The Right Enemy

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We all have enemies. It’s a condition of life. Even in the semi-utopian socialist wet dream that was the book (and world) 1984, the society was constantly at war.
The prog enemy is “the rich”, which is problematic because all of the prog leaders are “rich” by anyone’s standards. They wear their pink hats and parade around holding signs displaying their reproductive organs and decry men, and “the rich”, and whatever. 
h/t Woodsterman
Then there are the Hogs who want to disarm all honest people in America. The Hog movement focuses misplaced rage and feeds the argument in the hopes that government will screw over the honest people by seizing their firearms, leaving only criminals in possession of firearms (like every shithole country on the planet…and those on their way to earning that status). If you’re really opposed to guns, chop off your trigger fingers to show the world that you abjure firearms and you can’t ever use one again (see left). It’s not going to hurt any more than eating a Tide Pod will. Think of it as a Yukuza challenge where the stupid Yaks were ordered to chop off a finger by their leader (yubitsumi). Progs (now Hogs) can wear their mutilations with pride.
The real enemy is people who want to use the government to attack YOU. Which is why the Second Amendment makes sense.

6 thoughts on “The Right Enemy

  1. Helpful bit of enemy identification. You'd think the Millionaire Socialists (MillSoc) would see the inconsistency of their position. But no.

    They're lost in the kingdom of lies.

  2. Their self delusion is propelled by unhealthy doses of witchcraft, cocaine, LSD and fentanyl, all blended together.

  3. If not for all these factors we would be up to our asses in unemployed lawyers.

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