one the definitions of insanity doing the same broken thing over and over and over again?

  13. They'd run for their safe space, cower under their covers, and hope that the truth disappeared. The sooner the better.

  14. Great read, LL. Thank you.
    Now if the darn Ruskies would just admit they rigged the U.S. Election…
    Idiot liberals…

  15. Maybe the Black Muslim will turn the tide for the Democratic Party's losses. Islam is so popular in fly-over country that it can't help but influence future voting patterns.

  16. Maybe the Russians introduced "weighted chicken bones" (not unlike weighted dice) into John Podesta's forecasting? That would have done it. Somebody call Podesta. If he doesn't pick up, just go to the nearest Church of Satan.

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