The Wolf Moon

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I’m sitting here, looking out the window of the hovel at the rising Wolf Moon, waiting for the total eclipse, listening to Pink Floyd, Warren Zevon and Credence Clearwater
As the moon rises, the wolf begins to eat it, until the Moon is gone – then the wolf craps it out. That’s the scientific explanation and I’m going with it.
The wolf hasn’t begun to feed yet, and the fare at the White Wolf Mine was a humble tuna sandwich and chips washed down with a Gatorade. There’s a fruit cup (Dole mixed fruit in cherry juice) with my name on it for desert.
As with so many portents in the sky, people attach magical meaning to the blood moon and to the eclipse. I’ve heard that after this lunar eclipse ends, the world will know peace and nobody will fear the reaper anymore. 
People believe what they will but I expect that the world will be just as good and bad when I awaken to a Monday as it was when I went to sleep.
Or maybe God will call the wicked home and when I awaken, almost all of Congress will be dead.

Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?

26 thoughts on “The Wolf Moon

  1. That part about Congress would be a blessing indeed.
    I will pray to God to forgive me for thinking that.

  2. I can see the moon being eaten by the wolf. High overcast here. It doesn't translate well to a photo from my cell phone.

  3. Congress. Hmm. I'm reading your post during commercials in the middle of the movie "The Sum of all Fears". Clear skies here in DFW.

  4. What a good choice of music for a "shutdown." Why not use the time off to good advantage by shooting?

    Just hang out the window of the Mine with a 50, or whatever, and let loose. Satisfying and fun.

  5. Don't tease me about Congress. It is all the more cruel when you know it will never happen, except in a movie.

  6. At my Aunt Sally's, this kind of spread would be reserved only for visiting dignitaries, kings and queens and such. The rest of her guests would be served some leftover burnt meatloaf, and maybe some curdled milk.

  7. I stepped outside last night to look and saw it was half eaten. I didn't feel like staying up to see the rest of it. This morning I've heard nothing about vacancies in congress(damn!), but the sun is out and the temperature is supposed to get above freezing, so there is that.

  8. I was fresh out of meat loaf and milk. When you visit the spread, I'll make sure to contact Aunt Sally and get her recipes for freezer burned treats, and so forth. I want you to feel at home.

  9. DRJIM, I need to head into town for supplies. The milk supply was exhausted on that last bowl of dry breakfast cereal. Alas.

  10. The Red Moon, the Blood Moon came and went and we survived. Now we just have to wait for the Blue Moon.

  11. took our grandkids out into the desert away from Vegas to watch it. Hot chocolate and my grandaughter in awe as the moon got eaten.

    Teh lack of congressional vacancies aside, it was a marvelous night

  12. It snowed here last night so I couldn't tell how the eclipse was. I'm just excited that "They" are predicting a week of sun and many days at 50 degrees.

  13. Yes, it was cool to see the wolf devour the Moon, and then for the Moon to reappear. Hot chocolate and marshmallows is the beverage of choice for such events.

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